December 09, 2011

OMG!! Jackie Shroff admits he is Gay

Jackie Shroff started his career with blockbuster Hero and did a number of roles that were macho, mostly gun-toting cops, street-smart tapooris and tough guys who seldom did cry. Over the years Jackie’s presence on the big screen diminished, and he was last seen playing a godman in a sort-of-biopic.

We heard stories of his battle with the bottle, his fanciful nature in his small screen appearances and various theories on why he wore his head covered in a colorful hankie all the time. Now comes a shocker –told a website that he is Gay..You read it right all-male, macho, studsy, girl-magnet, et al Jackie is Gay.

Yesterday he admitted to a website that he is homosexual. The actor had reportedly confessed that he is Gay and that he prefers men and it’s a natural feeling, which developed fairly recently. In 80s and 90s he was attracted only towards the women, but that his sexual preferences changed.

He even said that he would be leaving his family and moving abroad soon as he did not have faith in the Indian society and its way of dealing with gays and bisexuals.

The actor married longtime girlfriend Ayesha Dutt in 1987. The couple has two children. We have heard frequently about Ayesha being involved with other men, may be because of Jackie’s sexual orientation.

I must give standing ovation to Jackie to admit the truth, he is first mainstream Bollywood actor to admit that he is homosexual.

I tried contacting Jackie but he remained unavailable to comment. Let's wait for a clarification before making any immediate assumptions..

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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  1. pagaal hai kya shukla

  2. i am shocked.........


  4. Yesterday, a microblogging site was flooded with tweets that Jackie Shroff had come out of the closet and declared he is gay.

    The source for the news was a national gay and lesbian magazine, in which the actor had allegedly confessed his true feelings.

    The report stated, "In an emotional conversation, he concluded that he is leaving his family and moving abroad as he does not have enough faith in gay rights making headway in India and he might have to face many problems here."
    Needless to say, various websites picked up the news and it spread like wildfire all over the internet. However, when BT contacted his wife Ayesha - who was unaware of the story - she rubbished the report as a figment of someone's overactive imagination. "This is the most ridiculous story I've heard. Jackie will be in splits when he hears this! I have many gay friends and I respect their preferences, but Jackie is definitely straight. I can vouch for that!"

    Asked whether this was a publicity stunt as he had been approached for a reality show, she said, "Jackie doesn't need to pull a stunt like this! Yes, he was approached for Bigg Boss, but he rejected it despite being offered a huge amount of money."

    Meanwhile Jackie, who is shooting for a Kannada film in Mysore, only laughed hysterically over the story and said, "Bhidu, I'm not gay! Kaam dhanda nahin hai logon ko... kalyug jhelo (People have no work... it's the times we live in)!"


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