July 30, 2012

Adaa Khan not comfortable with negative roles

Mumbai, July 30 (IANS) TV actress Adaa Khan, who plays the negative role of Amrit in "Amrit Manthan", says she doesn't enjoy playing the bad one on-screen and she is waiting for her character to turn positive.

"I'm waiting for the final turn where I will become the real Amrit. (When I took on the show), I knew my character had grey shades. I was okay with it, but suddenly it was made completely negative. I was not keen on doing something which was negative," Adaa told IANS.

Adaa plays a strong-headed princess on the show, aired on Life OK. Her character can go to any level to safeguard her family's grace.

The actress finds the character challenging as it is completely opposite to her real life personality.

"For an actor to play what they are in real life is easy, but it's tough to play something opposite. We have to maintain a 'switch on and switch off' system. My character is full of ego, but in real life I'm not like that," she said.

However, she has no qualms dealing with the script as she feels people today prefer challenging storylines.

"The audience outlook has changed. They have become more broad-minded. Even the producers don't want to do shows which portray life to be positive and all good. They also show the other side of life, where one will not only meet sweet and sugar-coated people, but also people who can betray," she added.

After acting in popular shows like "Behenein" and "Palampur Express", Adaa says her journey has been relatively easy. She is satisfied with her career graph, and has no plans to enter Bollywood as she is "scared".

"There is too much glamour! From the beginning I had to think so much before entering acting. I wanted my personal life to be personal. When one goes on a big screen, there is nothing (no privacy) left. As of now, I am scared," said Adaa, who says there's no dearth of Bollywood offers for her.

Source: IANS

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