February 21, 2012

Fake picture of Mahatma Gandhi!!

"Fake Picture Of Dancing Gandhi"

A picture of the Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation, has been doing the rounds on the internet. In that picture he is cheerfully dancing away with a white girl at a party in his trade mark dhot…well well well .. it is not him. Yes you read it right it’s the fake picture which is floating around.

You will realize it, just take a closer look. MK Gandhi was skinny whereas man in the pic has muscles on his arms.

That man shaking a leg with the lady is an Australian actor posing as Gandhi.  That image was captured at a charity gala in Sydney.

In another picture, Nathuram Godse was shown with a gun. That is a film still from ‘Nine Hours To Rama’ which was release in 1963 in which Gandhi was essayed by JS Casshyap  and Horst Buchholz had played Godse.

-K Himaanshu Shuklaa

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ramya said...

:O :O Never realised that its fake.. thanks for this

Anonymous said...

thanks for awakening...

Dharma Yodha said...

Shut Up. Stop fooling peoples. You have already done this for last 65 yrs to protect this bastard womeniser.

Praveen Gadugin said...

u noe it????u noe it fr sure??!! guys watch out .. here is a successfull time traveller!!!...don noe it fr sure... don talk abt it


Praveen Gadugin said...

der ws always a room fr doubt....but thanx fr d reason u gave me to not believe it..!!..n in d first place wats prblm wid a old man internationally recognised fr his celibate principles to dance wid a gal...he doesn seems to hv gender differences.. dats wat it s supposed to signify..he bein human is entitled wid his share of entertainment..

Anonymous said...

@Dharma Yodha
Any similarity between you and a human is purely coincidental!and we are sure you have came from siblings family .

Vaibhav Saran said...


kumar said...

if the pic is fake take legal action person who criculated in internet,file a PIL in court

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