July 12, 2013

Comedy of Errors with Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal!

Mumbai, 11th July, 2013: Naa Jaane Kahaan Se Aayi… Naa Jaane Kahan Ko Jayegi… Deewana kisse banayegi yeh ladki? This song is apt for the latest hot stepper that has taken the nation by storm! Well she is every man’s dream and desire… her exuberance and uncanny knack of casting spells has mesmerized everyone - from the halwaayi of the Moholla to the machos in the gym!! Wondering who the woman in question is? Introducing the newest mystical woo-mania - Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal, she oozes style, glamour, oomph and the pizzazz that has captivated all and mind it… you are not going to be spared! Starting July 15th, COLORS’ adds a dash of laughter and zing to your evenings with ‘Mrs. Pammi Pyaarelal, Monday to Saturday at 7.00 pm. Produced by Hemal Thakkar’s Playtime Creations, Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal is a true roller coaster ride that will leave viewers screaming in amusement on the over-the-top adventures of Pammi.

Combining outlandish shenanigans with intense yet funny drama, Mrs. Pammi Pyaarelal is an Ultimate Comedy of Errors that creates a pandemonium of fun and hilarity. In addition, the show also presents a hilarious take on some of the cult Hindi film scenes and dialogues that will not only entertain but leave viewers ROFLing. This goofy-spoofy drama will be supported by a script that gets eccentric and humorously complex with every episode keeping the viewers in splits at all times. Moreover, it will unfold Pammi’s everyday encounters, random escapades and absurd antics to the viewers in an interesting narrative.

Talking about the show, Prashant Bhatt, Weekday Programming Head, COLORS said “COLORS has always strived to present innovative concepts and characters that entertain the viewers. Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal is our effort in the same direction. The show is an out-and-out comedy and promises viewers a lot of rip-roarious funny moments, some intense yet hilarious take on situations that go out of control. As the story progresses viewers will witness the crazy encounters and solutions given by Pammi that will keep the laughter quotient high. This show further marks our foray into the fiction comedy arena, ensuring a fun-filled family viewing experience daily.

Bringing a crazy family under one roof, the show takes the viewers on the most hilarious and entertaining journey seasoned with love, fun and situations that are sometimes beyond the character’s control and sometimes created by the characters aka Pammi herself.

Speaking about herself ‘the Diva’- Gaurav Gera aka Mrs Pammi Pyarelal says, “I’m sexy and I know it! Well, I love to work out, do yoga and go for swimming. Basically I’m a fitness person and fashion follows me. But my life is not easy, All men in my moholla are after me but I have my ways to tackle them with my Pammi ‘punch’.

Speaking further about the show, Hemal Thakkar of Playtime Creations said, “Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal is a true comedy of errors that will provide sidesplitting laughs to the audiences with Pammi’s crazy escapades every day. While discussing the concept of the show and the script, our main aim was to ensure that it has all the elements to tickle the funny bones of the viewers. This is one of our most ambitious projects, we have brought the best talent to be a part of the show and we are hoping that Pammi finds a place in every household.

The show boasts of an eclectic cast including some of the finest actors from the industry like Usha Natkarni (Daadi), Rinku Ghosh (Mohini), Mazhar (Ranjit), Vindya Tiwari (Gayatri), Dimple Jhangiyani (Minty), Karan Godwani (Rahul) and veteran comedian Sunil Pal (Noodle Baba)portraying different characters that will tickle the funny bones of the viewers.

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