July 02, 2012

Desi girl Deana Uppal compared to Shilpa Shetty with Big Brother!

Asians as well as Britons are expecting a lot out of Deana Uppal; the new desi in UK’s reality show Big Brother since Indian actress Shilpa Shetty.

But Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar, who happens to be Shilpa’s ex-publicist, feels Deana and Shilpa are two different personalities which many are trying to mix.

According to the public relations expert, Deana has hit some right and similar chords on the show. He points out that Conor McIntyre, Deana’s co-participant on Big Brother, ranted to his fellow housemates about Deana after she failed to finish eating her chosen dish in the Confusing Cusine task.

If you remember, Jade Goody’s argument with Shilpa too, began over food, when Jade refused to eat the chicken Shilpa had made,” Dale reminds. True! Both Conor and Jade's arguments also resulted in a huge number of complaints to the British Office of Communications, commonly known as Ofcom.

By comparing Deana with Shilpa, the publicity expert feels, people are missing the bigger picture. “Shilpa was an epitome of goodness and a great forgiver. At the same time, in Big Brother she was the righteous fighter and a survivor beyond comparison,” he remarks.

The 23-year-old Deana, who lives in Mumbai now, is basically a model from Birmingham, and also the reigning Miss India UK.

Considering the volatile situation most Housemates face in Big Brother, no doubt, it will be an extremely uphill task for her to match that charisma and what Dale terms as “the Shilpa-effect”. “Though anyone would be happy if she does,” he adds on a positive note.

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