April 20, 2012

Additi Gupta celebrates her birthday in Hong Kong

Today(20th April) Additi Gupta is turning an year older.  She flied to Hong Kong to celebrate this special occasion, so we are unable to fulfill the promise to give her interview on her Birthday. 

Additi fans please don't be sad as it is an auspicious day today, to make you  feel good we collected a few fan messages and took a short interview of Additi’ s close friends Mukti Mohan and Kritika Kamra.

Mukti was busy shooting for a magazine and Kritika for ‘Kuch Toh Log Kahenge’, but despite their busy schedule they took out time to give a short and sweet interview. Excerpts:

Why Additi is not reachable on her birthday!
MUKTI: Haha.. She went to Hong Kong to celebrate and will stay there till 25-26th April.

One most annoying thing about Additi?
MUKTI: She is a homely kind of girl, who wants to do everything at home. She is quite lazy, so taking her out from home is a big task for us. Earlier she used to stay in Juhu and me and Kritika stayed in Malad. So whenever we asked her to come at our place she used to be like, ‘yaar itna dur kaun aayega’, ‘mai nahi aaungi tum aa jaao’. These used to be her patent replies. Now we are a bit relaxed as she has shifted to Kandiwali so getting together is a bit easy.
KRITIKA: She is a sweetheart but I hate her when she calls me just to tell that she got packed up while I am still shooting. She always does this to make me feel jealous. It’s really very annoying(laughs)

Surely you must have given Additi a pet name.
  Yup...Audi is her pet name but I call her 'chuhiya', kyunki uske pass do do chuhe the.
KRITIKA: Initially Karan-Nishant used to call her Audi-Tweetie, but now it has gradually become Audi.

She can’t say no to...?
  Audi does not believe in starving herself. She can't resist herself when it comes to food. Her life revolves around food. She is just mad over Mango Cream as Mango is her favorite fruit. If you ask me which fruit she resembles then I would say its Mango(laughs). 
KRITIKA: She is a complete shopaholic and can never say no to shopping.

Tell us the craziest act you have done together?
So many, I can’t even tell you.
KRITIKA: Last year we went to Goa to celebrate Mukti’ s birthday. We used to roam around on the streets at night on Scooty. Additi likes to drive bikes. aadhi aadhi raat ko sunsaan sadko par bahut masti ki hai humne and it felt so wonderful.

Any birthday message to her?
  I wish her lot many trips to abroad. May Audi enjoy her life to the fullest and do lots of good work. I wish she owns a house in Goa, fir hum log waha jaakar bahut bahut enjoy karenge.
KRITIKA: I wish that all her dreams come true and a successful year follows her. I hope she enjoys her stay in Hong Kong aur mere liye waha se koi gift zaroor laaye.


Wish u a very very very HAPPY Birthday Additi.
U are the most amazing actress of tv, we all love u alot. and we miss heer to the extend. :(

Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.

Happy birthday Additi,
Love you.

The more candles, the bigger the wish. Wishing you miles of smiles in the coming years.
Wishing you all the fun and excitement that only birthdays can bring. Best wishes on your birthday and throughout the coming year.

Happy birthday Audi.

Hey Additi,
many happy returns of the day..loved you as heer in desh .. prem heer still remain one of my favourite jodis and liked you as pihu..you are a great actress wish you all the best for future projects

have exams soon so not able to make any sigs/ avis, here are a few:

always stay the amazing person you are

*sings additi haaste song* keep smiling
wish to see a segment on sbs with you and your dosts look 4ward to it every year very sweet segments   also hope you come with harshad in some interview or show maybe together :)
thanks for giving us heer/ premeer/ harshiti.

Also have a great time in Hong Kong
Love Priya M.


Dear Aditi Gupta,
Hello ADITI, I am sony dedani frm mumbai. i am a vry big fan of urs as well as Harshad Chopra's. i luv ur jodi vry much & missing vry badly after kis desh . i request dat u both plzzzz cum back in any new projct or d same one plzzzz harshiti plzz .well , wish u a very veryyyy happy & prosporous new year . may ur all dreamzz  come true dis year. may u have many more & much more. may u reach year a great height of success. God bless u, our blessings are wid u.  our sweet & cte Aditi.

One last thing plzzzzzz cllear ur fans plzz dat r u on facebook or not plzzzzzzzzzz becoz der r many fake ones which we d fans of u understand dem real ones,  so plzzzzzzzz ..

luv u Aditi

Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!

A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.

Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day.

Smiles and laughter, joy and cheer..New happiness that stays throughout the year..Hope your birthday brings all these and more..Filling life with surprise and joys galore!

with love 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ??•**•.?.•**•?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY T ??•**•.? .•**•?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY??•**•.?.•**•??

May you be blessed with total freedom, peace, success and security this year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
Love you!!! Have an absolutely amazing day all about you!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

Happy Birthday!! Even Though Technically Heroes Never Age.

May you never stray from the true path as you continue your amazing journey. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
I'm so glad you were born!! If not how could I wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
It has been fun so far but the best is still to come. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a magical day full of love and happiness!!!!
Let this new year of your life be special, full of precious moments, bright emotions, full of happiness and joy!

Let Love follow your footsteps evrywhere you go!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
May this new year bring you joy, peace, and much more blessings! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
I wish you love and happiness on this wonderful day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

Live it up and don't worry about being good!! You get to do whatever you want, its your day!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy it and do something fun, you deserve it :)

Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin right after your birthday party.

Like the song says: "Live your life with arms wide open, Today is where your book begins, The rest is still unwritten." Happy Birthday.

Get up. Stand up. Stand up for your birthday fun.

I wish you happiness, health and so many good things in your life. Happy Birthday!

Just wanted to say that I really do wish you a very Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart.
If it takes more than one match to light your candles, it takes more than one breath to blow them out. Happy Birthday.

Happy Happy Birthday ! Enjoy your wonderful day and celebrate it . Please stay healthy and get all that you want.
I hope you "more fun than a frog in a glass of milk‚" though I have no idea what that means. Happy Birthday.

On your birthday, you can party till the cows come home. Just be careful where you step. Happy Birthday!

If you can stay young while all those around you are getting older, you have become a pretty good liar. Happy Birthday.

Since it is your birthday, stay alert. The world needs more lerts. Happy Birthday.

Twenty-five is the new black. Wishing you a dark (but not stormy) birthday.

Live today like it is a special gift, because it is the best birthday gift. Happy Birthday.

The whole world might want to send you a special birthday greeting, but for the time being, you can make do with mine. Happy Birthday.

When time gets the jump on you, it won't matter any more. Until then, party like it is your birthday.
Hope your birthday includes singing and cake and people and happiness. Happy Birthday.

I hope you have a wonderful Birthday filled with Love & Fun! Happy Birthday!

Some people say "My how time flies when you are having fun." I prefer "My how flies have fun when you are having time."

Hope your birthday is fun.

Hope you have wonderful birthday filled with fun, excitement and joy. Happy Birthday Princess Aditi

I want to wish you happiness for your birthday and every day. Happy Birthday.

The candles on your cake won't start a fire if you don't light them, but that isn't what candles are for. Keep lighting up the world on your birthday.

I hope you have a wonderful day and get everything you want! Happy Birthday!
Thank you for being a wonderful person and an inspiration. Happy Birthday!

Celebrate your birthday, go have lots of fun, everybody should enjoy it and have tons of fun. Happy Birthday.

You're the living proof of a statement age is just a number :) Happy Birthday!

Phoolon ne Amrit ka jaam bheja hai,
Sooraj ne gagan se Salam bheja hai,
Mubarak ho Aapko Naya Janam Din,
Tahe-Dil se Humne ye Paigaam bheja hai !

happy birthday additi, may you have many more. Love you infinitely.
You are my all time favourite celebrity. Proud to b your no1 fan. God
bless you. Keep smiling and always be yourself cos u r the bestest of
the best. Many many happy returns of the day.
With tons of love and good wishes


The more candles, the bigger the wish. Wishing you everything happy for your birthday.
Wishing you miles of smiles in the coming years. Wishing you all the best for your Birthday.
May all your dreams and wishes come true!

Wishing you all the fun and excitement that only birthdays can bring. Wishing you all the best on your speacial day. Wishing you a happy birthday, from the bottom of my heart. Best wishes on your birthday and throughout the coming year.

Wishing you a Happy Birthday and many more to come. May the best of your wishes be the least of what you get. Wishing you a happy and prosperous birthday and a sweet night of birthday dreams

May this year be your best ever. I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.
Not just a year older, but a year better. Here's to another year of experience.
A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.
A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip.
Happy birthday, may this day always be a special one to remember.
May the best of your past be the worst of your future. Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!
I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise. May your birthday be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter, love, and cheer. Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day.


Hoping that your day will be as special as you are.
Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years.
I'm so glad you were born, because you brighten my life and fill it with joy.
May the years continue to be good to you. Happy Birthday!

You're not getting older, you're getting better.
May this year bring with it all the success and fulfillment your heart desires.
Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.

Happy Birthday, and may all the wishes and dreams you dream today turn to reality. May this day bring to you all things that make you smile. Happy Birthday!

Your best years are still ahead of you. Birthdays are filled with yesterday's memories, today's joys, and tomorrow's dreams. You'll always be forever young

Happy birthday Additi Hug

Additi..many many happy returns of the day...hope your birthday is awesome as you are ..and may all your wishes come true..love you.

Additi..i'm priya ..from kerala..a big fan of you and  harshad...

additi... you are the most Adorable , honest and beautiful actress i ever seen...we fans loves you for what you are..keep this honesty and boldness always..

Many many happy returns of the day audi...may your birthday be filled with sunshine and smiles , laughter , love and cheers...hope you are enjoying this special day with your special ones...love u..miss u..god bless you...

happy birthday additi di...Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest...God bless u additi..happy birthday di...

Lovely msg for a Lovely Person from Lovely Friend 4 a Lovely Reason at a Lovely Time form a Lovely Mind in a Lovely Mood in a Lovely Style Have a Lovely "BirthDay.

Additi , my sweet angel, Happy Birthday dear .. May all the wishes and dreams you dream today turn to reality...God bless you
PS: pls come back soon..

Additi.. you are the best, love you as heer , pihu , harmony..and more than that love you as Additi..keep this attitiude , honesty and boldness ..love you princesses..and a very special b'day wishes to you.

Audi..you are the only actress i admire and adores in the entire telly industry ..for me you the perfect definition for beauty and intelligence..love audi and a big happy birthday to you.. 

Happy birthday my barbie doll ..a hundreds kisses and a big hug from me to you..<3 <3 <3

Happy birthday Additi..our sweet heer...  May Today And Your Future Days Be Filled With Joy, Luck, And Happiness As You Close One Chapter In The Story Of Your Life And Start Another That Will Be Even More Thrilling, Exhilarating, And Life-Changing As The Last One. Happy birthday Additi..our sweet heer...

Additi..first of all happy birthday my cutie audi..Wishing you a Life full of Happiness and Pleasure And May all of your Dreams come true on this Birthday..
and additi..please come back with a fantastic project soon..tv is boring with out you..please come back..

wish u a very Happy Birthday Additi..m a huge fan of urs
love u so very much.u r the most talented and versatile actress
of tv i have ever scene..u were perfect as Heer,Pihu and even
Harmony though we got only lil bit of it..loved ur pair with Harshad in kis Desh
Hope to see u guys together onscreen soon
anyways enjoy the day
with all ur friends and family...God bless u

Birthday gives you a new touch to your life and makes you ready to face all the challenges and gives you a spirit with the happy celebration that all of your coming days should be worthy to be celebrated. Wish you an ambitious birthday!
Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday Additi
many many happy returns of the day
May all ur dreams and wishes come true and May God bless u wid lots of love and suceess
u r one the best actress i have ever seen...from heer to pihu to Harmony..u never failed to amaze us...u were just awsome i have never seen any girl in my life who is not only beautiful and elgant yet simple,honest,cute and soo adorable at the same time..the girl who has got a beautful and pure heart..lovee u angel..just stay the way u are...jus come back soon..we are missing on our screens
wishing u happy Birthday again
i wish u have a birthday as colourful as rainbow with lots of hapiness and surprises coming in your way
Keep smiling and Have a rocking birthday  with lots of love

Whenever I think about you, my face feels curve on it and want to go on smile for your noble presence in this world. You are really a big big blessing of God for all of us.
Wish you a nice and healthy sweet birthday.

May you remain healthy and wealthy as in the previous years and your desires will no more remain desires and you will get all you want from life additi you are the best n most beautiful girl in the world i just love u so much hope u have great journey additi just request u plzzzzzzzzzzzzz we want to see u with harshad plzzzzzzzzzzz additi fulfil our request we really miss u both of them so much you both are our life plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz additi make this birthday very special plz come with harshad plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Khushi se beete har din ,har raat suhani raat ho.jis taraf apke kadam pade vahan phulo ki barsat ho.Happy Birthday Additi Di! Hope you have an amazing time and all your wishes come true...this ones for you and all the other AGians!♥ additi miss u so much hope u come back soon on tv we just love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu plz we want to see u with harshad agian plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Happy birthday Additi Di...god bless you..love you

additi di a very very happy birthday....may god bless u with all the happiness success and health tht u truly deserve.....lov u di.. [♥] 

Additi, Scrutiny wishes you a Marvelous Birthday!..

PS: Please leave your birthday wishes in the comments below.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Anonymous said...

thank you so much scrutiny :) so happy to hear about her from her best friends. wishing additi di a great year ahead.happy birthday :)
--premeer mania

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot
wow hb audi

Anonymous said...

thank u himanshu bhaiya for this! means a lot to us! happy birthday to our angel. may god protect her from all evil eyes. may he bless her and keep her happy always!hope she has a great birthday.. blessed.. and full of joy laughter and happiness..
god bless additi di..
love you di.. happy birthday!


sundus ahmed said...

thank u so much sir its really awesome ...
wish u a very happy birthday additi ...god bless u :)

Anonymous said...

Thank u so much hb..thanks a lot for both kitto and mukti's interview and publishing fan's msg for additi...so sweet of you
Happy birthday additi..

Anonymous said...

thank you so much...Happy Birthday Additi...love u..

Anonymous said...

thanks ...
happy birthday additi ...keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

Thank u so much for the article..
Happy b'day additi..

Anonymous said...

Thnx Himanshu for tht article Audi Frnds d her fans msg r so sweet .....Wish u Audi a Big Happy Birthday

priyahmt said...

thank u so much KHS sir..
thanks for kritika's nad mukti interview..and a big thank you for publishing our msg...thank you...:)
and pls take audi interview when she come back..

Anonymous said...

thanks for the article..
Happy birthday Audi..hope you are enjoying your birthday to the core..

Anonymous said...

love additi
thanks for the article

Lisa A. said...

Thank you Himaanshu for the article and interview with Kritika and Mukti. It was very nice interview. Loved their answers.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to send wishes to Additi. All the messages and siggies are gorgeous.

Happy Birthday Additi. We love you and God bless you :)

anu said...

love u audi...............

Anonymous said...

Thank u so much scrutiny fr this...happy birthday audi..:):)

vaishnavi said...

happy bday auddi.enjoy ur stay at hong kong!!! n hv a blast

Anonymous said...

thanks for the artical ....
happy birth day additi:)

Anonymous said...

thnk u soo much himanshi bhai for the article...loveu additi and happy brthday once again

sees said...

happy birthday additi may god bless u whatever u wished for............
keep happy and lots of fun and enjoy ur life full:))

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Additi
God Bless you always and All your wishes and Dreams come true. Keep smiling and Enjoy.
Thanks Khs Sir.

Anonymous said...

happy birth day additi ...god bless u ...


happy birthday additi...love u so much :) may ur all wishes come true n u have a long n happy life... enjoy ur self n god bless u!!

Anonymous said...

Wish u a very happy birthday additi
May u reach greater heights in ur life
God bless u ..

Anonymous said...

Many hapy returns audi..
Thanks khs sir..
Hope u will take additis interview when she come back..

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday audi..love u angel..god bless u
thnx fr the article

Anonymous said...

happy birthday additi... love you stay blessed always....

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Angel !!!

Stay Blessed n Keep Smiling Always :)

Selvy said...

Thanks for this wonderful interview.

Aditi got wonderful friends like Kritika and Mukti.

Happy Birthday Aditi.

Have a nice time with family and friends.

Anonymous said...

God bless you..

Waiting to see you back.. Love you loads.

Anonymous said...

Wish u a very happy birthday additi
May u reach greater heights in ur life
God bless u ..

Anonymous said...

Additi gupta love you Dear.
All The Best for everything and Keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

Many many happy returns of the day Additi
May u receive all the happiness in ur life
God bless u ..
Keep rocking ...

Anonymous said...

wooow love u additi

Anonymous said...

love you so much additi god bless you

cat said...

happy birthday audi love love love uuuuuuuuuu so much i'm a biggest fan of u nd harshad ap lambi umar pao or khush raho nd plzzzzzzzzz come back with harshad jab b mai ap dono k bare mein sochti hun to mere face pe smile a jati hai plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come back with harshad plllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz keep smiling nd god bless uuuuu

cat said...

u r my sweet cute pretty doll g

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