July 20, 2009



by: David G Teves

When I lay and think, in my bed at night,
the day you'll arrive, seems nowhere in sight.

I toss and I turn, dreaming of you,
opening my eye's... checking if my dream came true.

It didn't, again, and a tear starts to roll,
weeping quietly... my pillow I hold.

Many sleepless nights I've prayed for you, my love.

God touched my soul from heaven above
He's answered my prayers for my bride to be.

I've never felt this lucky, God did this for me.

That's a question I asked each and every night.
He must think your special, Joy, and I know he's right.

No other has made me feel so complete,
my whole life was lived, just so we could meet.

All these thoughts and more going through my head.

I fall asleep not worrying, but dreaming of you... instead

~ K Himaanshu Mehers' Shukla...

July 14, 2009

On a Rainy day...

It is cold outside. The day tenderly overcast. The fluffy, dark clouds look mournful. How I wish it rains now! I want God to be generous and benevolent, however I know when it rains, homeless folks, on the roadway and sidewalks of this huge city, shiver in cold. But I like rains, I like the feeling of getting wet. I cry at times in the godly shower because nobody can see me crying.

I don't have a reason to cry. Still I do. My comrades don't know this side of me. Most of the time, I make them laugh. In cafe's, movie halls clubs and in the office. At home and away. We joke and have fun.

In private at times on dark evenings and rainy days, I sob. I cry for my ex. Her love. She should not have left me like this in a big, bad world. Unloved and unprotected. God, that’s not fair!!!

Cheers :),
-K Himaanshu Meehirs' Shukla
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