December 26, 2012

Bigg Boss 6 Episodic Synopsis – Day 80 :Celebrations galore!

 The housemates wake up to snow and the Christmas special - ‘Jingle Bells’ song and are surprised by the gifts they receive from their families. Rajev breaks down after reading the card his brother had written and tells Delnaz how his family had wished her as well simultaneously asking for her forgiveness. On Christmas eve, the housemates decide to give gifts to each other and Sapna was the first to start off by giving the housemates all the toiletries that have been lying around in the house.

Later, Rajev is seen bickering about how Sana would just not talk to him. While he tries to talk to Sana about it, Sana refuses comment on what has been bothering her and tells him that he is not allowed to touch her. This gets Rajev upset and he turns to Delnaz for an opinion who flatly refused to get involved which further aggravated him since he believes that she butts into every other problem but doesn’t help him with Sana Khan.  Delnaz Paul is seen talking to Aashka about how she is now stuck in the midst of their fight.

After Sapna Bhanvani, it was Sana’s turn to give away gifts, and while Rajev refused to be a part of it, Sapna ensured that he doesnot act like a spoilt sport and pulls him in. Post Sana’s gift giving, Rajev tells Sana that he will accept her gift only after Sana tells him what has gone wrong which she refused to do.

In the evening, Bigg Boss organizes a magical show for the housemates. The magician entertains the housemates with all his tricks and soon one of his tricks involving the evicted contestants of the house turned into Karishma Kotak’s eviction from the house. Post the trick the housemates try to look for Karishma frantically when Bigg Boss makes an announcement about her eviction. Sapna starts missing Karishma, when Niketan consoles her by saying that he was the closest to her but is still holding himself up. Then to everyone’s surprise, the housemates get a final call from Karishma when she wishes all of them luck for their journey in the game and that she will see them all soon. As the day ends, Rajev and Sana are seen patching up after the lights go off.

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