October 31, 2012

Sambhavna Seth shrugs off Sara Khan with style and dignity!

A casual comment from dancing queen Sambhavna Seth has got starlet Sara Khan’s feathers all ruffled! What’s more! The ex-Bigg Boss contestants even seem to ignite more sparks compared to the current lot in Bigg Boss 6.

Reacting to an interview quote of Sambhavna that the Ali Merchant-Sara Khan marriage in Bigg Boss was a “gimmick’, Sara exploded, “Who the hell is Sambhavna to talk about my personal life? Before talking about others she should look at herself. What is she… only a C-grade film item dancer.

Sara further lashed out, “I wonder if she made this statement to milk some free publicity for she could never achieve what I have done at such a young age.

Though we wouldn’t dare comment on Sara’s achievements, Sambhavna’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar reciprocated, “I don’t think my client needs to get into this, so let me tackle it myself.

He said, “First of all, I don’t think Sam knows Ms Khan in personal life. She might have just reacted to a question asked in an interview. Secondly, though a marriage ‘on screen’ is hardly a personal affair, of course, Sara’s marriage couldn’t have been a gimmick. After all, we all know, Bigg Boss doesn’t do gimmicks – it’s a ‘reality’ show, right?”

So that leaves us with Sara’s allegation about Sambhavna seeking “free publicity”. Looking amused as we bring that up, Dale remarks, “If Sam wants to generate publicity; she has the best publicist in me! Why would she need anyone else?

Now that’s some fitting and dignified response from Sambhavna’s publicist which Sara really needs take tips from! In fact, we won’t be surprised if Sara seeks this smooth-talker for her publicity next time!


Anonymous said...

Sara is beautiful n better dan sambhavna.sanbhvna is mad she needs to mental hosp blody bitch sambhvna

Anonymous said...

But I really liked the way sam's publicist dealed..Sara should avoid such comments..Sara should concentrate on rest of the things...We all love sara so hope she will come back soon

Anonymous said...

OMG! Its Dale Bhagwagar AGAIN!

Probably Sara doesn't know that this publicist of Sambhavna is the SAME guy who propelled Ashmit Patel to superfame when he handled his PR while the dude was in Bigg Boss, flirting with Sara and Veena Malik.

Not only that, I had read that this Dale guy was even responsible for Pakistani actress Veena Malik getting into Bigg Boss, as she got famous in India fighting with some actress he was doing PR for and then both of them got an offer for BB. That actress refused while Veena agreed.

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