June 05, 2012

Lyrics & English Translation of 'Ghar yaad aata hai mujhe(Satyamev Jayate)'

Woh garmiyon ki raat..
Woh jaade ki baat..
Woh paani ka matka rasoi ke swaad..
Sab satata hai mujhe..
Ghar yaad aata hai mujhe..

That night of summers..
That talk of winter..
That water pitcher, those tastes of kitchen..
Everything torments me..
Home comes to my mind..

Saathi ik saath hai itni si baat hai..
Woh ped wo aangan dikhana hai use..
Kehta hai mann mujhe..ghar yaad aata hai mujhe

A companion is there with me just that much is the thing..
I have to show him that tree, that yard..
The heart asks me..home comes to my mind..

Jin dilon mein raha main barson tak..ek hissa un mein mera bhi tha..
Phir wahin rehna hai mujhe..ghar yaad aata hai mujhe..

The hearts in which I lived for years..there was a piece of mine in them too..
I want to live there once again..I remember my home..

Sehme chaukhat pe khade..
Mera mann ye kahe..pyaar karna seekha tha tumse..
Pyaar tumse phir paana hai..
Kitni doge saza? ab to de do duaa..
Intezaar ab hai mujhe..ghar yaad aata hai mujhe..

Hesitating, standing on the door..
My heart says this..I'd learnt to love from you..
I have to learn to love from you only..
How much trouble you'll give? Home comes to my mind..

Satyamev Jayate
Episode-5: Love Marriage, Honor Killing

Lyricist: Svati Chakravarty, Suresh Bhatia
Singer: Sona Mahapatra, Ram Sampath
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