March 30, 2011

Annoyed Hina Khan planning to open Facebook account..!

Rajan Shahi’s discovery, Hina Khan, known as Akshara has given a big shockers to her fans. Recently in a news channel she said she is not on any networking site.

As reported earlier on Scrutiny that Hina is planning to knock the doors of cyber Crime, because there are so many fake profiles of her on networking sites. She seemed very annoyed with her fake profiles, and has been requesting all her fans to just avoid the profile as she is not on any social networking sites as of now.

When I contacted Hina, she said “Yes there are so many fake profiles on networking sites. I am not tech savvy and I am too busy with shoots, sometimes I don’t even have time to check my mails. I don't know who has created my fake profile on one of the social networking site and lying to my loyal fans, it is really very terrible. Now I am planning to open a facebook account. I will not reveal my identity by that profile”.

When I asked her, if she doesn’t want to reveal her identity on facebook why is she opening an account? “I will open an account, just to track my fake profiles. Don’t know why people created so many fake profiles; I don’t like it at all. Sometimes my fans call me and say hina di are you on facebook, and when I say no, they say you are lying. I have to do something for those fake profiles.” she quips.

"I want to request all my fans to avoid these networking profile. Any comments and replies coming from these fake profiles are not authentic. So please stay away from these fake profile.” signs off Hina

So fans beware any body replying from any of these profiles is not Hina Khan!

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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March 28, 2011

Qasam Se Qasam Se Rakhi and Mika are friends again..!

No permanent friends no permanent enemies ..that’s the thumb rule of show biz. You never know when friends-turned foes and when they have become friends again.

Latest news is about Mika Singh and Rakhi Sawant patch up, recently in a popular comedy show Rakhi hugged her former kisser Mika. And then rumours start floating around that both are friends again.

Seductress item babe Rakhi  turned sex teacher Delnaz Doodhwala, in her upcoming film “Qasam se qasam se”. She shook her legs in an sexy item number “Bolne mein kya jaata hain, which was sung by Mika Singh. Qasam se qasam se is directed by new director Ashfaqye Makrani.

Don’t know how long Rakhi and Mika will remain friends.
-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Sarika Nanda’s New avatar..!

It’s a well known fact that before Dolly’s entry in Bigg Boss, the show’s TRPs was moving at a snail’s pace. After her entry the TRPs soaring like anything. Following her successful stint in Bigg Boss house everybody now wants to copy her to grab media attention.

Star Gold is coming up with “Comedy Film Festival”, they approached Sarika Nanda to portray Dolly Bindra for one of the promo. Sarika, did cameo roles in more than 60 serials like Kitni Mohabbat hai, Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Bidaai, Love U Zindagi, Pyaar Mein Twist etc.

When I contacted Sarika Nanda, she said, "It is true that I have done promo shoot for Star Gold Comedy Film Festival, where I tried to copy Dolly ji. I really enjoyed a lot playing Dolly Bindra.”.

Catch the promo on Star Gold during Comedy Festival in April..!

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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March 25, 2011

Ram Milaayi Jodi plot thickens..!

Ram Milaayi Jodi saw the entry of two new characters, Dimpy and Pam, who are expected to thicken the gravy, oops the plot. Dimpy now wants her daughter Pam to hook up with Karan but there is a twist waiting for Hetal who is in love with Karan.

A source says, “Mona now takes it upon herself to unite Hetal and Karan and last night she had warned Anukalp that she will tell the truth to Ambaji. However, in tonight’s episode Anukalp gets angry at Mona for her immature behaviour as he believes the situation could only get worse. He feels Ambaji would believe that they are trying to brainwash Hetal. Anukalp insists that it should be Hetal who should tell Ambaji about her feelings for Karan and when she does that, they would take up for her.

“Meanwhile, Dimpy wants Pam to end up with Karan, who in turn likes Hetal. But there will be some confusion since Hetal and Karan have still not confessed their feelings for each other and things keep piling up wherein Karan’s marriage in all probability would be fixed with Pam. This would leave Hetal heartbroken. We are still working on this track now.”

Nishant Malkani (Anukalp) says, “Anukalp is angry with Mona because she did not analyse the situation carefully and he wants Hetal to stand up for her own rights.”

SOURCE: tellychakka

March 23, 2011

Lovers, Lunatics and poets are made of same stuff

Lovers, Lunatics and poets are made of same stuff.”:  Bhagat Singh

Today, March 23rd is the Martyrdom of Sardar Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. When I read the above quote by Bhagat Singh, I thought he himself was made of that same stuff that’s why he was able to make supreme sacrifice for his motherland at the age of 24. If he was rational thinking he must have marketed “sacrifices done by his family” and ensured dynastic rule in the guise of democracy.

I was wondering if they come back in today’s India what would they think of us? What would be their views on today’s politicians and bureaucrats? What would he think about today’s youth? What will Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru think about their ultimate sacrifice?

Would BHagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev feel ashamed that we had given supreme sacrifice so that A. Raja can flourish, Klmadi can make us the laughing stock in front of the world? Not a single flat was allotted to the martyrs in Adarsh Housing Socity? Would Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev feel that their martyrdom has gone in vein? Now instead of Britishers, we are humiliated, looted and raped by our own politicians? Had they dreamed about today’s India?

What was in Bhagat Singh’s mind when he willing went to gallows for us? We can see a glimpse here:

“The aim of life is no more to control the mind, but to develop it harmoniously; not to achieve salvation here after, but to make the best use of it here below; and not to realise truth, beauty and good only in contemplation, but also in the actual experience of daily life; social progress depends not upon the ennoblement of the few but on the enrichment of democracy; universal brotherhood can be achieved only when there is an equality of opportunity – of opportunity in the social, political and individual life.— from Bhagat Singh’s prison diary, p. 124″

After reading this, I know what our martyrs Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev will think. They will get up to fight again, this time the enemy is in our own house, no outsiders.

AUTHOR: Alka Divedi

March 22, 2011

Gulaal under scanner, will see leap of 10 years..!

Sphere Origin’s show Gulaal on Star Plus replaced Director Cut’s super hit show Bidaai. Aired at an awfully critical time slot, Gulaal is not able to attract viewers.

Despite of all efforts TRP ratings are not improving, that’s why the show is put under scanner. Gulaal will take a generation leap of 10 year in next month, this will be last effort to save the show.

According to the source, “The show is not doing well, so we are planning for a generation leap. The leap may happen in next month, if the TRP ratings were not improved, Gulaal might shown the door post IPL or may be moved to the afternoon slot”.

Producer Sunjoy Wadhwa remained unavailable to comment.

We hope the show will do well after leap, Gulaal team it is time to pull up the socks and work hard!!..

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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March 19, 2011

Enlighten India: Feb-Mar Issue

Chairman Note

Here comes the Valentine's Day, you love it, hate it, or leave it, but you cannot escape it and so we by not playing bias games to those who heart it, came up with this fabulous Valentine's Day special. Without acting like Uncle Scrooge, give you ideas to spice up your love life. And for those who are still waiting for their 'Night in shining armour', loosen up a lil bit and dress to kill ( one more reason to go shopping now) . Bearing this in mind, we offer you the best of green, red and pink, the colors that dominated most of the awards this year, including the Golden Globe Awards 2011. pick up a peice or two and walk the streets like you own it.

     I personally believe that, 'Style is what you are and Fashion is what you make up with what you are. Hence in this issue you see the most desired and lusted after peices. Wear it according to your style, personal yet trendy.

     I also love the comeback of 'animal prints' thus giving you tips to make it look hotter on her as well as on him. The fashion content will take you through valuable styling, beauty, health and dressing tips.

    Our cover girl of the month, the sexy Poonam Pandey, is the next It girl. With dedication for her work and perseverence to make things happen, this girl is surely on the go.

    In todays time-poor world, we strive our better to keep you aware of the latest in evrything, from fashion, lifetsyle to global news.This Valentine, have a blast, go silly and as the Rose Fraken said, ''Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.''

Until next time..........

Enlighten India: Jan-Feb Issue

We welcome  2011 with open arms & a vision to Enlighten India. Everyone of us live with a thirst to grow to be better beings , to live than survive, to improve than just change, a new start, full of fresh ideas and hope. This is our First Volume & Second Issue of the “Enlighten India”, a monthly magazine that seeks to accompany its readers on their guest towards enlightenment in this 2.0 era.

The journey to Enlighten ‘oneself’ goes on. Being a multi-dimensional informative magazine, it is indeed a tough chore to offer various subjects in one platter, but the desire and curiousity makes our efforts really exciting. The best thing about being a part of a magazine is meeting people. As an industry, we just love coming up with new words and new terms.

This issue has been a memorable one, the funshoots with Luke Kenny who appeared in the Rock On!! alongwith sassy International models & kids altogether made our Christman immense warm. We lived a message of Christmas - “ The Joy Of Giving”.

Also we have, the well renowned Miss India World 2007 Sarah Jane Dias with her great marketing skills & Confectioner Shaana Gwynne the mastermind creator to have joined wings to open up their first venture, BUTTERFLY - a delicious cupcake shop.

The new brigade of Indian fashion is given the focus it deserves in “The Way Ahead”  to bring you fashion... as it happens.

In keeping with the fresh theme of the issue, we chose to put our model shot at Goa.

Enlighten India salutes and pays tribute to Mother Teresa & Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. We also talk on the subject of  major world religions with you.

I would like to thank my  talented editorial team without whom I would have never been able to share these wonderful bits of enlightenment every month with you. We hope that through our content we can strive to ‘Enlighten India’ & subsequently enlighten the world.

“ENLIGHTEN INDIA” Wishes you all a truly fulfilling 2011. It is the time to unfold new horizons and realize new dreams, to rediscover the strength and faith within you, to rejoice in simple pleasures & gear up for a new challenges fresh 2011.

I encourage you to take the time to pen down your opinion of Enlighten India while you read through this issue; we welcome your comments.


Enlighten India- November Issue


     Welcome to the first issue of ‘Enlighten India’, a monthly magazine that seeks to accompany its readers on their quest towards enlightenment in this 2.0 era. I could not think of a better time of year to launch this magazine than now when the festival of lights is upon us.

     The primary factor that draws me to read any book, magazine or the tabloids is the value that its content can add to my own life. I have always wished there were a consistent, pragmatic, unbiased and a holistic view that I could refer to from time to time, a guide that shepherds my mind into the pastures where it desires to abide. At times I have wished there was a voice to affirm or contest my choices during my own soul-searching experience. In my journey I’ve met many others who have harboured this same longing.

     In today's day & age almost everyone is time-poor. Who has the time to climb mountains and traverse far and wide to find their true guru, let alone sit at the feet of one patiently and imbibe their attributes. We prefer an array of gurus to choose from. It is our ambitious aspiration to offer enlightenment version 2.0.

     People from all over the world have started looking to India for the intrinsic wealth that makes a 63 year old nation an emerging global power house. There are many who have discovered paths to this wealth and we want to share their maps. We want to tell their stories and in doing do so urge you to start making, or continue to make your own maps to your own treasures within yourselves.

     Every story is wonderful and we want to tell as many of them as we can. In this issue, you’ll hear how Emiliano Collazo, an expat entrepreneur, found his footing in the Indian high profile leisure industry and how he holds up his ownwhile he juggles his marriage, a new baby, his hectic social life and the challenges of a  very dynamic market.

     We’ve also included informaiton about some random yet intriguing topics to spread awareness and dispel myths so that one can have a clearer idea of the way things truly are. There will also be mentions of noteworthy actions & happenstance and inspiring stories of extra ordinary people; big & small. Enlighten India will give credit to rising stars who have begun to come into bloom through the efforts of its charitable extensions and finally we share discussions that display the public stance in certain matters.

     I would like to thank my exceptionally talented editorial team without whom I would have never been able to share these wonderful bits of enlightenment every month with you. We hope that through our content we can strive to ‘Enlighten India’ & subsequently enlighten the world.

     As this Issue goes to press I wish most humbly & solemnly that we can be a hand for you to hold on your quest, be a guide for you as you draw your own maps, of your own paths, to your own enlightenment.

Mitesh Mehta Chairman Enlighten India

It's not often that an editor takes up four full pages for himself. Then again I do not consider myself to be like other conventional editors. In fact, my critics might even refer to me as a ‘maverick’ in this field given my approach to the media. I like to make a little noise every now and then. And you know what they say, lots of little noises create a big buzz.

I believe that everyone is aware of the reality. There are just those who choose to accept it and those who don’t. I prefer to call a spade a spade and even though it’s not the most diplomatic stance, I am pleased that the truth gets upheld. Having said that, those who know me are aware that I am a straight forward business man, but what only a selected few may already know is that I also harbour the dream of being a politician someday. I have received so much from my country and it’s the gratitude that draws me to a life of servitude towards my countrymen. There are many underprivileged individuals who do not have a voice or the resources to make a noise I want to give them a voice; I want them to be able to tell those in power that nothing can overpower the truth. As the Vice President of the Nationalist Congress Party, Industry (Labour Cell) - Maharashtra State; I intend to use my existing influence to make this voice a loud and clear one and work on extending this vocal capacity.

    I am sure that by now it’s pretty clear why I get referred to as a 'Maverick'. I am of the belief that every- thing is interconnected and the sooner one accepts this fact the easier it will be for one to find what one is looking for. Business, Media and Politics are all very intricately connected. I reckon that an efficient businessman will surely be a successful businessman and a successful businessman will surely make an effective representative.

    I myself have worked hard for years now, building up to where I am. I began working with my family business which is a clearing, forwarding and warehousing agency called Greenfields with clients like Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd, Colgate Palmolive, Titan Industries and Nutrabran Concept Inc. Though it might seem like a bed of roses, the truth is that I had to work my way up in the company just like a normal employee. I had to prove my worth to myself and those who invested in me. The lesson in humility that I learned has brought me a long way. My father insisted that this was the right path for me and with the current overwhelming turnover at this point, his point has been well proven.

    I’m eager to tell a story of how my intentions have paved the way for this venture. I want to talk about my vision with this magazine. I don’t want to present just another lifestyle magazine. I want to present a magazine that informs, a magazine that guides a magazine that inspires but most of all a magazine that can make a difference. In my affiliations with the various charitable institutions, I have come across cases where justice would never have been served if the media has not been involved. I’m pleased, that with the kind of control, over an effective type of media, such as a lifestyle magazine, I could be instrumental in delivering this justice now. I wish most humbly to be able to reach out to all you readers not just to read our magazine but to feel free to contribute to it. We want to be a voice, your voice.

Nationalist Congress Party, Industry (Labour Cell)
Vice President - Maharashtra State

Anyay Nivaran Bhrashtachar Nirmulan Sanstha
Secretary - Maharashtra State

Anyay Nivaran Nirmulan Sanstha
President - Mumbai Region

Adivasi Sarvangin Vikas Samiti
Vice President - Maharashtra State

International Human Rights Association for Protection
Vice President - Mumbai Western Zone

The International Association of Lions Clubs
Bulletin Editor (Kandivali - Thakur Complex)

Entertainment / Events
a) ISH Models      b) AMBY Organisers
Production, Studios, Music
(My Friend Ganesha-Part 1)

International Quality Management Systems
ISO 9001 : 2000 Certification Company

PartnerGreenfield Logistics
C & F Agents for RANBAXY Laboratories Ltd.     
Nutrabran Concept Inc Proprietor (Rice Bran Oil)

Enlighten Advertisers

Shaksy International India Pvt Ltd. (Supplier of Electrical, Mechanical Cables)
AmerCable (Oilrigs, Mining & Shipping Industries)                            
Managing Director

Enlighted India Profile

enlighten india

TC No.: MAHMUL02910/ 13/ 1/ 2010-TC    

We are honored to present you the National English Magazine “Enlighten India”.

Our magazine aims to provide additional platform to share news and views. “Enlighten India” is directed towards people of all age groups consisting of a wide range of information-related issues like:-
  • Politics
  • Science & Technology        
  • State Affairs        
  • Education & Career    
  • Nature        
  • Crime & Corruption            
  • Travel & Food    
  • Music
  • Wildlife        
  • Finance & Investment        
  • Aspiring Models    
  • Photography
  • Weather        
  • Life Style               
  • Cooking        
  • Business Economics Spirituality        
  • Health & Nutrition        
  • Quotes & Humor    
  • Global Business    
  • Logistics        
  • Astrology               
  • Sports            
  • Non violence
  • Obituary        
  • Vaastu                
  • Entertainment                              
Enlighten India” The philosophy, creativity & information has been elucidated by a team of dedicated professionals which emphasizes on trust and team work. This Magazine could prove to be yet another learning ground for me & many amongst us.

Enlighten India” will be published in Mumbai  and the same will be circulated to different states of India and overseas where the total distribution count of 5,000 copies & further-more per month. We aim to achieve a growth rate of 30% every month, and, with this, we believe in complimentary distribution system wherein the copies are distributed to various corporate sectors, government sectors & also complimentary distribution at public places like malls, multiplex ticket-counters, railway station, stalls, book stalls & libraries.

Enlighten India” group & its Editorial team, right from its commencement have been open,  candid & transparent. For a quick preview please visit our website

Warm regards & thanks,
Mitesh K Mehta
enlighten india

Warm regards & thanks,
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March 16, 2011

Sara Khan Pics

"To read more about Sara Khan Click Here"

Rajan Shahi's 'Sapney' scrapped?..

Rajan Shahi and Director's Kut, makers of super hit shows like Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai and Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on Star Plus, planned to make a show for Star One which was tentatively titled 'Sapney'.

Scrutiny now gives you the news that the show might apparently be scrapped owing to some creative issues. Sapney was expected to go on floor in January 2011, the show was planned to be the tale of a girl who comes down to dream city Mumbai to meet her dream boy.

The channel and production house had some disputes regarding creative issues associated with the show. That's the probable reason to scrap the show.

An actor from Sapney on terms of anonymity confirmed the news, "We had shot 20 episodes, but there were many hurdles that’s why show has been scrapped”.

All attempts to reach Rajan Shahi went futile.

We now wonder whether the show will see its dawn or not!..

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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