December 29, 2011

601-pound Japanese Sumo to enter in Bigg Boss house

If Bigg Boss 5′s multiple entries have surprised you time and again, this time round you’re sure to be flabbergasted beyond words. Proving to the audiences that Bigg Boss 5 can never get predictable, the show will witness the grand entry of 601-pound Japanese Sumo Wrestling Champion Yamamotoyama aka Yama in the final week of the show. Given his weight and clocking in at a height of 6’4″, Yama is not only the largest Sumo wrestler ever, but he is actually the largest Japanese human ever as well.

After having been cooped up inside the house for weeks, the contestants will definitely breathe a sigh of relief upon seeing a new face. However, this relief will be shortlived, especially when they realize that the newest entrant has one major drawback – he doesn’t speak or understand English! The multiple-title winning sumo wrestler will spend a few days in the house and bring some much-needed comic relief to the currently temperamental housemates. To accommodate the needs of Yama during his stay in the Bigg Boss house, special arrangements have been made inside the house for him.

The dining area will be converted into a bedroom-cum-eating area for the sumo wrestler to give him the enough space for carrying out his day-to-day activities. Being of Japanese origin, Yama is used to eating while being seated on the floor, but it will be interesting to note if the housemates will be able to accompany him while he eats his fill. Also, because the sumo wrestler faces a language barrier, he will be given special placards with pictoral representations that will help him to communicate his needs to the housemates. And finally, to ensure that Yama remains entertained, special activities have been planned during his stay in the house that will help audiences to get some special insights into the life of a professional Japanese sumo wrestler.

Despite of the ensured fun element that Yama will bring to the Bigg Boss house, how the housemates will react to this interesting new addition so close to the end of their Bigg Boss journey remains to be seen. Will they be kind towards Yama or will they just piss him off with their constant bickering?


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  1. Good. I can't wait to see a video about that.


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