January 08, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Shwets'...

The day you were born Shwets’,
It’s like heaven sent, all the beautiful things in this world

You know if I lit a birthday candle
Not for every year
But for every kind words you’ve spoken,
For the kind support you had given
For every caring deed you’ve done
The room will be filled with radiant glows

Sometimes on your birthday I call I tend to say just hi hello to you I pretend as if I forgot your birthday. Sometimes I intentionally don’t call up because I knew you would end up calling me and forcing me to say Happy Birthday to you. I do all that crap just because I wanted you to miss me and my birthday wish.

Happy birthday!!!!...and keep smiling, because you got a trillion dollar smile.

-K Himaanshu Meehirs' Shukla...


santosh said...

Hi Dear,Wish U a Many Many Happy Returns Of D day:)Keep smiling .Have a blast.......

Shweta Raghuvanshi said...

Thank you Himanshu...!!!

Anonymous said...

may all ur wishes comes true

Anonymous said...

really she got trillion dollar smile

Anonymous said...

She is pretty. But who is she ?
N Mehir make sure tht ur cmg on inaugration. Ali will inform u abt d venue.


Anonymous said...

chichipoo kaun hai ye??


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