March 25, 2011

Ram Milaayi Jodi plot thickens..!

Ram Milaayi Jodi saw the entry of two new characters, Dimpy and Pam, who are expected to thicken the gravy, oops the plot. Dimpy now wants her daughter Pam to hook up with Karan but there is a twist waiting for Hetal who is in love with Karan.

A source says, “Mona now takes it upon herself to unite Hetal and Karan and last night she had warned Anukalp that she will tell the truth to Ambaji. However, in tonight’s episode Anukalp gets angry at Mona for her immature behaviour as he believes the situation could only get worse. He feels Ambaji would believe that they are trying to brainwash Hetal. Anukalp insists that it should be Hetal who should tell Ambaji about her feelings for Karan and when she does that, they would take up for her.

“Meanwhile, Dimpy wants Pam to end up with Karan, who in turn likes Hetal. But there will be some confusion since Hetal and Karan have still not confessed their feelings for each other and things keep piling up wherein Karan’s marriage in all probability would be fixed with Pam. This would leave Hetal heartbroken. We are still working on this track now.”

Nishant Malkani (Anukalp) says, “Anukalp is angry with Mona because she did not analyse the situation carefully and he wants Hetal to stand up for her own rights.”

SOURCE: tellychakka

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