October 31, 2012

Sambhavna Seth shrugs off Sara Khan with style and dignity!

A casual comment from dancing queen Sambhavna Seth has got starlet Sara Khan’s feathers all ruffled! What’s more! The ex-Bigg Boss contestants even seem to ignite more sparks compared to the current lot in Bigg Boss 6.

Reacting to an interview quote of Sambhavna that the Ali Merchant-Sara Khan marriage in Bigg Boss was a “gimmick’, Sara exploded, “Who the hell is Sambhavna to talk about my personal life? Before talking about others she should look at herself. What is she… only a C-grade film item dancer.

Sara further lashed out, “I wonder if she made this statement to milk some free publicity for she could never achieve what I have done at such a young age.

Though we wouldn’t dare comment on Sara’s achievements, Sambhavna’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar reciprocated, “I don’t think my client needs to get into this, so let me tackle it myself.

He said, “First of all, I don’t think Sam knows Ms Khan in personal life. She might have just reacted to a question asked in an interview. Secondly, though a marriage ‘on screen’ is hardly a personal affair, of course, Sara’s marriage couldn’t have been a gimmick. After all, we all know, Bigg Boss doesn’t do gimmicks – it’s a ‘reality’ show, right?”

So that leaves us with Sara’s allegation about Sambhavna seeking “free publicity”. Looking amused as we bring that up, Dale remarks, “If Sam wants to generate publicity; she has the best publicist in me! Why would she need anyone else?

Now that’s some fitting and dignified response from Sambhavna’s publicist which Sara really needs take tips from! In fact, we won’t be surprised if Sara seeks this smooth-talker for her publicity next time!

Poll Khol in the Bigg Boss house

Episodic Synopsis – Day 24: The day starts with the evergreen song – “Ek Din Bit Jayega”. The housemates wake up singing and dancing away to glory. Sana is called in by Bigg Boss and given another secret task. Sana comes out and approaches Niketan directly in order to convince him for finishing her secret task. Niketan doesn’t buy Sana’s story and tells her he needs to discuss it with his party. Niketan approaches Sidhu and discusses Sana’s plan. Sidhu listens and gives his point of view. After sometime, Niketan approaches Sana who is sitting in the kitchen area with a few other housemates. Niketan tells Sana’s plan to everyone and almost immediately, Sapna retaliates by saying she will not fall for any bribery or unreal deals and she would like to stick to her party based on her principles. Sana & Sapna end up having a small argument on the same but Sapna stands strong and sticks to her ground.

Bigg Boss sends in a letter which is read out in front of all. The letter announces the commencement of the voting procedure for all the housemates in order to declare the winner amongst the two parties in the ‘Rajneeti’ task. One by one all the housemates cast in their votes in the ballot box. After a while Bigg Boss announces the winner of the task. Urvashi’s team wins with the help of Delnaaz’s vote and her special power to choose the winner in case of a tie. Post the winner announcement, Niketan and his party seems upset, angry & betrayed. The housemates divide themselves in their respective parties and start discussing the result and its unforeseen consequences. Sampat Pal gets extremely irritated & angry with Bigg Boss as she feels her party was the deserving winner and it’s utterly unfair for the other team to win due to Delnaaz’s vote. Aseem, Karishma,Sidhu, Niketan 7 Sapna try to console Sampat. But an angry Sampat vents out her frustration on the result to the cameras and everyone else around.

Sampat almost faints while crying to Aseem & Sapna. Her party members pick her up and place her on the bed. Immediately, Sapna rushes to the other party and blames Delnaaz for Sampat’s ill health. Vrajesh, Sana, Rajev etc do not give a chance for Sapna to shout and instead yell back at her for being immature and blaming Delnaaz for a task after all. Once Sapna leaves the room, Urvashi and her party bitch Sapna out and how! They call her names like psycho, mentally ill and violent. Sana and the others stress on the fact that the other party needs to accept defeat in a game with some dignity and not over exaggerate the whole incident and blame Delnaaz for it. Meanwhile, Sapna & Sampat go on about how Bigg Boss had betrayed them via an unfair voting system. They go on a tangent of the game being morally & ethically wrong and how the whole country will be upset to see cheating in ‘Rajneeti’. Sapna takes off her microphone and takes an oath not to wear it until Bigg Boss lets Sampat leave the house with some dignity.

After things calm down a little, Bigg Boss calls Sampat into the confession room. Sampat vents her heart out and Bigg Boss convinces her that all this is a part of a game and not to take it so personally. Sampat apologizes to Bigg Boss and accepts her reaction was uncalled for. Sampat walks out a calmer and more confident woman. She heads straight to Sapna and request her to wear her microphone. Sampat then lies to the housemates by saying that Bigg Boss apologized to her and she is feeling much better. Sapna insists on talking to Bigg Boss. Sapna is eventually called in to the confession room by Bigg Boss. Sapna loses her cool and goes all out in expressing her frustration with the entire task and her stay in the house. Bigg Boss listens to her and asks her to calm down but Sapna doesn’t stop. She is asked to leave the confession room. An angry Sapna comes out and throws her microphone straight on the couch. After sometime, the luxury budget is introduced in the house. The losing party seems to be disinterested in the luxury budget; Sampat even says that she will not eat ‘beymani ka khana’. The housemates decide their luxury budget after discussing mutually. Sampat is seen with Delnaaz in the garden area where she almost yells at Delnaaz for being unfair. An upset Delnaaz is then consoled by Sidhu. The housemates are tired & stressed after all the madness and go to sleep earlier than usual.
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Rashami Desai Pics

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Angad Hasija Pics

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October 30, 2012

Will Usha Bachchani and Mink Brar enter Bigg Boss house?

Rumour has it that Bollywood starlets Usha Bachchani and Mink Brar are being sent into the Bigg Boss house to pep up the so-called parivarik show and add some fierce spice to it.

Usha Bachchani has been known for her negative roles in serials like Kkusum, Sindoor and Ek Ladki Anjaani Si, after she divorced her husband Mahesh Anand. She has also appeared in the Salman Khan-starrer Dhulan Hum Le Jayenge in the year 2000.

The other lady Mink Brar also known as Mink Singh, was launched centuries ago in 1993, by the legendary evergreen Dev Anand in a film called Pyar Ka Tarana.

When we asked Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar, who is considered a specialist by the media with Bigg Boss, for having handled the publicity for maximum controversial contestants on the show, he said, “We should expect fireworks and more eyeballs.

But since Bigg Boss 6 has been touted as a ‘parivarik’ season, wouldn’t this go against the ideology? “History has proved that human beings are a fickle-minded species, who love spice,” remarked the public relations specialist.

When asked what he expects new entrants to do on the show, Dale put it short and simple. “I expect them to fight.

Oh oh! Now we have our antennas all up. As what Dale feels, mostly comes true!
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October 29, 2012

Rajneeti in the Bigg Boss house

Episodic Synopsis – Day 22: The day starts with an appropriate song – ‘Dikha de hame teri khoobiyan, show me your jalwa‘. The housemates rise & shine to indeed a political day ahead of them. Niketan & Vrijesh are seen talking in the kitchen area about Rajev & Sana. Vrijesh seems to be upset with Rajev’s overacting and pointless, demeaning jokes. After all the housemates are wide awake, Bigg Boss sends in a letter. Niketan reads out the letter to one and all explaining the ‘Rajneeti’ task. The housemates listen sincerely and get excited on learning the rules of this rather controversial game. Two teams are divided with Urvashi & Niketan as the party leaders, Rajev & Sidhu are their assistants respectively. The housemates giggle, laugh and feel the task is going to be a cakewalk.

The letter clearly mentions that the losing team will face some really harsh and unseen consequences. After a while, both the newly formed parties start their campaigns to pull in the rest of the housemates towards their respective parties. While Urvashi & gang use the ‘we’ll give you all you need’ as their slogan, Niketan & Sidhu use ‘woman empowerment’ as theirs’. The parties keep taunting the other party for some reason or the other. Slowly but steadily the housemates start on a convincing spree. Sampat seems to the hot topic, as she gets approached by Sana & Rajev. Sampat listens to everything and decides to stay strong and stick to Sidhu’s team. Sampat gets cheesed off about everyone trying to rope her in using the ‘Gulabi gang’ angle.

Sidhu, Niketan & Sampat make a plan on how to rope Karishma & Sapna into their party to overrule Urvashi. Aseem & Karishma are seen plotting their plan to join Sidhu’s gang, here Karishma is seen a little confused as she feels most of the girls are in Urvashi’s team especially Sana. Rajev is the next in line to try and convince Sampat to join their party. Sampat gets angry and tells Rajev & his gang to stay away from her and let her make her own decision. Rajev goes straight to his leader and complains about Sampat. Sana is called into the confession room and given a secret task by Bigg Boss. Sapna is seen running into the washroom area looking for Delnaaz. Sapna spots Sidhu napping and asks Delnaaz to wake him up as the whole house can suffer due to his sleep during the task. Sana plays her game rather cheekily.

Well, seems like the ‘Rajneeti’ was getting to the housemates as Rajev & Urvashi cook up a fake fight to influence Sidhu as he is very close to Urvashi. The fight does work well, and Urvashi makes the next move by trying to blackmail Sidhu emotionally to join her party. After sometime, to everyone’s surprise, Bigg Boss introduces yet another strenuous physical task called ‘keep the fire burning’ to all the housemates. The housemates seem a little confused when they read the letter. This is twenty four hour task and the housemates need to stay up the whole night till the wake up alarm. Delnaaz & Karishma are called in by Bigg Boss and punished for speaking in English too often. Vrajesh & Sapna are seen sorting out their differences they had a while ago regarding the task. Eventually Vrijesh convinces Sapna to join Sidhu’s gang to support Aseem & joins Urvashi’s gang to solve the emotional dynamics in the house. Sapna & Vrajesh join their respective parties. Bigg Boss makes a surprise announcement that leaves the entire house stunned. He announces that this coming week there will be two evictions and not one. The shell shocked housemates discuss the repercussions, sing , laugh and eventually only a few lucky ones go to sleep as the others are involved in the task.   
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Anuraag Sharma sheds off his boy-next-door image

TV Actor Anuraag Sharma shot to fame with his role of Satish in the show Pavitra Rishta. He recently got an image makeover from the sweet-shy-boy-next-door to sexy-bold man.  A couple of months ago he did a photo shoot with model Bharvi Goswami on Kamasutra theme.

Photos were aesthetically shot by Fashion Photographer Rashi Arora. She is daughter of Shalini Arora, who portrayed Anuraag’s mother’s character in Pavitra Rishta.

When contacted Rashi said, “Shooting Kamasutra was a challenging task for me, very unusual, controversial yet different. Kamasutra has always been a very notorious topic through ages & it’s my nature to always do things which are beyond my limits. That’s why I took up this concept which has been conceptualized by so many people in a different manner; I decided to put it up in my way.

She further added, “Though it required a lot of hard work in terms of location, property, models, jewellery and costumes etc, I decided to take a punch. And when the final product came everybody including me was astonished, the work which we had seen in architecture form was in the form of real pictures.

We tried to contact Anuraag but he remained unavailable to comment.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

October 28, 2012

Nominations, provocation rules the Bigg Boss house

Episodic Synopsis – Day 19 & 20 : Sayantani Ghosh gets evicted and bids adieu to all the housemates. Being the third eviction, the housemates start feeling the heat. Delnaaz & Sapna are the most upset about Sayantani’s exit. The housemates hug each other and move back into the house. Sapna is furious with Salman Khan post her interaction with him. Sapna vent out her frustration with the superstar to Delnaaz & Aseem. She stresses on the fact that just because he is the host, he has no right to demean and make fun of everyone’s feelings and emotions. Aseem being her best friend takes her for a walk and tries to calm her down. An upset Sapna goes on explaining her stand until all the housemates calm her down. After a while, Sapna is seen upset and worried about changing as a person inside the Bigg Boss house.

Niketan is seen talking to Karishma in the garden area. Niketan explains that Bigg Boss is a reality show where in everyone signs their contracts and agrees to do whatever they are supposing to. People cannot change the rules/format of the entire show just to please their personal interests. Karishma intervenes and says that she agrees to both their perspectives partially. The nominations take place and a few housemates are nominated for next week’s eviction. The housemates go to sleep after a tough day. The next morning, the housemates wake up to the song – “Khalbali”. The housemates dance and wake up to a day full of surprises. Vrajesh is seen near the kitchen sink with Aseem. Vrajesh burst out his anger and shouts as he is upset with those housemates who use their coffee mugs, plates and leave it near the sink like it is a hotel. The ‘taken for granted’ attitude of such housemates is the sole reason for his outburst.

A while later Bigg Boss sent in some goodies for the housemates to celebrate ‘Bakra Eid’.  Sana Khan got the most excited about the gifts and the rest of the housemates celebrate the joy of some delicious food and dessert. Sana & Aashka are seen reading the Namaz in their room. Delnaaz is then called into the confession room by Bigg Boss and given a special power to save someone from nominations. Sidhu is seen talking to Delnaaz about Sapna and her viewpoints. Aseem is seen with Urvashi, Karishma, Niketan etc in the floral room. Aseem starts teasing Karishma about her looks and reason to be in Bigg Boss. All the housemates share a laugh, until an offended Karishma gets up and walks out of the room.

The housemates are seen in the garden area. Aseem is seen with Rajev and an angry Karishma is talking about. Aseem tries to apologize to her but Karishma fades away. Soon Niketan, Rajev etc go and console Karishma who seems to be upset with the others for laughing at her. Niketan adds fuel to the fire by saying he stopped once he saw Aseem cross his limits. Sapna & Karishma are seen together and Sapna helps Aseem to apologize to Karishma. Sapna asks Sampat to move from the garden chairs to leave Aseem & Karishma alone. After the duo patch up Sampat vents her anger in Sapna for making her get up for no reason. Sapna justifies her point to the rest of the housemates. After yet another strenuous day, the housemates go to sleep.

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October 26, 2012

Sayantani Ghosh the first female contestant to exit the Bigg Boss house

From participating sportingly in the ghulam act to showing off dance move, Sayantani Ghosh has been one of the most calm and adjusting housemates on Bigg Boss. She never threw tantrums or got involved in any fights/quarrels. Being a TV soap actress, she did get along really well with her fellow co TV actors, Delnaaz, Urvashi & Aashka Goradia. But she also was never a “part” of any group within the house, which may have resulted in none of the housemates voting for her safety.

Talking about her personality, Sayantani was always chirpy and happy, always willing to entertain the other housemates with her dance moves or her singing. What many do not know is that she is a melodious singer as well. Quite often, she was seen entertaining the housemates with different, long forgotten songs. Sayantani took every day as it came and lived her life to the fullest. She was very compassionate with the other housemates and took every chance to be a part of all the happenings in the house. Well, one by one everyone has to leave the Bigg Boss house. Sayantani shall be missed a lot.

When asked, Sayantani said, “The Bigg Boss house is indeed a life changing experience. I’ve had a blast inside the house and have made some good friends. I wish I could stay in the house for a longer time and I hope that I get a chance to go to the house again as a wild card entrant. But, I know that its just a game and one day everyone has to come out. I’m looking forward to meeting my friends and family. I will definitely follow the rest of the season and wish the housemates the best of luck, and may the most deserving win!
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TELLY DIVA: Affable, beautiful, sweet and stylish Krystle D’Souza

[Article for one of the Fashion Magazine]

She is currently essaying the role of Jeevika in Cinevistaas’ Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hain on Star Plus. Counted among the most stylish television Bahus she is proudly ruling the hearts of tons of Bachelors. She talked in an elegant demeanor when Perfect Woman’s correspondent K Himaanshu Shukla called her...

She always wanted to be an Air-Hostess but destiny was planning something else for her. She started her acting career with Balaji Telefilms’ Kahe Naa Kahe. “I wanted to be in a profession which had nothing to do with studies; the profession where I could groom myself. I always wanted to work somewhere I could just dress up lavishly, do make up and look beautiful. Thus I thought of being an Air-Hostess since childhood. Also many of my cousins and aunts have been into this profession so I always dreamt of being an air hostess only.

Once I was wandering randomly in my college campus; suddenly one guy approached me for the audition for Balaji Telefilms’ new show. I still remember the experience like a fresh incident. I auditioned in a vanity van and luckily I got selected for their upcoming show ‘Kahe Na Kahe’.  I found myself fortunate enough to debut with Balaji’s show. Ekta is a magnificent individual and Balaji is like a second home to me. There has been no looking back after ‘Kahe Na Kahe’.”

Kahe Naa Kahe used to air on 9x channel and Krystle essayed the role of Kinjal.  After that, she did many shows such as Kyaa Dill Mein Hain, Aahat, Kasturi, Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil and Baat Hamari Pakki Hai. She took a break after Baat Hamari Pakki Hai and went to Canada.  Her parents stay there, so she decided to take a break from acting and spend some quality time with them. When she returned back she bagged the plum role of “Jeevika” in Cinevistaas’ show ‘Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hain’.

Talking about her current onscreen character Jeevika, she said, “Jeevika is an out and out a highly positive and simple Indian girl who loves her sister deeply from her heart. She has been a mother to her sister so she can go to any extent to save her baby sister Maanvi, who is currently suffering from Cancer.”

Krystle is quite similar to her onscreen character Jeevika.  Just like Jeevika, she is caring and loving. Both are highly imbibed with high principles and good values and have deference for their family.  Jeevika is shy whereas Krystle is extrovert. Jeevika is quite when it comes to decision making while Krystle takes a stand for her thoughts and expresses her feelings wide openly.

Talking about the future plans, she said, “I am doing a daily soap and right now my focus is entirely on it. Off course I also want to act in Bollywood and I will surely do films when I get good opportunity, but right now I am concentrating only on Television. I think it’s the best medium to connect with the masses. I will never leave television for Bollywood afterall television gave me the identity which I am enjoying today. My preference is television and it will be forever.”

Rapid Fire with Krystle...

Krystle’s dream role...
For me there is nothing as such which I would want to call as dream role. I started with a positive role, did a grey scale role (in Kis Des Mein Hai Mera Dil), did a haunted role (in Aahat) and a glamorous role (in Baat Humari Pakki Hai) so you see I have done a variety of roles. There is no genre of roles that I have not tried. I think ‘Jeevika’ is my dream role because it has brought me immense exposure.

Krystle’s dream actor to work with…
I go weak on my knees when I see Hrithik Roshan on screen. Ranbir Kapoor is my crush, my love.  I want to work with them.

Krystle’s fitness mantra…
Maintaining your body is a lot of hard work, especially for working professionals like me. I shoot round the clock so I don’t really get the time to go to the gym. I do cardio exercises to lose fat and practice yoga every day. I also do Vajraasana for 20 minutes after every meal. To stay fit one should not starve and eat at regular intervals in small amounts.

Krystle’s beauty mantra…
Smile smile and smile. It makes u beautiful. Since they say it’s contagious it will make a lot of people around you beautiful too. The person dressed up poorly and without any makeup but is smiling would appear more beautiful to me rather than a person dressed up lavishly but is not smiling. Other than smile being natural is the most important beauty mantra. A nice shade of gloss, mascarra and my smile and I am all beautiful.

Krystle’s fashion funda…
Fashion to me is clothes that look good, fit well, suit your body type and are very comfortable. I pick my clothes after putting lots of interest in it and I invest a lot of money also in my clothes.

When Krystle is free she loves to…
 Earlier when I used to be free I loved to dance, paint and sing but since now I hardly get time to be called as free; as soon as I am free I either run to a spa for self relaxation or I go shopping. During free time on sets I try covering up my sleeps.

The real Krystle is...

The real Krystle is an ordinary girl who had a very cheerful and pampered yet normal childhood, a bubbly teenage and a hard working adulthood. Though I am a princess but still I dream of living the life of an actual royal princess.

Krystle's message for our female readers...
 Don't ever think that you are weak. Now women walk matching shoulder to shoulder with men, so why to feel weak. We women are strong enough to live successfully. I think women can become perfect if she owns a kind soul. Love yourself and enjoy life to the fullest.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Khushbu Thakkar quits Hongey Judaa Na Hum?

Actress Khushbu Thakkar, who plays the role of Maria in Hongey Judaa Na Hum has decided to quit the show as a result of creative differences.  She has not been shooting for almost a week, is at present serving her notice period.

According to our sources, "Khushbu determined right in the beginning that she wouldn't have much to do as Maria in the show. She later realised that her role has been sidelined and her track has been reduced to almost nothing. After which she informed the creative team about it hoping that things would improve but it remained unchanged. Finally, she intimated the production house of her decision to quit the show."

When contacted Khusboo said, "It's too early to comment."

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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October 25, 2012

Ramleela in the Bigg Boss house

Episodic Synopsis – Day 18: The housemates wake up on a wonderful Dusshera morning to the track – ‘Kisme kitna hai dum’. They are seen waking up and wishing each other a Happy Dusshera. Niketan & Sampat are seen discussing last night’s laughter explosion that irritated Sampat to some extent. Niketan almost pays a deaf ear to her & walks into the house. Aseem is seen lying down on the grass in the garden area and singing away to glory. Karishma and the rest of the housemates enjoy this silly act and share a hearty laugh over it. After sometime, Aashka, Urvashi, Sampat and Vrajesh are seen in the kitchen area where Sampat gets a little emotional and tells everyone to keep in touch with her via letters once they get evicted. The others oblige her by their assurance to stay in touch.

The biggest gossip from the house however is that Sidhu is seen talking with Urvashi, Rajev, Vrijesh & Aashka in the living area about his murder case back in 1987. The renowned cricketer explained in detail as to how someone tried to trick him into this case. He expressed his innocence and how consequences finally worked in his favor. It was apparently a few months before the West Indies tour. The housemates were deeply engrossed in the story as Sidhu described the entire incident thoroughly. Post this, Bigg Boss announces the captain nominations. An open nominations round begins and the housemates select one eligible captain based on majority. A new captain is announced and the rest of the housemates congratulate the new captain.

Rajev is then seen with Delnaaz having a conversation about his chances of surviving the coming week’s eviction. Vrijesh is seen with Delnaaz discussing the plan for the evening. He suggests that the housemates should enact the famous Ramleela to enhance the feel of this lovely festival. The store room bell rings, and Aseem goes inside to find a pleasant surprise for all the housemates. Bigg Boss has sent in a Dusshera hampers for the housemates. There is also a white board along with the hamper. All the housemates assemble around the kitchen area and open the hamper. They jump with joy as goodies like rasgulla, coffee etc are present. The housemates thank Bigg Boss and Vrijesh starts deputing roles to each of the housemates for the upcoming play by writing it on the white board.

Sidhu is seen with Sampat in the garden area. Sampat feels that she is changing as a person inside the Bigg Boss house. Sidhu consoles her and tells her to just be herself and not worry too much. After sometime, Vrijesh leads the rest of the housemates with his narration to the play ‘Ramleela’. As Vrijesh narrates, one by one the housemates perform their given roles with much expression, dedication and passion. The housemates put up a fantastic show with frequent self-made innovations to the script. After this, Bigg Boss sends in a surprise letter into the house. The letter asks the housemates to confess anything they like to the other housemates as ‘Dusshera’ is the best day to let go of one’s evils. The housemates sit besides the three monkeys and confess their small lies etc to the rest of the housemates. Feeling good and relived after the heart to hearts, the confession session ends. The night, however has a bizarre end as Rajev walks into the glass door and damages his nose quite roughly. The housemates help him with a band aid etc and go to sleep.   
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October 23, 2012

Water woes in the Bigg Boss house

Episodic Synopsis – Day 16: The Badshahs, Begums & their Ghulams wake up to the regal track – ‘Badshah oh Badshah’. The housemates wake up to a day full of surprises. Rajev is seen calling in his Ghulam, Niketan to serve him some tea in bed. Sayantani on the other side greets her Begums and brings them tea voluntarily. In sometime, the housemates are seen relaxing in their favorite area – the garden. Here, Rajev jokes about how Niketan’s grandfather must have been a captain and how Urvashi’s grandmother must have been the head chef. This in turn angers Niketan & Urvashi and they along with Karishma bitch about his nasty jokes. Sampat is in her usual entertaining self, as she sings for the housemates with her own songs.

Sidhu who is a Ghulam in the task is seen avoiding most of his duties, right from wearing a lungi, to sitting on the chair and eating before the Badshahs & Begums. The housemates try to subtly tell Sidhu to do the task. After a while, Niketan gets irritated and removes his lungi and compares himself to Sidhu by saying he is no lesser than him and a task is a task, this partiality is unacceptable. Sayantani, Urvashi & Karishma advise him to follow it like he has and not act so adamant. Sapna & Vrijesh are seen working in the kitchen and bitching about Sidhu as they feel he gets special treatment in the house.

Meanwhile, Badshah Rajev has one of his flirtatious moments with Karishma in the garden area. A while later, Ghulam Karishma is seen lamenting on her own plight in the kitchen. She jokingly says that she should probably marry the Badshah to make things better in her ‘dasi’ life! After this comes the big surprise, as Bigg Boss assembles everyone in the living area and announces that the housemates have failed the assigned task rather miserably! Bigg Boss announces that their punishment would be a complete stop in the water supply in the house and their luxury budget would be nil for the week. The only source of water will be the hand pump placed in the garden area.

The housemates are shell shocked on hearing this harsh punishment and soon the housemates split into small groups and start discussing who is to be blamed and how to handle this unexpected situation. Urvashi, Niketan & Vrijesh are clearly angry with Sidhu and they express that his non participation in the task has led to these circumstances.  Sidhu calls all the housemates together and starts expressing his viewpoints on the situation. Meanwhile, Vrijesh is seen in the washroom with Aseem who comes to call him out for the meeting. Vrijesh sarcastically tells Aseem to tell the rest that he would join the meeting post a shower! Post the meeting, Niketan & Vrijesh bitch about Sidhu with much disgust. Sapna joins the party and expresses her displeasure with Sidhu’s stubborn behavior.

Karishma is seen upset & crying in the garden area as she feels guilty for her actions and apologizes to Vrijesh, Niketan. Taking no offence, Vrijesh calms her down and makes her smile. While on the other hand, an arrogant Sidhu tries to justify his actions and pacifies Karishma via his trademark lectures. Sayantani and Aseem are seen supporting Sidhu and try to cheer Karishma after which Sidhu continues his philosophical talks with Aseem. Delnaaz is seen talking to Sidhu about the blame game that is going on in the house with a stubborn Sidhu still trying to prove that he is right. Towards the end of the night, Delnaaz & Urvashi are seen talking to the camera and literally begging Bigg Boss to start the water supply in the house at least by morning as the ladies especially are suffering with back pain etc. The lights go off and all the housemates go to bed contemplating their water woes.

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October 22, 2012

Begums, Badshahs & Ghulams in the Bigg Boss House

Episodic Synopsis – Day 15: The housemates rise and shine to the electrifying track –‘Muquabala’ and a few of them are seen grooving to the song with some pulsating energy. After this lively wake up, Vrajesh is talking with Aashka & Delnaaz about his towel! He expresses his anger against Niketan as he had taken ‘the captain’s’ black towel without Vrajesh’s permission. Karishma & Sana are seen discussing about Sayantani’s performance during the face off. They feel bad for her loss as they did like her performance and dedication & expression.

After a while, Vrajesh and Aashka are seen in the kitchen talking about missing home during the ‘Navratra’ period. Almost like their wish has come true, Bigg Boss sends some brand new clothes for all the housemates which has come via their respective families/friends. The housemates jump with joy and celebrate by singing, dancing and sharing their happiness with one & another. Urvashi gets a little more emotional than the others and breaks down while expressing her love & affection for her family members via a monologue with the camera.

On the other hand, Sayantani is seen getting upset for different reasons as she feels it is her turn to be evicted from the house next week and she literally begs Vrajesh for some sympathy & motivation. She is then seen praying along with Delnaaz in their room. The eccentric artist, Sapna Bhavnani makes heads turn in the house as she transforms herself from her trademark ‘all black’ attire to a girly floral dress (Sayantani’s). She walks into the kitchen and is floored with compliments by Sidhu, Rajev & the rest of the housemates. After a while, Delnaaz & Aseem are seen having their flirtatious dance, with Delnaaz’s singing in the garden area - a pure entertainer for the rest of the housemates.

Bigg Boss announces the launch of the task – ‘Badshah aur Ghulam’. The housemates are divided as masters & slaves who have to follow certain set of rules. The housemates are given new attire for the task as well. Everyone is seen enjoying the task to the fullest as they sit in the garden area and all the ‘Badshahs & Begums’ assign funny & demeaning tasks to their ‘Ghulams’. Vrajesh being a pure entertainer impresses his ‘Begums’ with his liveliness and seamless energy. Sayantani performs her duties properly but towards the end of the night, she breaks down in front of all thinking about how much she would miss all this if she gets evicted. The housemates console her and cheer her up. Eventually she bids goodnight to her masters and the light go off leaving the tired housemates some time to sleep.

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