June 13, 2012

I never smooched a girl: Sara Khan

Sara Khan carved a niche for herself in the tellyland with her role as Sadhna in Bidaai and Mona in Ram Milayi Jodi. She is back into the limelight for another false reason just because of her recent Blackberry display picture.

A couple of days ago she kept a display picture on her blackberry in which she was kissing her friend Pooja Bose.

When confronted the actress said, “I received a call from some reporter and she said, ‘We have a photograph in which you and Pooja are lip locked and kissing each other.” I was surprised because I never smooched a girl. So I said, if you really have such a photograph then might be it’s some other girl or it is morphed.”

She went ahead and said, “I was shocked when one of my friend showed me the photograph about which that reporter is talking. Pooja is good friend of mine; I accept she did touch my lips with her lips for few seconds. I don’t think there is anything wrong in it.

If it was your picture then why you denied it in first place? “Well the reporter asked me about the picture in which I am smooching Pooja. We never got indulged in any such act so I denied. Instead of making news on my Blackberry display picture why can’t media write about my work? I have my personal life and I am free to have fun with my friends”, signed out Sara angrily.

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  1. a log to sara ke piche e par gaye....
    mere sara ko bahot badnam karte hai a log....
    aur bardash nahi hote mujhse

  2. Wat d hell yr...she said she did nuthing lyk dt nd dis media dey r hell full. She cnt do nythng like dt....disgusting

  3. Page 3 good going ...... !!!! nice one

  4. I agree with sara.

    some reporters are ridiculous.

    but no matter what, sara we love you and you rockk

  5. it would have been awesome if she HAD smooched a girl!!!

  6. way to go sara.....we want to see u smooching pooja again!!nice one

    1. true. when do we get to see a repeat of u smooching a girl again, sara?

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