November 30, 2012

Gopi’s newly born baby to get kidnapped in ‘Saath Nibhana Saatiya’?

‘Saath Nibhana Saatiya’ will soon take an interesting twist when Gopi’s new born baby will be abducted. Currently she is shown pregnant. She will soon deliver a baby, after which they will go for a family trip to Bhuj (Gujrat). During this the new born will be kidnapped.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee said, “Yes we are going to shoot the upcoming track in Bhuj, but I really don’t have any idea about kidnapping track.”

Cast and crew members of Saatiya are expected to shoot the kidnapping track in second week of December.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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November 29, 2012

Bigg Boss 6 Episodic Synopsis – Day 53: Madness begins!!

Even before the morning sun could rise, Imam begins the tour of the modern house on a cleaning spree and is seen ranting about how he is very particular about  cleanliness. In the padosi house, post the wake up, Santosh is seen talking to himself about how he falls in love every now and then just like a common man keeps coming down with a cold.
Just when the mood in the padosi house is getting lighter, the modern house contestants are seen getting worked up with Imam’s antics. Early in the morning, he gives a hearing to Vishal about how he should be spontaneous and should proactively greet people since Vishal missed out on wishing him good morning. Imam then talks to Vishal about his stint in a reality show and tells him that he is glad he watched the show and knows what everyone’s character is like since he can now play the game better.

While Sapna and Imam are cleaning the bathroom, Mink happens to pass by and Mink and Sapna end up having an argument and Mink cribs to Vishal about how Sapna has also turned into Imam. Simulatenously, Bigg Boss announces that Karishma’s captaincy is over. Karishma and Vishal are then seen discussing captain nominations and that how Imam can also stand up for captaincy. As the day passes, Karishma is seen explaining the game to Imam when Imam tells her that he will continue playing his game and that he has already played a game elsewhere and come referring to his stint in the padosi house. Meanwhile in the padosi house, Bigg Boss sends a letter stating Aashka should be kept away from all the household chores and it will be the boys who will cook and clean.

Just so that Imam gets acquainted with every contestant in the house, Bigg Boss announces a task ‘Jo hokum mere aaka’, where Imam has to obey the commands of the other housemates and is free at will to deny a task if he thinks it is out of his scope. One by one, everyone in the house start assigning him tasks. While he agrees to do the task that Karishma and Delnaz have given him, he refuses to do what Niketan and Rajev ask him to do which ticks Rajev off. Sapna is seen taking Imam’s side throughout.

Rajev is then seen telling Mink and Urvashi that Imam has already broken and that everybody should give him a taste of his own medicine. Mink then assigns Imam a task of telling the truth to every contesnat which he agrees to and instantly tells everyone what he feels. Rajev then approaches Imam that he shouldn’t have played a spoilt sport and fulfilled the task to which Imam replies curlty saying ‘1 down 9 to go’, meaning the rest 9 will at least support him if Rajev doesn’t. As soon as this happens, Imam immediately goes and apologizes to Rajev, but Rajev denies accepting any apologies. Imam Siddhique then opens up in front of the housemates referring back to his stint at the padosi house and Vishal asks him to stop it right there.

As a part of her task, Urvashi explains to Imam that he should let everything go and at the moment only concentrate on playing the game and nothing else. Imam agrees to it and apologizes once again to everyone in the house.
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Kareena to keep you glued to your Television sets!

Kareena Kapoor will be on Bigg Boss 6 to unveil the first look of her sizzling item number - 'Fevicol se' from the movie Dabangg 2 on Bigg Boss 6.

She will dance to the Fevicol Song for Sat Special Episode. She will be unveiling & her much awaited number 'Fevicol Se' from 'Dabangg 2' alongside Salman Khan for the first time ever on the stage of Bigg Boss Season 6. Launching the first look of his movie 'Dbangg 2' a few weeks back with his brother Arbaaz Khan, Salman is glad to have Kareena - his favorite Bollywood actress, back to unveil the song of his movie on Bigg Boss 6. 'Fevicol Se' definitely seems to be this year's most awaited item number. The song has been in news for long now for being a master-blaster version of 'Munni' from 'Dabangg 1'. This will be Kareena's first item number post her marraige, on the request of her hubby - Saif Ali Khan. After giving smash hits in Bodyguard, Salman and Kareena are back together to floor their audiences with a new hit. The singer - Mamta Sharma, feels obliged to lend her voice to Kareena and is glad to have a chance to be working in a Salman Khan movie. So will this song steal the thunder of various item numbers like - Katrina's Chikni Chameli, Malaika's Munni Badnam, and Kareena's own Chammak Challo.

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November 28, 2012

Bigg Boss 6 Episodic Synopsis–Day 52: Can you ignore the Obvious?

Even before sunrise, Imam Siddique started his absurd behavior in the Bigg Boss padosi house. Imam is seen wearing a white gown and dancing in the bedroom where Aashka, Santosh, Nirahua and Vrajesh are sleeping. He wakes everyone and apologizes for his erratic behavior during the previous night. The main house wakes up to the classic track – ‘ter ko mirchi lagi toh main kya karoon’. Mink and Karishma are seen making fun of Niketan on how skinny he is. Meanwhile, Delnaaz, Sapna and Vishal are seen wishing Aashka through the camera in the garden area.

On the other side, Imam is back to the grind hardly an hour after his apology. Vrajesh, Santosh, Aashka and Nirahua are seen preparing tea in the kitchen area. Imam passes some comments but the others ignore him thoroughly. Imam gets irritated and goes and grabs a new packet of milk from the store room and walks to the open area. Imam goes on a different tangent and starts telling the rest of the housemates not to use abusive language with him as he cannot stand it. The housemates pay absolutely no attention to his random statements. Then he goes about saying that he will make sure that nobody in the house can relax even for a minute.

After a lot of Imam’s madness, Nirahua starts losing his cool. Bigg Boss calls Nirahua inside the confession room and tells him to maintain his calm. After Nirahua, Imam is called to the confession room and asked to behave himself. Coming back to the main house, a task letter is sent inside and Urvashi reads it out to all. The task is called – ‘mud mud ken na dekh’ (ignore the obvious). The task is to ignore whatever a particular person does inside the house. A lady dressed as a ‘bai’ enters the main Bigg Boss house from the store room and bumps straight into Rajev who can’t help but to react. The ‘bai’ comes in and starts playing pranks on Sapna and Delnaaz. She even spills coffee on the floor to instigate the housemates. After a brief span of irritating the housemates she leaves the house. After sometime, there’s a grand entry of the renowned comedian, Bharti Singh from the main entrance.

Bubbly Bharti Singh enters with much enthusiasm and starts mocking everyone in her usual comical manner. Bharti targets almost every housemate turn by turn and mocks them. Bharti even drops apples, eggs and some other fruits on the kitchen floor. She lifts Sapna on her arms while she is cleaning the kitchen area. Bharti makes fun of Karishma, Urvashi and Niketan when they are lying down on their beds. Bharti even dances with Rajev on ‘zara zara touch me’. Vishal and Delnaaz find it the hardest to control their emotions with Bharti around. After a lot of pun, Bharti waves goodbye to all the housemates and leaves the house. Meanwhile, Imam is instructed by Bigg Boss to pack his bags and get ready to leave the Bigg Boss padosi house. The rest of the housemates look relieved post this announcement.

To pep up the mood in the padosi house, Bigg Boss calls Santosh Shukla to the confession room and tells him to collect ‘kheer’ from the store room and gift it to Aashka Goradia for her birthday. Santosh presents the ‘kheer’ to Aashka and everyone celebrates her birthday with much joy. Sana is called inside the confession room by Bigg Boss. While she is in the confession room Imam enters the confession room with a mask. After a small introduction with Sana, Imam enters the main house. The task is still on and Imam tries playing his pranks on almost everyone. After sometime, Bigg Boss announces that the task is over and asks the housemates to welcome their new housemate – Imam Siddique. As soon as soon Imam removed his mask, Delnaaz Paul and Sapna jump on him with joy. Imam introduces himself to all and makes it very clear in the starting that he is here to play a game and nobody should judge his friendship for nominating others. Imam then bonds with Delnaaz, Sapna and Sana in the garden area as he teaches them a few dance steps. Imam gets his bed in the garden area and chats up with Sapna. Sapna explains how happy she is to meet Imam Siddhique and says that her real devil will unleash now!

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Gautam Rode and Karan Wahi might host Nach Baliye

Small screens heartthrobs Gautam Rode and Karan Wahi might host coming season of Nach Baliye...
Karan was last seen in Colors’ dance reality show ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’. Gautam hosted previous season of ‘India’s Got Talent’ and his new show ‘Saraswati Chandra’ is all set to hit the small screen.

We tried to reach Gautam and Karan, but they remained unavailable to comment.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Trauma-Provider Imam Siddhique shifted to old Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss makes sure that every season has some rude-baseless-argumentative personality. Be it self-proclaimed Kamaal Rashid Khan, motor-mouth Dolly Bindra or psycho-diva Pooja Missra. This season Bigg Boss has fashion industry’s ‘desperado’ Imam Siddique.

He was kicked out of Bigg Boss 6 for his psycho-like aggressive behaviour. He wore Aashka’s clothes and strutted around the house in a gay-like manner, replicating her cry-baby behaviour. Later he was brought back in the ‘Padosi Ghar’.  He again started traumatizing the inmates.  He is leaving no stone unturned to make ‘Padosi Ghar’ living hell. According to latest buzz he will be shifted to the old house because of his behaviour.

Our source added, “He apologised after he was thrown out, that;s why he was brought back. But he hasn’t changed a bit. He switched off the TV and tried his best to provoke the imates. After some time Santosh Shukla, Vrajesh Hirjee lost their cool and they started abusing Imam for his deeds.  To control the situation, creative’s of the Bigg Boss decided to move Imam to the old house.

"Imam Siddhique spotted roaming outside of the 'Padosi House'"

He might be shown entering the old house wearing a mask. The housemates (Delnaz Irani, Rajev Paul, Sapna Bhavnani, Mink, Vishal Karwal, Sana Khan, Niketan Madhok, Karishma Kotak, Urvashi Dholakia) will be seen ignoring him, because of 'ignore the obvious' task.  After the task Imam was welcomed warmly by inmates.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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Busy birthday for Yami Gautam

Mumbai, Nov 28 (IANS) Actress Yami Gautam, who turns 24 Wednesday, prefers to keep herself occupied with work on her birthday.

"Birthdays were really special during school times. We really look forward for that special day. But for the last two?three years I have been busy shooting for my films during my birthdays. This year again I am shooting for a South film in Hyderabad," Yami, who made her Bollywood debut with critically acclaimed film "Vicky Donor", told IANS.

"I personally feel it's good to be busy every day. The best way to celebrate the birthday is to be busy. In the morning, I will go to a temple and then start shooting," she added.

On her birthday, Yami only wishes for good health for her family.

"I am very attached to my family. The only gift I ask god on each birthday is for good health and happiness for my family," Yami said.

The actress, who is a Sagittarian, doesn't believe in sun signs either.

"I don't really believe too much in sun signs. I believe lot of people were born under same sign and all of us are so different from each other. I don't overrate it," she added.

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November 27, 2012

Bigg Boss 6 Episodic Synopsis – Day 51: Past reckons!

Episodic Synopsis – Day 51: Sapna and Niketan are seen messing up Vishal and Rajev’s sleep respectively to irritate them early in the morning. After sometime, the housemates wake up to an apt track – ‘Inquilab Zindabad’. Sana and Mink are seen talking about the coming week’s nominations. Sana feels that she will be evicted this week and Mink has her doubts on Vishal Karwal’s survival. Meanwhile in the Bigg Boss padosi house, Imam is seen irritated with Aashka as he thinks the house is not as clean as compared to his hygiene standards. An annoyed Aashka shouts at Imam and tells him to mind his own business. An emotional Aashka starts crying after her outburst with Imam.

Santosh Shukla and Nirahua go to Imam and tell him to lower his volume especially while talking to a girl. A stubborn Imam retaliates and says that he would do his own thing. Vrajesh gets very angry with Imam and almost gets physical with him. Aashka Goradia, Santosh and Nirahua intervene and calm Vrajesh down. Bigg Boss then announces Jyoti’s exit post her temporary stay. Everyone bids goodbye to the world’s smallest woman teary-eyed.

 Coming back to the main house, Rajev gets his face covered with shaving foam by Sapna and Mink. Sapna and the rest of the demons plan to play a prank on Vishal. Sapna applies shaving foam on him and Vishal gets irritated and applies foam on Sapna as well. In a random conversation, Sapna ends up pulling Vishal’s robe off post which Vishal gets so agitated that he removes his robe and gives up on the task. In the Bigg Boss padosi house, Vrajesh, Aashka, Santosh and Nirahua are seen watching the task play out of the main house. Imam forcefully puts off the television infuriating the other housemates.  Imam wears a colorful skull mask and starts when Bigg Boss calls Imam to the confession room and warns him not to break his rules ever again.

Bigg Boss announces the end of Luxury budget task and announces that all performed well except for Vishal, because of whom the housemates have lost their Luxury budget for the week. Delnaz breaks down and Sapna explains that Vishal should have taken it as a game and not personally. In the evening, Mink and Vishal are seen sitting and talking while Urvashi comes and tries to instigate Vishal saying he was right with the way he retaliated against Sapna and refuse the task while Sapna comes back saying he shouldn’t have done what he did.

As the day ends, Imam Siddhique is seen irritating the entire house again with his antics. While he takes on Aashka’s mile and talks about how he would not let it last, on the other hand he irritates Vrajesh and talks about his looks. At one time he tells the housemates that they should all stay out while he will go inside the house and shut the door and change his clothes. Vrajesh, Santosh and Nirahua warn him against it since Aashka is sitting inside and he ends up fighting with all over it. Imam is also seen telling Nirahua that they have all done what they had to and that now it’s time for Imam to stay inside the house and entertain. All the housemates lose their cool and gang up against him. In the night, Nirahua is called to the confession room by Bigg Boss and told that they do not need to lose their cool at whatever Imam is doing. Nirahua then goes and tells the same to the other housemates and all of them decide not to react over all that Imam has been doing.

As the day ends, all the housemates in the padosi house celebrate Aashka’s birthday, and when Imam comes to wish Aashka, she denies being wished by him and he walks out irritated and talks to the camera before going to bed saying that the housemates are not understanding what he is trying to do and that now he is bored of playing a game with them.

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"To read more about Bigg Boss 6 Click Here"

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Anil Kapoor makes Indian TV debut with 24 on Colors

MUMBAI, 27 November 2012: COLORS, one of India’s leading Hindi General Entertainment Channels announced Anil Kapoor Film Co has chosen the former as its broadcast partner for the Indian adaption of 24, an award-winning American TV series that has seen unprecedented success worldwide.

With the acquisition, COLORS and Anil Kapoor Film co will pave the way for a new hybrid genre of entertainment that sees interesting amalgamation of fiction and reality. A talented force comprising of director par excellence Abhinay Deo and penning the Indian adaptation of 24 will be the creative genius Rensil D’ Silva who will join forces to work together with the COLORS Programming team led by Manisha Sharma. 24 takes a gigantic leap from the existing crime-thrillers on Indian television, with a unique real-time narration format providing action, thrill, suspense, drama and the exhilaration of solving complex cases in 24 hours. Its iconic sets, never-seen-before stunts, slick-edited sequences, and high-definition recording are set to create a superlative viewing experience for Indian viewers. The show, that has won many accolades globally and is watched by millions of viewers worldwide, is slated to go on air in the summer of 2013 and poised to witness unprecedented success in India as well.

24 marks the launch of Anil’s Kapoor first Television production under the banner Anil Kapoor Film Co. The show catapulted Anil Kapoor to international fame as he played the role of Omar Hassan in Season 8 of the international series. In the Indian adaption, Anil Kapoor plays the lead role taking on complex assignments that he resolves in twenty four hours.

Confirming the news Anil Kapoor said, “While scouting for a perfect partner we were in talks with 2-3 leading channels, we chose COLORS as in them we see the right platform that not only had a solid connect with the audiences but also enjoyed the reputation of providing futuristic entertainment. I am delighted that 24 will be aired on COLORS, the only channel that can match its stature and amplify its impact. 24 was my destiny, the second I was offered to play a role in the international series, I had made up my mind to bring this show to India. In less than a year I bought the rights to produce an Indian version”.

Commenting on the acquisition of 24, Raj Nayak, CEO – COLORS said, “COLORS has been at the forefront of bringing newer genres and changing the game for Indian television. We continuously push limits of programming and successfully have delivered international formats such as Bigg Boss, India’s Got Talent, Khatron Ke Khiladi, and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa in the recent years. 24 is a show that brings Anil Kapoor’s mass appeal and COLORS’ mass audience together to create history in Indian Television. It’s an honour to bag 24 for COLORS; in fact it’s a reward for our efforts and our firm belief in continuously providing disruptive content to our audiences. I am confident the show will set new standards in entertainment and further strengthen connect with Indian audiences”.

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November 26, 2012

Bigg Boss 6 Episodic Synopsis – Day 48, 49 & 50:Good Vs. Evil?

 Episodic Synopsis – Day 48, 49 & 50: Post Vrajesh’s exit, Urvashi and Mink are seen missing Vrajesh. Urvashi tells Mink that for the first time she feels there is a vacuum in the house post an exit.

In the Padosi house, Imam is seen telling Santosh that his image has been tarnished outside. Santosh asks him to let bygones be bygones and that he should look at reworking his image now since he is back. Imam tells Santosh that he has never spoken bad about Aashka outside to which Santosh replies saying Aashka holds the same feelings for him and does not talk bad about him at all. Santosh tells Imam, that given this chance again, Imam should now aim at walking out with dignity and the two hug each other. Imam continues discussing this with Nirahua in the evening when Nirahua tells him that he should instead keep a check on himself before blaming other for tarnishing his image and that now he should forget things and move on.

As the day passes, eviction nominations take place in the modern house. Post the nominations, Sana feels that Karishma has not been playing fair and breaks down in front of Sapna and Delnaz.

In the rural house, Aashka and Santosh are seen talking in the house when Aashka explains it to Santosh that she is not bothered about anyone in the house and that no one in the house needs to fill her in. She adds that at present, she is not at all concentrating on the game; instead she has other things on the mind.
The modern house contestants are assigned a luxury budget task of ‘Angels and Demons’, where the Vishal, Karishma, Delnaz and Rajev are Angels and Sapna, Sana, Urvashi, Niketan and Mink are Demons. The two teams are assigned tasks basis their characteristics.

Later in the padosi house, Imam is seen forcing Jyoti to sing along with him when Jyoti refuses. Seeing Jyoti’s retaliation, Aashka asks Imam to back off and he replies that she is no one to comment when he is conversing with someone else. The two end up having a heated argument. Santosh and Nirahua calm Aashka down. Post this, Vrajesh, Nirahua and Santosh say that Imam is a task given to them by Bigg Boss. Vrajesh says that Imam’s hyperactivity is not his playful nature; instead it is clearly a sign of having a disturbed mind.

As a part of the task, Niketan spills water on Vishal and Vishal gets irritated with the Demons which upsets Sana. She has been thinking that Vishal’s attitude towards her has changed. Delnaz tries explaining that it is not her fault that Vishal is upset and explains how he has nothing personal against her.

After the lights are out in the padosi house, Aashka, Santosh, Nirahua and Vrajesh are seen sitting and discussing Imam. Santosh tells Aashka that she should stay away from Imam and not involve herself with him else Santosh will lose his control. Aashka says that when a man has power, he should utilize it at the right time and to his benefit.

As the day ends in the modern house, all the Angels are seen coming together and praying for the betterment of the house.

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon to end on 30th November, 2012

We earlier reported that ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon’ might be replaced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali's debut project ‘Saraswati Chandra’. Well..according to latest buzz the show will have an abrupt ending.
4 Lions Films, have already informed the entire cast and crew about this shocking decision. They will stop shooting within 2-4 days and most probably the last episode will be aired on 30th November, 2012.

Viraf Patel, who was supposed to replace Barun this week, also confirmed the news. “I got call from them about their decision to end the show. The show will go-off air on coming Friday.”

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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Jay Bhanusali and Mahhi Vij in Nach Baliye?

Star Plus is coming up with another instalment of their popular dance reality show ‘Nach Baliye’. According to our sources, popular couple Jay Bhanusali and Mahhi Vij are almost finalized to try their luck in dance reality show. Mahesh Manjrekar & his wife and Suhasi Dhami and her husband were also approached. Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal are likely to be part of the show. Rahul Mahajan and wife Dimpy have already started rehearsing for the show.
We also heard that Kunwar Amar and his girlfriend Charlie have also been approached.

We tried to get in touch with Jay and Mahhi, but they remained unavailable to comment.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

I stopped being desperate and have become choosy about my roles: Anupriya Kapoor

Dazzling-diva Anupriya Kapoor shot to fame from Balaji telefilms' Tere Liye. She is celebrating her birthday today (26th November). Scrutiny got in touch with the beautiful lady to know about her birthday plans.

"Nothing is planned as of now because only I and my mom are in Mumbai. My grandmother has a dental surgery so she went to New Delhi with Vyom (his brother). May be we will have a sudden plan and go out for a dinner or something."

Instead of ordering cake from outside Anupriya prefers to have home-made cake. Sometimes she herself bakes her birthday cake.

Unlike most of the actresses Anupriya does not believe in throwing grand parties. "I usually do not celebrate my birthday because I think I am not kid anymore. Rahi party ki baat toh I am not at all a party animal. I get bored after 15-20 minutes of entering a disc or a club. I start feeling choked because of the loud music there but yes I like small get-togethers with family members and friends."

She has been missing from the tube for a long time. She was last seen in a reality show ‘Jee Le Ye Pal’ after which she disappeared from small screen. "I am getting offers but the things are not falling in place. Sometimes the show gets scrapped or the channel recommends some other actress.

While her fans are worried that she might vanish in a puff of smoke, she is not worried at all. “I stopped being desperate. I have become choosy and very selective about my roles. I want to do meaningful power packed lead roles rather than a small cameo or character role or an episodic. I got some offers for replacement, but I declined politely as I don't want to do replacements.

What keeps you busy these days as you are not doing any work professionally? "Sach bataun toh mai bahut bore hoo jaati hu. I don't do anything. Din me 2 baar gym jaati hu. From last couple of months I started getting socialized. Whenever I get time I go out for shopping or meet my old friends. You won't believe but I watched a film in theatre recently almost after 2 years. I went to watch Yashraj ji's last film ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’. Though it's not a master piece but it was not disappointing either."

So you started meeting your old friends. Are you in touch with your ex-co-stars? "It's very difficult to meet each and everyone but yes I am in touch with Supriya ji and Geetanjali ji.  We meet once in 10-15 days. They are my energy boosters."

What about Harshad Chopra? "Aapne poocha toh yaad aaya it has been 6-7 months that we didn't meet. I don't even know what he is doing these days. I think we last interacted on his birthday."

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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November 23, 2012

'Saraswati Chandra' might replace 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon'?

It seems Star Plus popular show 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon’ is going through a bad phase. The lead actor Barun Sobti's is all set to leave the show, currently he shooting for the last episode. Viraj Patel will make an entry soon.

Now we heard that the show is under scanner and might go off air in January, 2013. It might be replaced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali's debut TV project ‘Saraswati Chandra’.

Jennifer Winget and Gautam Rode will essay the lead roles in ‘Saraswati Chandra’. Chetan Pandit, Yatin Karyekar, Anirudh Singh, Monica Bedi are also part of the show.

We tried to contact Gul Khan(Producer of Iss Pyaar Ko..), but she remained unavailable to comment.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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November 22, 2012

Happiness in small packages!

Episodic Synopsis – Day 46: As the day begins, Niketan and Mink are seen talking about Delnaz Paul  in the modern house. The two discuss how Delnaz never understands jokes and usually comes back laughing on joke two days after it was cracked.

The entire day the housemates are seen discussing captain nominations, when Rajev Paul goes up to Vrajesh Hirjee to talk about the same and the two crack up. In the afternoon, Rajev discuss nominations with Vishal and post that the two think that it makes no sense to count Vrajesh in since he usually doesn’t really stand by anyone’s side.

After the luxury budget shopping, Bigg Boss announces that Vishal and Karishma will not get to consume any of it since they were nominated by the contestants as non-performers during the task.

Captain nominations take place in the house and Aashka Goradia and Nirahua watch it live on their Television screen in the rural house. Post the captain nominations, everyone in the house questions Vishal about why he did not nominate himself to which he replies that he was doing it all since he had made a promise to Karishma and hence was just standing by his word.

Post the captain nominations, Karishma and Niketan have an argument since Niketan thinks that for the past few days Karishma has been behaving weirdly. He thinks that she listens to him and then goes out and talks about it to others. Karishma tries clearing it but all in vain.

In the evening, Santosh Shukla and Jyoti Amge are seen entering the rural house. Aashka is glad to meet Jyoti and thanks Bigg Boss for sending Jyoti in the house. Aashka is glad to have so much positivity around her and takes full responsibility of Jyoti. After Santosh enters, he talks about Imam and says that he did not deserve to be in the house.

As the day ends, Vishal is seen confronting Sana Khan about how she has been behaving differently and thinks that there are unnecessary gaps being created between the two.

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