December 09, 2011

Amit Dolawat Rescues Rashami Desai again

In an interesting twist in a story,Amit Dolawat proves himself to be a savior for Rashami Desai aka Tapasya from Uttaran. The incident happens on the set of Nachle Ve Wid Saroj Khan where Rashami and his partner Nandish Sandhu were to perform on the Madhubala  song from Mere Brother ki Dulhan but Nandish was unwell on the shoot day. Rashami was very upset and tense about this but at the last minute Amit agreed to replace Nandish and dance with Rashami.  .

Amit practiced the entire day and gave splendid performance in front of Saroj Khan who was very impressed by his act. In fact Saroj Khan praised Amit on his performance by saying, “Your foot work is really smooth and it’s not an easy job to perform magnificently in a day’s time for practice”. Thus Amit again rescues Rashami and proves himself a hard-time performer. Coincidentally previously also Amit had helped Rashami by performing with her on stage when her partner didn’t turn up for the event of Bhojpuri Award Night. In fact that time Amit had just got an hour of practice before coming on stage. "Looks like I am destined to be her partner only at last minute. But I enjoyed the dance," laughs Amit.

Amit who has done impressive characters in serials like Mili, Kesar, Lo Ho gayee Pooja iss ghar kee, Yeh Rishta, Diwali Rishton Ki Mithas, kabhi aaye na judai, kitty party, piya ka ghar, zindagi ek safar, sshh koi hai, kuch love kuch masti etc is enjoying his psychopathic husband’s character of Abhishek in Sasural Genda Phool.

Source:  Amit's PR Agency

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