February 22, 2012

Is Vidya Bagchi a schizophrenic?

These days ohh lala babe Vidya Balan is seen flaunting her baby bump for promoting her upcoming flick ‘Kahaani’, which is directed by Sujoy Ghosh.

Kahaani is the story of an expecting woman who comes to Kolkata during the Durga Puja festival in search of her husband lost husband Arnab Bagchi.  She has is a sketch of her husband.

She gets in touch with all the people her husband had mentioned but none of them seem to have ever met him..really strange. Even the police are incapable to locate Arnab.

‘Kahaani’ team is being very secretive about the actor playing mysterious Arnab Bagchi.  I am pretty sure one thing that’s bugging you is ‘Who is the playing Arnab Bagchi?’

There is guesswork that either a Bengali film actor or a Bollywood actor is playing Arnab Bagchi. Sujoy neither confirmed nor denied the rumours.

Recently in an award function I asked Vidya, “Whether there is any Arnab Bagchi at all? Why you are leading us on a wild goose chase?

She laughed and said, “Wait and watch!!

Is Vidya Bagchi a schizophrenic, who is searching for an imaginary husband? Any idea guys?

-K Himaanshu Shukla

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The baby bump is not imaginary ..well false pregnancy is possible but the growing baby ...that cant b imaginary ..i feel she could b a victim of tragedy ..betrayal and her way of coping is this ..either she herself is a murderer of the father of her child ..wah wah lekha a short topic and imagination running wild ....thanks scrutiny good work ..looking forward to this movie ..Sotti Bolchi

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