January 27, 2010

Why I am happy today?

 I am happy because HR team of my company posted an announcement on our company website. The announcement is regarding the proper handling of tricolor which are distributed to us on Monday 25th on occasion of Republic day. That announcement is posted after I send an email to my project mates and posted that email on our company discussion forum which we call Buzz (I also posted that email on my Blog : http://scrutinybykhimaanshu.blogspot.com/2010/01/show-your-true-indian-sprit.html  ).  Also I recieved an appriciation email from our company CEO :) .

Snapshot of announcement :

January 25, 2010

Show your true Indian sprit...

Today we got small tricolor while entering into my company premises. I was shocked to see some stupid fellows pined that tricolor upside down on their shirts. I was more shocked when a I reminded to a guy (one of  project lead in my project) that he tied tricolor upside down, that stupid replied ‘nahi green strip upar aata hai’. I was pissed up after hearing this, WTF he even do not know the sequence of colors. I was fed up because I saw some more fellows pined tricolor wrongly on their shirts. I send this email to my whole project group and also posted that on our company discussion forum that we call ‘Buzz’.

Good Morning Buddies,

January 26th is coming and we are riding on the waves of patriotism. And why not? Aren’t we patriotic? Every corner, every crossroad, every shop, and every car sports the TRICOLOUR- THE SYMBOL OF OUR SOVEREIGNTY. The spirit of a True Indian.

And what on 27th ? Gone is the republic day and gone with it is our patriotism, and like True Indian we unceremoniously dump the national flag to the dustbin that is if we are a responsible citizen, or in most of the cases it is thrown on the road, in the gutter, or left to be trampled upon by the lucky patriots. In keeping with true spirit of the Indian Culture we do not even hesitate to tear it after all its just the tricolor. The lucky few flags that are left untouched by the “True Indian” hang midway down the pole mourning the rape of the “symbol of free India”.

Today we got tricolor, that tricolor is not piece of colored paper it’s a symbol of national respect and pride.I kindly request to you all, please do not throw tricolor we got here and there. Our national flag deserves a much better treatment. It If we don’t respect it who will?

As per Indian national law[Flag Code of India, 2002; the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950; and the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971], damaged or soiled flags may not be cast aside or disrespectfully destroyed, they have to be destroyed as a whole in private, preferably by burning or by any other method consistent with the dignity of the flag.

Hence I request all of you to kindly submit tricolor to security guard while leaving the office premises.

I think showing our patriotism on a single day is not enough, keep it also for the remaining 364 days. Tricolor needs to be respected all the year round, every day and every moment.

Hope I will not see tricolors pined upside down, thrown here and there or in dustbin.

-K Himaanshu Meehirs’ Shukla…

January 13, 2010

New trend in daily soaps...

A couple of days ago one of my friend from Television send me a text message that ‘Your favorite Sambhavna to hiss at Nakusha's engagement’. I was not at all interested in watching Sambhavana. My friend send me that text just to irritate me.

Well it looks like films serials have started using item girls(…am I supossed to use 'item queens') to vim up their shows. Sambhavana will perform on Madhuri dixits’ song ‘Humko Aaj Kal Hai’ I think it is from Sailaab.

Before Sambhavana, Sony TV tried to rope Rakhi Sawant :-p to do an item-number in Jeet Jayenge Hum. Now lesser-known face Irene Sutari, choreographer by profession will perform instead of Rakhi. Yadav(…character in Jeet Jayenge Hum) has kept an item number in honour of the inspector who has come to inspect the factory. Yadav offers Suman(...lead actress, as usual dabi, satayi abla naari) to the guest inspector but before that he wants him to enjoy the dance performance by Irene Sutari. Suman who comes to know about Yadav's hideous plans tries to escape and to her rescue comes Prabhakar(…Naman Shaw). What Yadav doesn't know is that the item diva is actually Prabhakar's ally, who will distract Yadav thus helping the two from exiting the factory.

We have seen Bollywood celebs doing a cameo roles in serials either to raise the TRPs/ GRP ratings of serial or to promote their upcoming film. Now new trend of item numbers by so called item queens in daily soaps is about to start….

-K Himaanshu Meehirs' Shukla...

January 10, 2010

She says I am the one, But the kid is not my son...

She says I am the one, But the kid is not my son’, that was the status message of one of college batch mate on Gtalk a week ago. Well ‘She says I am the one, But the kid is not my son’ is written by one of my favorite singer Michael Jackson.

The status message of my college batch mate reminded me a funny incident...

A couple of years ago one of my friend Joe went to Cusco in Peru for the first time, for some official work. Cusco is a town where many hitchhiker/ travels stay for a little bit longer the at other places, just to catch a breath, but most of all to party and there are many cafe’s and bars, Joe told me.

He had a horrible experience in Cusco. He worked for long hours, and most of the time till 10 or 11pm. he hated going home (…sometimes he stayed in the office), and needed to chill after a day at work.

He said almost every night he went to a bar, owned by a Russian man, and Joe would sometimes even fall asleep in one of the corners. All the staff knew him, and local girls(….most of the bar girls) who worked there were all over him…that may sound egotistical, but it’s true.  

Joe clarified it ‘most of Peru girls try to sleep with tourist to get pregnant so they would be able to escape the poor situation they are in(sounds weird). So it was not just me, every guy could fall victim to this girls. They literally threw themselves at me on the street, in the bar or in the office. Especially this one girl from Africa. She would always beg me to let her be my girlfriend. Everyone in my office knew she had it in for me.’

Joe said he wasn’t at all interested in that girl, but he was interested in her roomie Cyndey who was always with her. Cyndey actually became his girlfriend for a couple of month or so before he left Peru.

One of his friend in Cusco, who was a local Peruvian guy, told him the news that Cyndey was pregnant. The most shocking part is that, she was pregnant by Joe. Joe said she claims that I am the one.

Everyone believed her, even Joe’s Peruvian friend. Joe said he had never ever touched or even kissed the girl. But it was just assumed that he slept with her since everyone knew she was after him. For Peruvians that was pretty much a reason to assume that he did have sex with her, because any Peruvian guy would have done so. But the kid is not my son , Joe said.

Shortly after the girl told one of Joes’ colleague the truth, that she got pregnant by a tourist passing through. Because she had no way of getting in touch with that tourist, she decided to go after Joe, since he was in the town for a long time. Not long after, that girl had an abortion.

I am so happy that Joe did not gave in to her advances. He don’t just jump into bed with the first person who offers them to him. If he had, he might have had a 5-6 year old kid right now.

Just remember to always think twice. Do think twice!!!...

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

January 08, 2010


For the super geek in all of us, there's a new search engine that allows a user to search for four items all at the same time. This wild new multi task program is the brain child of a couple of guys named Alex and Erty. Alex and Erty were chatting on Google Talk one night, and Erty wondered if Googlegoogle.com was taken. Erty jokingly wondered if they could set up a search site for Google itself. Googlegoogle.com was already taken, but Alex noted that Googlegooglegooglegoogle.com was still available. On an impulse, they bought the domain name and one of the two guys had the idea of putting four Googles on a single page.

To find Googlegooglegooglegoogle.com, the user must type in four googles followed by the .com. The home page of this site instantly brings up a screen with four separate Google search engines, with each window working independently from the others. While it looks like this search engine is supported by a wide range of browsers (including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera) it does require a browser that has JavaScript enabled and supports iFrames.

I experimented with the site some days ago, and discovered that Google Quad really does work, and works as quickly as regular Google. To use, simple type in four search requests (one per window), hit enter, and wait for the results to appear. The windows are pretty itty bitty (….about postcard size) but are easy to scroll around by using the directional arrows.

The coolest aspect of this program is that a searcher can go back and four between four different windows at once, which makes internet research much faster. For those of us who multi task as we write, this site is a on-line researcher's dream come true.

Although Googlegooglegooglegoogle.com is not recommended for heavy browsing primarily because individual frames don’t have many important browser features. In fact it just has 3 buttons as of now – address button, Home page (i.e. Google.com) and the collapse frame button. Even the address bar pop is not very user friendly as of now. But still it is kinda fun to browse on this!!...

-K Himaanshu Meehirs' Shukla...

Happy Birthday Dear Shwets'...

The day you were born Shwets’,
It’s like heaven sent, all the beautiful things in this world

You know if I lit a birthday candle
Not for every year
But for every kind words you’ve spoken,
For the kind support you had given
For every caring deed you’ve done
The room will be filled with radiant glows

Sometimes on your birthday I call I tend to say just hi hello to you I pretend as if I forgot your birthday. Sometimes I intentionally don’t call up because I knew you would end up calling me and forcing me to say Happy Birthday to you. I do all that crap just because I wanted you to miss me and my birthday wish.

Happy birthday!!!!...and keep smiling, because you got a trillion dollar smile.

-K Himaanshu Meehirs' Shukla...

January 04, 2010

New year resolution...

In this new year of resolutions and promises to ourselves that we probably won’t keep. I thought of all the things that I wouldn’t want to change at all. I don’t make resolutions anymore since every resolution I had made ended up reverting me to do opposite.

-K Himaanshu Meehirs’ Shukla..
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