May 11, 2012

Rakhi Sawant praises Nupur Mehta over pasta and garlic bread!

Cricket controversy sensation Nupur Mehta was chatting up with Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar at the Andheri hotspot Indigo in Mumbai recently, when another of the publicist’s clients Rakhi Sawant happened to walk in.

As he introduced the controversy queens to each other, he realized that they jelled fabulously well in just a few minutes of knowing each other.

So much so that Rakhi not only excitedly shared her pasta and garlic bread with Nupur, but even gave the gorgeous cricket circuit girl loads of tips about life in Bollywood,” the publicist revealed. Rakhi told Nupur that she found her “a very intelligent and intellectual girl” and that she had “a bright future.

The newbie too was touched by Rakhi’s gesture. “You are such a down-to-earth person. Am glad we met,” Nupur told Rakhi, and it all seemed as if they’d just started a sort of mutual admiration society! Gee!

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