September 29, 2010

Ram aur Allah dono pareshaan hai!!..

Kal magrib ke namaaz ke baad, aarti ke pehle, Ram ne Allah ke kaan mein thoda ghabraate hue kaha, "Suna hai kal aayega faisla, jeet kisiki bhi hoo haar to hamaari hii hona hai na?"

Ye sunkar, Allah ke maathe par upar shikan ki kuch lakeere ubhar aayi. Apni aankhon ki nami ko chupaate hue, Ram se bole, "Jo hoga dekha jaayega."

Yaha hum insaan, court ke faise ke intezaar mein hai,Ayodhya mein Mandir banega ya Masjid? Aur waha inn paakiza jagaahon mein rehne wale Ram aur Allah pareshaan, bekaraar se hai.

Suna hai, Ram ne kal shyaam se khaana nahi khaaya aur Allah bhi raat bhar karwate badalte rahe.

-K Himaanshu Shuklaa..

September 26, 2010

Khwaab tootte nahi!!..

Ek khwaab dekha tha, 
aur uske poore hone ki shart bhi rakh di!!..

Jab toota to uska dard nas nas me bhar gaya,
laga jaise sab khatam hoo gaya!!..

Fir socha to samaj aaya khwaab toota kaha?, 
usne to sirf apna rukh badal liya hai!!..

Man ka ho to achcha na ho to bahut achcha!!..

Ab ek aur khwaab sajaoga,
dekhta hoo kab tak takdir dhoka deti hai!!..

-K Himaanshu...

September 01, 2010

Michael Jackson's 'Will You Be There' is an anthem of Love...

As the film “Free Willy” start, the whale cries because he is being netted for capture.  Michael Jackson’s song becomes a far-flung influential carrying you into this opening scene. 

If you closely observe the lyrics of this song you will understand that this song is not only about a whale, it’s about deep burdens that we are caring.  It’s about the tenderness and a man’s search for love, support and understanding.  The song is a cry for a hand, a hug, a heart to reach out to you.

Whenever I hear this song it makes my heart expand in my chest until I feel like I cannot breathe anymore.  I always fought not to cry as I listened to the lyrics of this beautiful song.

The song starts with:

Hold Me Like The River Jordan..
And I Will Then Say To Thee You Are My Friend..

These lines give a Biblical reference, as Jesus, 'The Son Of GOD' was baptized in the River Jordan. And by saying ‘Hold Me Like The River Jordan’, I think Michael’s desire for someone to impulsively reach out to him for a change.  Might want someone to offer friendship in exchange for nothing other than understanding. You also interpret it as, ‘Jesus you were baptized in the river Jordan and the holy water of river purified your soul. In the same way, remove the negativity from my soul, cleanse it and take away all my worries. Then only I will say to God that you are my friend.’

Carry Me Like You Are My Brother..
Love Me Like A Mother. Will You Be There?

Weary, Tell Me Will You Hold Me?
When Wrong, Will You Scold Me?
When Lost Will You Find Me?

While listening to these lines you will feel your heart started expanding and the breathing becomes short little bursts of inhale-exhale. Usually tears well up in my eyes. It seems Michael is asking to be truly loved and cared about, concerned about, asking for a sharing of hearts.

But They Told Me A Man Should Be Faithful..
And Walk When Not Able And Fight Till The End..
But I'm Only Human..

This is the bottom line of the song.  You could feel the Michael’s struggle as he is begging for God to distinguish his boundaries, pleading for relief from a non ending fight.  Jackson must have sensed the burden of much of the pain he felt in the world.  He wanted others to see and feel what he felt and to share the burden of the pain he experienced from so many.  Sometimes I consider this deep compassion he felt was overwhelming.

Everyone's Taking Control Of Me..
Seems That The World's Got A Role For Me..
I'm So Confused Will You Show To Me?
You'll Be There For Me?
And Care Enough To Bear Me?

If you know about Michael’s life you will immediately understand above lines.  Since childhood, he has never had his own life. He belonged to the world since the early days. He was, in the world, but not of the world.  I felt like Michael was on the sheer drop of understanding that his true purpose of life was something more than what the world wanted him for.

 He was confused about what was being asked of him beyond that, though he had reached what he thought may have been the pinnacle of his career. 

. . . I don’t think I have yet scratched the surface of my true purpose here,” a diehard Jackson fan might remember this lines, he said in one of the interview.

When talking about the roles God had for people Michael was looking for his purpose beyond the stage.  Where else was God to take him in his purpose?  “You’ll be there for me and care enough to bear me?,” he is again looking for love and sympathy and someone to share his burden.  Possibly a soul mate to share that burden as well as his heart.

This beautiful song breaks into the chorus of the Andre Crouch Choir in a pleading voice on the edge of suffering:

In Our Darkest Hour In My Deepest Despair, Will You Still Care? Will You Be There?
In My Trials And My Tribulations Through Our Doubts And Frustrations.
In My Violence In My Turbulence Through My Fear And My Confessions.
In My Anguish And My Pain Through My Joy And My Sorrow.
In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow.
I'll Never Let You Part.
For You're Always In My Heart.

During this monolog in the song Jackson breaks into a shaky, on the verge of tears voice at the end.   Michael here opens his heart to his audience.  He seems to move violently to express the burdens he holds.  His innermost gloom, his trials and troubles, then into the sharing of doubts and dissatisfaction's Michael is offering us a chance to get to know him. 

Jackson bares his heart to all he has been harboring, holding it out in his hand and asking you to hold onto it, just for a moment, just long enough for you know his pain and feel his suffering.  With the last two lines, he tells you he will return the motion by holding you in his heart and never letting you go.

This is such an amazing song and is like an anthem to love and care for one another. 

If I am not wrong, this was written before the allegations against him in 1993. It was introduced in the album Dangerous in 1991. In the year 2002, Jackson said, he wrote this song while he was sitting in a tree at his Neverland farm.

MJ grown up with loneliness, lack of nurturing and being held because of a childhood spent on the road.  This guy had so much love to give people, where did it come from?  Where did someone with such a malnourished childhood grow such a kindness and empathy for people?  How was Michael able to feel and absorb the pain of others when his own went so abandoned? He gave and gave and gave before he was taken from the world.  How does someone endlessly do this, with the way he was treated, victimized and lied about for years and still remain the affable, modest, sweet and childlike man that he had always been?

 Listen to his interviews you will find out what I am trying to convey.  Jackson had an immense faith in God and a love for God that few people have the courage to even admit in public.  I don’t think  any other pop star openly talks about God with the same simple, honesty of a child, it just didn’t exist.  His strength went beyond human patience because that strength at its core came from Michael’s faith.  It came from The GOD.

 “Will You Be There?,” has enthused me and continue to enthuse me with his positive love to others. This song shows us that no matter what problem we face someone will be there in regards to your sorrow. And yes Michael, I will be there for you always and forever.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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