January 10, 2012

Pooja Misrra puts porn star Sunny Leone in place

A mini war seems to be brewing between ex-Bigg Boss Housemates firebrand Pooja Misrra and porn star Sunny Leone!

While Pooja was termed ‘the soul’ of Bigg Boss Season 5, Sunny, who entered the reality show as a Wild Card Entry, disappointed many, who were expecting scandals and controversies from her presence.

In an interview Leone said, “I think Pooja Misrra is highly opinionated and has an agenda. She seems to be the bitchiest.”

Pooja, who was called ‘The Man of the Series’ by co-host Sanjay Dutt, terms Sunny “a fake sati-savitri”  adding that her appearance on Bigg Boss was “dull, boring and without charisma.”

True, in spite of Sunny’s PR machinery working overtime to make her look larger-than-life during Bigg Boss, more or less, the gal came across as just another Katrina Kaif look-alike, trying to make hay while the sun shines!

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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