May 14, 2012

Corruption, frauds, scams need more attention than Madhuri Dixit!

It’s been a week since the controversy broke out, but nineties Bollywood superstar Madhuri Dixit continues to face severe criticism from some politicians for apparently quoting a high price to agree to endorse Maharashtra tourism, inspite of being a Maharashtrian herself.

Nitesh Rane, Swabhimaan Sanghatana chief and son of Industries Minister Narayan Rane tweeted, “Madhuri Dixit charging high for being the brand ambassador of Maharashtra is such a disgrace! When it comes to your own soil... one should be selfless! Shame!

Earlier, indirectly referring to the actress for not being a part of a State Government film award function, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar said, “This is a state honour, a token of the love of 11 crore citizens. Some stars were free to receive other awards two days ago, but are tied for time to receive a government honour.

But while the actress is facing the ire of politicians, she has an unlikely supporter in Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar, who is the first person from the film industry to talk in her favour in the matter. The publicist was bold enough to directly reply to Nitesh Rane’s tweet on the social media platform, saying, “Sir, we are living in a democracy. What’s wrong if Madhuri doesn’t attend an award night or demands a price which she believes she deserves?

From time to time, actors do a lot for social causes anyway. Just because Madhuri is a Maharashtrian, doesn’t mean she needs to come for a subsidized fee or for free,” he added in his tweet to Rane.

It does make sense! Maybe, politicians can concentrate more on serious matters. The country is ridden with issues like corruption, frauds and scams. Whether Madhuri Dixit signs up for Maharashtra tourism or not could hardly be a matter of concern in the larger scheme of things.

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  1. Politicians will never do justice with their job ... They just want to keep themselves and others busy in petty issues


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