August 09, 2012

Santosh Shukla Casting Couched?

Actors often accuse producers, directors and casting folks of making sexual advances to them. The latest victim of the casting couch is Santosh Shukla, who was last seen in ‘Kahani Chandrakanta Ki’, where he played Virendra singh.

Santosh recently updated his status on his networking profile, “HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED...Is it mandatory for an actor to compromise to get the work? I am not ready to compromise, does it mean I will never ever get the work?..I don't think so....I believe in myself and I'm sure my hard work will pay off one day..I big NO NO for casting couch..”.

This status update left everyone rolling their eyes including his Chadrakanta’s co-stars Dimpy Mahajan and Inder Kumar Sarraf. After reading Dimpy and Inder’s comments, one can easy guess Santosh was really shocked after this incident as he is not attending any calls.

We were trying to reach him after this status update but he is neither responding to calls nor replying to the sms. Today we caught up Santosh with the help of actor Inder Kumar.

Santosh has claimed that he was approached by well known director for a role in his upcoming film. That director started touching his private areas while conversation and when Santosh opposed he mis-behaved with him.

Santosh said, “I got a call from one of the renowned director, he had offered me a film. We communicated for about a week on the phone then we decided to meet in person to discuss further about the project. We met at Chai Coffee, versova. After discussing he said let's go for a walk along the beach nearby. Versova beach is not very crowded and is quite lonely. While our conversation he said, ‘You look sexy and hot Santosh!.’ I took this as compliment.”

He further added, “He started giving me indications. To avoid him I said, we are getting late we will meet sometime later again. After this he started touching my private parts. I was shocked at the moment and said that I am not interested in your project. That guy started using abusive language. Ohh God! He was pshyco, sex freak. I really really wanted to slap him but then I thought aise ghatiya logo ke muh lagne se kya fayaada."

Santosh is not ready to reveal his name. “I don't want to name anyone and create controversy. I don’t even want to talk about this incident to anyone. Let’s not talk about this,” quips Santosh.

Well, we don’t know whether Santosh is narrating the right version of the story. It cannot be believed or guessed without hearing the other person’s view, however casting couch seems to have become a part and parcel of the glamour world.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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Anonymous said...

karan johar is gay

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Anonymous said...

good decision santosh..................NO NEED FOR COMPROMISE.

Anonymous said...

maa ..od do saalon ki

Anonymous said...

bade sharm ki baat hai

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maaron saalon ko sab saale gay hain..........MALE FEMALE MEIN FARK HI NAI SAMAJHTE HAIN..........ghor kalyug hai bhai.

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