January 25, 2012

I am Daughter of INDIA - Rozlyn Khan

The courageous and beautiful Gladrags Model / Acterss Rozlyn Khan is known to be a no-nonsense girl and refuses to cower down for anything or anybody in life. She is proud to be Indian. She always keep in mind that she is daughter of India and she always try to follow the Indian constitution. She thought that if in our country corruption is increasing, so somewhere we all are equally responsible  for it, we cannot complain  that corruption is increasing in our country , we have to stand against corruption.

Every year on 26th January and 15th august we celebrate Republic day and Independence day but very few people aware about the actual meaning of this days. Other wise we just celebrate it like a holiday or some where we hear a patriotic song, this is real meaning of this days? If  celebrate 26th January as Republic day so we have to follow our Indian constitution and we have to follow our duty for our respected country. We have to follow all rules and regulation and i.e is not only on 26th January but also through out the year.

Acterss Rozlyn Khan is one of great example who follows the duty in our country, she believes in following all rule and regulation and tries her best to make clean and peace full India. Recently she received the ‘Celebrity Whistleblower trophy’ at Lions Gold Awards. “I am proud to be an Indian and I am daughter of India. I always try to follow all rule and regulation because I think if we want to celebrate 26th January as Republic day in our life so we have to maintain our job for our country. I believe in peace and cleanness. According to me India is world’s best country. We are rich by nature and we have a great culture. We have to always stand against corruption because if in India corruption is increasing so for that we all Indian are equally responsible .” says Rozlyn khan .

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