December 18, 2009

Natty fashion Terence...

Dance India Dance season-2 will start today and I am excited and not happy at the same time. Happy because I like the show, I like DID due to four reasons :
1) Mithon is grand master , I respect him he is very kind hearted man. 

2) quality and flavors’ of dance.
3) big fan of Geeta maa(…I like her bubbly cheeks with sweet dimples) and Terence ji.
4) because of Mimoh. Not happy because it will be aired at 9:30 p.m which means it is pitted against half of ‘Bigg Boss’. Me and my roomies are big fan of ‘Bigg Boss’ and we used to watch ‘Raaz Pichle Janam Ka’ when ‘Bigg Boss’ gives a break after 9:30 p.m.

Well this blog is dedicated to contemporary dancer Terence Lewis (…one of the masters’ in ‘Dance India Dance’). He ups his unique style quotient a little more in season-2. One of my friend from ZEE TV who close to him said Terence will wear bright shoes (…red, yellow, pink), spectacular hats (…he was wearing a black and white checked Topi at the press meet), huge watches (…with a red or a yellow dial) and untied ties.

My colleague said untied ties sounds creepy, whatever I like ties whether tied or untied. Like me most men anyways not knowing how to knot a tie, and want a women in true filmi style tying it for us.

I hope in this season of 'Dance India Dance', besides of course showing off some stunning dance styles, Terence will also display some natty fashion fundas.

Good going Terence.
-K Himaanshu  Shukla…


Anonymous said...

I saw some shimmer on his waxed chest.

Nice blogs Dhakkan,

Anonymous said...

oye filmi so you want a gal who knows how to knot a tie ;-)

Roshni Khanna said...

i love terence.....n his styling is way too sexy......

Anonymous said...

Love you terence mauhhhhhhhhhh

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