December 16, 2010

Raj Logani, The introvert opens up!..

I caught up with Raj Logani who has done a fair amount of television, started his career with Kasuti Zindagi Ki. He also worked in shows like Jiya jale, Tumhari Disha, Piya ka Ghar,Yeh Meri Life Hai and Choti Bahu.

Wholehearted Raj discuss about the life behind the scenes and his future plans, excerpts from the interview:

What type of person is Raj Logani?
He is soft-spoken , grounded and a God fearing person, a strong believer of Lord Krishna (shows Tattooed Krishna on his hand). He is at times naughty and witty with his answers also but with due respect to people around. He can never back stab. He is as emotional as a cancerian should be, which gets a little immature for people at times.

Life has been a little rough on my side so been tough & tougher as a new day comes . Extremely close to my mom, dad and love my brother to the core. My brother Chetan is my life. Anger is usually not my cup of tea but I'm human after all...

You started your career with positive roles, then you opted negative roles. Now what kind of role that you are looking forward to do?
I feel whenever you play a character you tend to feel like the character till you are playing it & television is a work of 12-13 hrs so I want to feel positive, talk positive, as it does reflect and effect my mind. So only positive roles now. Unless its hand to mouth situation..

You were in news for personal than professional reasons?
I feel I've in news for getting my wrist cut, my tissue were cut in ‘Piya Ka Ghar’ during a shot where I had to break a glass and got 36 stitches, 16 on my tissues n 20 on my outer skin. And this all because I was too passionate , young and hardworking. Did my couple of scenes like hanging from Filmcity cliff without any harness, I shot ‘Yeh Meri Life Hai’ on 26th of July also when whole Mumbai was flooded, I was shooting in the day time till we all rushed back our home..

But I guess media just needs masala so keep writing about my personal life. I would rather say media is more interested in knowing that what happening in an actor’s personal life. Be it anyone then I'm a nobody(smiles)..

You do flirt with your co-stars?
Yes I do, but I never ever cross my dignity, all my friends know this. I only do flirting while I am single, I am devoted to my partner when I am in a relationship.

Name one single man not a gay who wouldn’t want to talk to girl or have an affair. Even Amitabh Ji and Hrithik Roshan are tagged with Rekha ji and Barbara respectively. .

Choti Bahu is coming back with season two, what do you think why you were not approached?
I guess they all together have a different star cast and a new story line in Choti Bahu-2, except Dev and Radika. And I'm cool about it, because there's always something better on your way to come. .

Which shows have you been following on TV?
I usually watch a lot of movies- Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider are my favorites’ . But Television shows on entertainment level- comedy is my favorite. I watch Friends , 24, Whacked out sports usually AXN and Zee CafĂ©, and lots more and yes I usually don't miss Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashmaa and FIR on Sab TV..

Are you looking forward to any reality shows?
Yes but something like Naach Baliye or Jhalak Dikhla Jaa, I am passionate about dancing. I want to be part of Fear Factor and Khatron Ke Khiladi, but I am not ready to eat animals. And I won't mind a Bigg Boss..

There are no permanent enemies and friends in our industry. Do you have one?
Enemy is a little strong word for me I don’t have enemies , I might dislike someone but no enemies since childhood. And friends I do have loads - mostly from out of industry and friends in industry are Gaurav Gera , Priyanshu Chaterjee, Rajesh Khera , Mahesh Thakur , Bharat Kaul, and I guess Choti Bahu team has been a very close friend circuit. I'm usually friendly but very choosy about my closest friends..

You shared screen space with your cousin Shweta Tiwari, how was your experience working with her?
It was awesome to work with her, she superb too emote and got loads to learn from her, as she is way beyond my experiences. I was literally raw when I first worked with her. She's a terrific actress, she could cry without any glycerin, and so real with her work. I love her work till today..

What has been the most embarrassing moment of your life?
Please I wouldn’t want to talk about. I guess I would keep it like a hidden dark secret of my life..

Do you have any plans related to Bollywood career?
Yes sure that's the reason I've never got categorized in any show because I do a show not more than a year or so. Of course I would finally want do films. But totally depends on my destiny(smiles)..

What are your future plans?
I've always wanted a restaurant for myself , which totally depends on my financial success..

-K Himaanshu Shukla..


Anonymous said...

nice interview shukla ji

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Good luck to him in his future ventures.

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oh no he is nt part of choti bahu -2

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He looks cute yaar....

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nysh brooo

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Wwooww!! too kool interview... Too kool answers!!
- shashank rohiwal

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wo wo he ia vry helpful person n a real nice human.. god bless u n u'll always rise ...

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Krishna is always wid him :-) he's got a vry pure soul.well spoken.

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Waaay to go braah!!

Anonymous said...

I luv his mole on his lip... He is cute yaar ;)

megha said...

He loves krishna.. I felt his aura its vry powerful as if lord stands rite wid him :) he's no normal in 21st century. Dnt need to say god bless him. He's wid him :) pleasure meetin him .. Wish culd be his;)

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