October 26, 2010

Bigg Boss inmates boycott Dolly Bindra !!..

Bigg Boss 4 News

Dolly Bindra famous for playing as a vamp in many TV series has been boycotted by fellow inmates in Bigg Boss home.Dolly is second wild card entrant in the Bigg Boss-4.

Dolly Bindra entry into the Bigg Boss house yesterday stimulated a lot of excitement and hush hush among the housemates as they greeted her tenderly. But on the second day itself, the same housemates have collectively decided to boycott her.

There was an argument between Shweta Tiwari and Dolly about who would be the kitchen captain. Dolly firmly believed that the women should be assigned to the kitchen while the men could be utilized for other tasks. Shweta negated this idea and pointed out that since the contestants were living like a family it was only fair that every one contributes to every task, instead of such gender split for tasks.

Then Shweta accused Dolly of being a liar, a defraud and a cheat based on the ugly past Shweta shares with Dolly. Dolly also organizes variety shows across the world. One such event was organized in Mauritius for which Dolly shortlisted Shweta Tiwari to perform a item number. Shweta quoted 7 lakhs, but then remuneration for the same was agreed to be 6 lakhs. After performance, Dolly went back on her word and had given only 75 thousand for the same. Shweta bitterly accused Dolly for having embittered her. Shweta even pointed out that in the end of the day, she wasn't paid a single penny for her performance.Also Dolly and Shweta are at logger-heads for the past couple of years because of the Raja Chaudhary incident that happened in one of the parties.

 Shweta finally broke down in front of Bigg Boss inmates and was calmed by her housemates. Dolly's impatient behavior resulted in the housemates clandestinely reaching a conclusion that they would ignore Dolly’s presence. They walk away from the room each time Dolly walks into. Also all the inmates agreed to nominate her for eviction in the very next week.

Hrishant has been elected as the new kitchen captain and would be assisted by Sara, Veena and Anchal.

Viveik Mishra and Raja Chaudhary, are supposed to enter in Bigg Boss house as wild card entrants in coming weeks.

When contacted, 'Shayaad' hero Viveik replied via a text message‘Dolly is nice person. Whereas Shweta is cheater and a liar. Don’t know why truth is always boycotted?. I don't want to comment on any wild card entries.”

Raja remained unavailable to comment.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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October 25, 2010

Sameer Soni, Khali and Sara Khan nomitanted!!...

Bigg Boss 4 News
This week nomination's are Sameer Soni and Sara Khan. Khali was already been nominated by Begum Ali.

If sources are to be believed Khali will be out this week.  He is more expensive compared to Sameer and Sara and that’s the reason why probably he will be eliminated. Sara is safe for next 3-4 weeks. May be voting lines will remain closed this week.

There has been a cold war happening between Manoj and Sameer as Manoj has been nominated as captian. The clever Bigg Boss has played played a game by apponting Sameer as his secret agent. He has given a  notepad and pen and is asked to note down all the things that happen against the rules in the house.

-K Himaanshu!!..

Stressed Ali Merchant consulted doctors!!..

Ali Merchant, the actor with the cute boy next door looks very depressed these days. This is an embarrassing situation for Ali after the grown intimacy between Sara Khan and Ashmit Patel being aired in Bigg Boss. Sara Khan publicly accused her relationship with Ali, confessing that she has soft corner for Ashmit.

He is very positive guy, and still taking it as a nightmare. But due to over stress he consulted doctor and went to hospital.

Ali will be considered as Weak man if he goes back to Sara. And if Sara comes back then her character will be questioned. In both the situations their relationship will be affected.

Tried to contact him, but he remain unavailable to comment.
-K Himaanshu!!...

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October 24, 2010

Dolly Bindra first wild card entry in Bigg Boss-4

Bigg Boss 4 News
Let the cat be out....Dolly Bindra is first  the wild card entry in Bigg Boss home. If my sources are to believed two more guys will enter in Bigg Boss house soon. Dolly will be locked tomorrow.That means Shradha Sharma ka patta kut...She is not going inside.

I am little bit sad as Shradha is not going.

Dolly Bindra has appeared in some of the Bollywood movies like Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and Maine Pyaar Kyu Kiya.

She too has controversial background, she was in news for being physically assaulted by Raja Chaudhary at a party.  

Zulfi syed, Bhagyshree and Anu Agarwal were also approached. But Dolly is finalised as she quoted 2.5 lakhs per week less than others. Endermol has no option but to agree with it.

-K Himaanshu!!..
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Raja, Shradha and Viveik Mishra...three wild card entries in Bigg Boss

There are rumours that there will be three wild card entries in Bigg Boss house. Viveik Mishra and Shradha Sharma along with Raja Chaudhary would be probably locked in Bigg Boss house. The House will get Hotter, Sexier and more Controversial from now on. This Diwali more Bombs and Blasts inside the house.

Here is the excerpts from free wheeling chat with Raja, Shradha and Viveik.

I would prefer Shweta to get intimated rather than Shraddha in Bigg Boss house- Raja

Raja is my love of life. I can remain happy remembering him throughout my life- Shradha

Manoj and Shweta are two faced people I hate them like anything- Viveik

If you enter in Bigg Boss then whom would you teach a lesson and why?
Viveik : Shweta and Manoj Tiwari, because they are the most diplomatic and double faced people. Shweta and Manoj jaise log is duniya me ho to logo ka insaniyat se bharosa uth jaayega.

Shradha : I will not go there to teach a lesson to anybody because you know life is too short to make anybody understand anything. I wil only go there for my fans and people who love me.

Raja : Ofcourse Shweta and Manoj, both of them are double faced.

How important is it to have controversial background to get entry in Bigg Boss house?
Viveik : It is not important to be a controversial person however you need to be a little known person publicly.

Shradha : That I don’t know you should ask this to casting team of Bigg Boss.

Raja : Don't know. There are come contestants who do not have controverial background. So I think its not important.

Who is your favorite contestant right now in Bigg Boss and why?
Viveik : Seema Parhar, because her neeti is”Kabira Khada Bazaar Mein Maange Sub Ki Khair
Na Kahu Say Dosti Na Kahu Say Bair” (laughs)

Raja : Shweta, because I know her very well how she is. She is showing fake side of Shweta in Bigg Boss very well.
If given an opportunity to be intimate in Bigg Boss jail, who would be that person?
Viveik : Malai marke Aanchal…because I like malai (laughs)

Shradha : Apni puri zindagi me mai Raja ke siwa kisi aur ke bare me soch hi nahi sati. I am one man woman(laughs). I am ok with his thoughts when he is not with me. I am happy in remembering him.

Raja : Shweta Tiwari offcouse( laughs)
Can we see you giving massage to a guy /gal in Bigg Boss?
Viveik : I don’t know about giving massage, but I would love to get massage done in Bigg Boss house. All house mates are welcome.

Shradha: Why not massage can be head massage or a thigh massage. I am ok in giving and taking massage.

Raja : I can not give massage because I don't know how to do that. I am reay to get massaged.

What after Bigg Boss?
Viveik : My upcoming movie projects.

Shradha : Want to do a good bollywood movie. There are some movies in pipeline.

Raja : A film called 'Sweet and Salty'

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

October 23, 2010

I would rather prefer to Kiss and bitch & make other cry: Viveik Mishra

Is nudity a new name of FAME?

From modeling to acting and now yoga training and also a reality show, how did it all happened?

Modelling happened by chance. My first show was for ‘Loreal Trophy’. After that it was never looking back and generally acting is step forward from modeling.

During my modeling days I met Yogi Ashwini Ji and under his guidance I started practicing ‘Sanatan Criya’ and ‘Astang Yoga’.

In todays world it is very important to live a balanced life, my friend encouraged to start teaching yoga, so that’s how it happened. I am not into mass classes I only take training sessions for celebrities like Sushane Roshan, Sunayana Roshan and Shraddha Sharma.

So how come a bold movie ‘Shayaad’?
Everybody has a different definition of being bold. I don’t find ‘Shayaad’ bold. Yes it is little sensual and it’s a stay of today’s world and friends.

I heard you have many kissing scenes with a guy and a girl both?
Kissing is not a taboo for me. When I can pose nude for a fashion photographer, so kissing in front of camera is absolutely normal for me. I have full faith in my director Sundeep Malani, as he is super talented director. That he doesn’t make anything looks vulgar but sensual.

How comfortable you are in kissing a guy?
I had no problem in kissing a guy for a movie. An actor plays many character in his life. It doesn’t mean he is same in his real life.

How important it is to show the skin in front of camera?
See it completely depends on script and director you are working with. Sundeep Malani made me look very hot and sensul in ‘Shayaa’. And for me taking off the clothes in front of camera is not a big deal, provide you are been captured by right people.

As per my information you are entering in Bigg Boss house with Raja Chaudhary and Shraddha Sharma. What form of Viviek Mishra we will see inside?
No comment….If you have got the information then wait and watch (Laughs)

What advice do you give to your friend Sara Khan, as she is locked inside Bigg Boss house?
My advice to Sara Di(I call her Sara Di because she is my sister Dr. Khushi Prasad’s friend) that one should not make any decision instantly and Ali is a great guy. Both of them really look cute together.

Which option you choose ‘Kiss or Bitch or Shed crocodile tears’ to win Bigg Boss if you were locked inside?
I would rather prefer to Kiss and bitch & make other cry….hahaha joking. I am simple guy and I will be myself in house.

There are no permanent friends and enemies in our industry. Do you have one?

I don’t know about enemies, but I do have many good friends in industry.

What type of guy Viveik Mishra is?
I am very simple and fun loving guy. I like to watch movies and hang out with my friends.

Who do you want to give credit to your success?
I love my parents. I am here because of my parent’s blessings, my younger brother Kartikey’s criticism and two of my close people Dr. Khushi Prasad and Shalabh Khanna’s support.

-K Himaanshu Shukla!!..

October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday To Shradha!!..

Happy birthday to you adorable lady 'Shradha Sharma'!!..

Wishing you a very happy birthday from core of my heart. Always remain the way you are.

God bless you and your family with all love, success, prosperity, wealth, health, care, luck and you prosper all your life.

I hope this blog puts a huge smile on your beautiful face.

-K Himaanshu!!...

Begum eliminated from Bigg Boss!!..

Bigg Boss 4 News
It is said this week that the battle of survival in the Big Boss house is staged between India and Pakistan. Begum nawazish Ali, Veena Mallik (both from Pakistan) and Shweta Tiwari are nominated.

If sources are to be believed Raja Chaudhary will enter in Bigg Boss house soon. Raja entry will put surely TRPs’ on fire, especially when Shweta and her so called boyfriend Manoj is in Bigg Boss House. Shweta is safe till Raja’s entry, that’s why this battle of survival is not between India and Pakistan. Also its already rumored that Channel is agreed to eventually eliminate both Pakistani contestants after Shiv Sena protest.  This also proves that Shweta will not be eliminated this week.

Our source tells us, “ Begum is eliminated this week. Also during the elimination process Salman asked Ashmit if given a option then with which housemate Ashmit prefers to go out for date. To that Asmit repied Aanchal, instead of Sara. Salman asked why not Sara?...To this Ashmit replied Sara is like his daughter. Sara was shocked to here that Ashmit choosed Aanchal over her.

Probably Bhojpuri Item girl Sambhavna Seth will come as a celebrity guest in tomorrows episode. Sambhavna will rock the stage as usual.

Deepak Dhar, country head of Endemol India and Ashvini Yardi, programming head of Colors did not  revert to our text messages most of the time, so this time We didn’t tried to contact them...

-K Himaanshu...

Tina Datta left Uttaran!!..

Ichcha to be replaced in Colors’ ‘Uttran’. Tina Datta recently resigned. It seems she is unwilling to continue doing Uttaran, the show which has given name fame and money.

Sources says "This is not the first time she has put down the papers, she has done this three four times before but channel convinced her by increasing her payment. Probably she did it again because she wanted her payment to be increased by a hefty amount. Channel still hopes to convince her. At the same time they are looking for replacement.

Tina used to come late on shoots never follow shots timings. She used to run away from the sets whenever she wanted to go out."

Sources revels that sweet looking Tina is to be probably replaced by Pallavi Gupta. Pallavi is last seen in Bitto.

I am little bit sad, because Tina is good friend of mine. I don't know how much truth these rumours about Tina's bad attitude hold, but they are quite disturbing for me.She is in US and remained unavailable for the comment.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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Shradha Sharma's Interview!!..

Shradha ki salah Shweta ko kisi ke sar se chat na cheene...

Tell us about your background? How did you start?
I started my career with Sahara One’s show ‘Suno Har Dil Kuch Kehta Hai’. Then I did ‘Saarthi’ for Star Plus. 
I did many stage shows and some movies including south Indian movie ‘Jiya’ and ‘Jai Ho’ 

As we all know Raja has a controversial history and you are also associated with Raja. What do you have to say on this?
Controversies never attract me. I believe in hard work. I want to be remembered because of my work not because of controversies.

It is said that Shweta Tiwari and Manoj Tiwari are dating, and Shweta is Raja’s ex.
I do not want to comment on Shweta and Manoj ji’s relationship.

Do you have anything to say to Shweta?
Divorce is very common these days. Its not a big deal for me that Shweta and Raja are divorced.
Being a woman Shweta should handle relations carefully. If you are in a relationship you should not hurt your partner by cheating.
Jab do log shaadi karke saath me rehte hai to chote mote jagde to hote hi rehte hai. Un jagdo ko hype karna theek baat nahi. Apne partner ko cheat karna fir achanak relation tood dena galat hai.

What kind of equation do you share with Shweta?
I respect her a lot. She is nice human being. But if I look from Raja’s point of view she is not kind hearted. Don’t know why she is not allowing Raja to meet their daughter Palak.
Raja was dying to meet her daughter on her birthday. It hurts when I see Raja crying for Palak.

Any thing else for Shweta?
Raja and Shweta jointly purchased two flats, a three BHK flat in Malad and another 1 BHK flat. She is staying in Malad’s 3BHK flat and not giving possision of 1 BHK flat to Raja.
Raja atleast deserves that smaller 1BHK flat. I just wanted to say kamse kam Raja ke sar se chat to na cheene. She should give 1BHK flat to Raja.

You did loyalty test on Raja, that was a publicity stunt or you did that for money or you actually want to test whether Raja is loyal to you or not?
At that time I was busy doing a show with Mika. I received a call from my friend she convienced me to do that. It just happened. I forgot that incident and forgave Raja and moved ahead.

Raja got 2 lakh for doing Emotiona Atyachaar?
(laughs) Kya baat kar rahe ho? Is it so?

If rumors are to be believed you are also supposed to be in Bigg Boss house. What went wrong? Is Shweta responsible for that?
I don’t know what went wrong. I hate such type of politics.

What kind of tactics will you use in Bigg Boss to win? Will you also shed crocodile tears like Sakshi, Sara and Ashmit?
I am not a cry baby. I don’t play mind games. I am straight forward person and I think this would help me to win Bigg Boss.

What kind of girl Shradha is?
I am straight forward and simple girl. I believe in honesty. I am very positive person. I am little bit lazy. I like to dance.

Any message you want to convey to people?
Divorce is very personal matter, media should not hype it. They do not have rights to interfer in someone's personal life.
Raja is not a bad person he is little aggressive.

-K Himaanshu Shukla!!...

October 20, 2010

Sakshi's ploy failed!!...

Bigg Boss 4 News
[Click on the image to view enlarged image]

This article was published in lucknow HT after I made sansani khej khulasa in my blog: http://scrutinybykhimaanshu.blogspot.com/2010/10/pregnancy-scare-in-bigg-boss.html

October 18, 2010

Legendary Ten Headed Raavan!!...

The ten headed King of Sri Lanka is no myth but reality. Popularly known for his high wisdom, he actually had as much wisdom as ten people collectively put together, and so called 'The Ten Headed' or Dasamukha or Dashanana.

October 15, 2010

Sakshi Pradhan eliminated from Bigg Boss house!!...

Sakshi Pradhan to be eliminated today from Bigg Boss house. It was sure that Sameer was safe and battle seems to be in between Seema and Sakshi. Sakshi was not liked by viewers, they prefer daku rani over her.

Fellow house mates also wants Sakshi to be thrown out from the Bigg Boss House. As she is not into following duties. Viwevers and Endermol expected that she would provide some drame and do some catfights like she did in SpllitsVilla, but poor sakshi failed to put the TRPs on fire. She was more of a cry baby.

Endermol official spokes man did not revert to my text message.

Tears not always work Sakshi baby!!...

-K Himaanshu!!...

October 14, 2010

Kiraye ka makan!!..

Kiraye ke makan me rehta ho, 
Kab mera apna ghar hoga!!..
Is baat ki chinta khaati hai, 
Kab apna diwaaro-dar hoga!!..

Dil me mere ichchaho ke roz hi chabuk padte hai,
Paraye ghar me yun lagta hai hum burkhe pehne rehte hai,
Uchhi aawaaz me gaa paaoga jab mera apna sajar hoga!!..

Is baat ki chinta khaati hai, 

Kab mera apna ghar hoga!!..

-K Himaanshu!!..

October 13, 2010

Sakshi allowed to step out!!..

Sakshi Pradhan was allowed to step out of the Bigg Boss Jail to consult a doctor as she thought she was pregnant. Check up revals she was not pregnant, she just missed her periods and that's normal.

Participants are not allowed to go out or interact with outsiders. But because of genuine problem Sakshi was allowed to go out. The entire recorded footage will probably not be shown to viewers, as its a sensitive subject and very personal to Sakshi.

Here is the video footage which I got from my secret agent :

Keep watching the drama!!..

-K Himaanshu!!..

October 11, 2010

Pregnancy Scare in Bigg Boss!!..

Bigg Boss 4 News
Sakshi Pradhan thought she was pregnant. She then confided to Sara Khan. After that Sara asked her to consult Shweta Tiwari, who told Sakshi not to worry.  She also spoke to her about abortion measures.

Bigg Boss send a female physician so that she could take a pregnancy test. Most probably the results are negative.

Rumor is that that she was dating Model cum Actor (Yoga Guru) VIVEIK MISHRA after the break up with SIDDHARTH BHARDWAJ of Splitsvilla Fame.

Both were seen in director house in Lokhanwala  and they were seen enjoying each other’s company. If rumors are to be believed Viveik was also supposed in Bigg Bosss house with Sakshi, to put the TRPS on fire.

Viveik will be seen in director Sundeep Malani's bold erotic film SHAAYAD.

Sakshi when you comeout from Bigg Boss house have a look at this : http://pregnancy.about.com/od/signssymptoms/a/25signsofpg.htm. This will be helpful for you in future.

-K Himaanshu Shukla!!..

October 09, 2010

When it comes to Love!!..

When it comes to love, I'll plunge into an affair, positive that this is the only true love ever known by any two people ever born, with the possible exception of Romeo and Juliet.

When it breaks in half, I'll pick up the pieces, and try every single angel I can think of to salvage the dead romance. If it's beyond repair, I'll start all over again with a new Juliet and it will be like the very first start :-)

-K Himaanshu!!..

October 04, 2010

(Un)Reality shows!!..

Reality shows are all fake. Guys kindly do not waste ur 'Gaade Khoon-Paseene Ka Kamai' by sending SMS for ur favorite contestant or celebrity. They fight,laugh and create controversies for boosting TRPs, everything is 


Its better to utilize that 5 Rs which is charged per SMS, to feed a hungry person!!..

Think before voting?..

Bigg Boss-4 : Sad choice of contestants!!..

Bigg Boss 4 News

If you are criminal, dacoit or controversial its much easy for you to get to Big Boss!!..

A Chor being given a grand welcome!!..A lawyer show happily how he defended the hardcore criminals like A**h**e Kasab!!..Lady Dacoit proudly sharing how many people she killed!!..

Endemol is setting bad standards for society, Dunno why they are making stupid people stars!!..]

Are they telling young sensitive minds that ‘Badnami se bhi naam aur paisa kamaya ja sakta hai?’!!..


Whatever I still continue watching it :P b’cos of Sara & Shweta!!..Apart from Sara and Shweta I guess there are only two celebrities in BB house Manoj and ashmit!!..Rest are waste!!..

-K Himaanshu!!..

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