June 28, 2012

Vahbbiz helped me to become a man from a boy : Vivian Dsena

Hot and handsome Vivian Dsena has carved a niche for himself by playing Abhay, a bloodthirsty vampire in 'Pyaar Ki Ek Kahaani'. Nation’s heart throb is ready to take it up a notch by playing superstar RK in Nautanki films ‘Madhubala..Ek Ishq Ek Junoon' (Colors’).

When asked how does it feel to experience this transformation. “Well it’s a herculean task for me. In TV industry actors are usually type casted, fortunately I got an opportunity to break out of my image of a vampire. Madhubala is unique and special, the first-of-its-kind on small screen. I am pretty lucky to be able to work in two shows from different genres.

Talking about the role, Vivian in a conversation with Scrutiny, “RK who is a superstar, just entered in the show. He is a very impulsive person and no one knows how he will react to a situation. You can’t slot him a category - positive or negative. The character has a lot of shades, lot of variation attached to his personality. Everybody is curious to know the mystery behind RK, which makes the character more appealing.

How easy or tough was it to get into the skin of the character of RK?  “It was really difficult. RK is a superstar and whenever you think of a superstar, the first thing that crosses their mind is a well-toned body. So I have toned my body a little. I've lost more than 11 kilos of weight in a few months as I had put on a weight during ‘Pyaar Ki Ek Kahaani’. I am basically a bad eater so it was difficult for me.

I am a little bit nervous. I think it's wise to be a bit nervous because confidence can easily turn into overconfidence,” Vivian said.

Did you do any workshop to get into the skin of character? “There were a lot of workshops. We had several meetings with the director and the creative team behind the show. I worked very hard for Madhubala and I did a thorough research on how superstars live their lives. The biggest source of inspiration is Salman Khan. I admire him, his style is unique. I am trying to adapt to his mannerism to make RK’s character look best.

The actor is in a happier space both personally and professionally. “Indeed, it's one of the best phases of my life. All the hard work that I have put in the last few years is finally paying off. I thank God everyday for everything that he has given me. Vahbbiz is my lucky charm and since the time she has entered my life, there have been a lot of changes and for the better. She made me elegant, polished me and helped me become a man from a boy.

The actor celebrates his birthday today (28 June 2012), when asked about Birthday plans he said, “I am going for a shopping with Vahbbiz. I am going to indulge on whatever I feel like. Later in the evening, I will probably go out for a dinner with a few friends.

Vivian got lot of stuffs including perfumes, cards, chocolates etc from his fiancee Vahbbiz.

Wish you a very happy birthday… Vivian!!

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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  1. thanks for awesome interview

    happy birthday vivian <3

  2. I don't get it why he has to bring Vabhiz's name in every interview I know they r engaged but still ...

  3. Yeah... Both of them are badly found of public display of affection. Vivian is immature and his levels of excitement are understood if he talks like that... And, I guarantee, this excitement won't last for long. But what about that Idiotic, fatty, despo Vahbbiz?? No dressing sense... No make up sense...Terribly beauty conscious... Most important, she is 3 years elder to him! This shows how desperate she is to have some one in her life! And naive, innocent Vivian is that bakra! I am just waiting for these guys to break up! But don't know when this happens...

  4. Any way, happy birthday Vivian... Please find some one else for yourself, but not that despo Vahbbiz who is very much elder to you, and who clearly looks like an aunty/ elder sister of yours... Find some one who is younger to you... She doesn't suit you in any way. It's not love but its just an infatuation... trust me! I won't last long! Sorry, but despite our best efforts we are unable to like your jodi... Lots of luck!!!

  5. Hello Vivian,
    Dont do this mistake of going with Vahbiz,just like Saif with Amrita, finally Saif realizes and now is settling with Kareena, you deserve A Katrina, or a Kareeena or a VERY YOUNG Aishwarya like girl, waht i mean is you are the most handsome guy on the plantet, and you dont need an aunty who is fat desparate for a young hot guy like you....you should have a young sexy talented girl as your girlfriend or wife....or you will go the Saif ali khan way......the whole world told me , he didnt believe and only after getting married he realized.....dont do this mistake dont do this mistake....please......you dont deserve an Amrita Singh,, you deserve a Kareena or a Katrina type girl.....look at Salman Khan, he had girls like Ash, now Katrina....the very best.....you are like Salman Khan, you deserve the very best....and not an aunty like Vahbiz.

  6. I love your pair Vivian & Vahbizz..Please be together for rest of your life and be happy together. God Bless you and your relationship. No matter what the world says but I feel you both are the best couple that you could have...:-) Above all, its not the looks that matters at the end...it is always LOVE. So Dear You both are very charming and look great together...Love you guyzz...

  7. please I can't sleep well almost everyday. Please vivian marry drashti

  8. I dont like the people talking abt their pair, comparing to all girls , vahbbiz is so better, she is just fat, when she becomes thin , no girls beat her, she is fair, and beautiful looks, same to vivian,... vahbbiz is stunning compared to his both costars... let god bless them both

  9. Plz vivian leave that ugly fat milking cow vahbiz wateva....she is 33 and youare just 28...for god sake...just looks like your elder sis or else auntii g...she is just fair and thats it...of no use...she is the worst actress of indian tv industry..


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