December 05, 2011

Nevaan Nigam, Sonu Niigaam's son joins Kolaveri di’ brigade

Why this kolaveri di’ song from actor Dhanush’s Tamil film 3 has become one of the most popular songs on the internet. The video on Sony BMG’s official YouTube channel has already received  more than 16 million hits.

While Amitabh Bachchan have praised the song, Javed Akhtar have rubbished the song. Akhtar said “Every one is praising the robes but the emperor is naked. Tune ordinary, singing substandard, words an insult to sensibility”.

The song’s fame can be measured by the fact that every other day a new versions various languages and styles of the same song is being uploaded and shared by its fans. The latest by Nevaan Nigam, Sonu Niigaam’s four year old son.

Nevaan singing the song at a recording studio, wearing with headphones and a mike. The little boy is very cute and has you laughing out loud with his natural expressions and admiring his singing talent. He also seems to have inherited his father’s charm as he naturally captures your heart. To boost it the shooting style of the video has several similarities with the Dhanush video.

There is a strong chance that this version might be more popular than the original one.

It’s just a gag or has Sonu actually bought the rights to Kolaveri?  Either way, I completely loved it!

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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  1. i dont like this song a lot but ya i like this smile of finally 3rd generation of nigam's

  2. nice adaption of kolavari


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