March 19, 2011

Enlighten India: Feb-Mar Issue

Chairman Note

Here comes the Valentine's Day, you love it, hate it, or leave it, but you cannot escape it and so we by not playing bias games to those who heart it, came up with this fabulous Valentine's Day special. Without acting like Uncle Scrooge, give you ideas to spice up your love life. And for those who are still waiting for their 'Night in shining armour', loosen up a lil bit and dress to kill ( one more reason to go shopping now) . Bearing this in mind, we offer you the best of green, red and pink, the colors that dominated most of the awards this year, including the Golden Globe Awards 2011. pick up a peice or two and walk the streets like you own it.

     I personally believe that, 'Style is what you are and Fashion is what you make up with what you are. Hence in this issue you see the most desired and lusted after peices. Wear it according to your style, personal yet trendy.

     I also love the comeback of 'animal prints' thus giving you tips to make it look hotter on her as well as on him. The fashion content will take you through valuable styling, beauty, health and dressing tips.

    Our cover girl of the month, the sexy Poonam Pandey, is the next It girl. With dedication for her work and perseverence to make things happen, this girl is surely on the go.

    In todays time-poor world, we strive our better to keep you aware of the latest in evrything, from fashion, lifetsyle to global news.This Valentine, have a blast, go silly and as the Rose Fraken said, ''Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.''

Until next time..........

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