September 30, 2013

Bigg Boss 7: Day 15 Synopsis

The day started on a very happy note for Andy as he was given his bag back and he was seen thanking Bigg Boss profusely. Later during the day, Andy was seen sitting with his best pals Sangram and Elli and was discussing his love life and his relationships with them.

Tutoring classes seems to be the new fad in the Bigg Boss house. After Andy’s English classes for Sangram, Asif was seen teaching Tanisha to speak in Bengali and they were also seen bonding with each other. During the latter half of the day, Tanisha, Armaan, Shilpa and Anita was seen talking about Armaan while Armaan nicknamed Sangram as ‘double dholki’. We also see some water works in the house when Gauahar starts crying after Kamya’s remark that she will not accept tea from her while Kushal was seen consoling her.

Gauahar and Kushal’s love story was the hot topic of discussion between Armaan, Pratyusha and Tanisha, where they disclosed how uncomfortable it becomes for the other housemates in their presence.

The day progressed to nominations, where this time Bigg Boss asked the housemates to give the names of 2 people that they want to save rather than eliminate. And this time both- heaven and hell-mates were asked to give the names. Since Bigg Boss is synonymous to ‘Bigg’ twists and turns, Bigg Boss announced that those contestants who got the least number of votes will be nominated for next week’s evictions.

The day ended on a very musical note, where Ratan and Andy were seen singing ‘ajeeb dastan hai yeh’ and dancing on the song. The housemates were seen talking and discussing about who voted for whom and how many votes which contestants must have got.

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Bigg Boss 7- Day 15: Rift between Gauahar Khan and Kamya Punjabi widens

The fight between Kamya and Gauahar has intensified and some tear shedding and consoling was seen in the Bigg Boss house.

The whole issue started when Gauahar took her and Kushal’s name when Bigg Boss asked her to give two names who performed well in the task and who deserved to go on the heaven side. But Kamya differed on Gauahar’s decision and voiced her disagreement in front of Salman Khan during Weekend Ka Wow Salman ke Saath-7. She said that she is not happy with Gauahar’s decision and said that it was Apurva who deserved to go on the heaven side.

Further, taking the fight to a next level, when Gauahar was making tea for everyone in the house, Kamya was seen telling Shilpa that she would prefer taking tea from her. Kamya’s ignorance and indifferent attitude bothers her. After Gauahar comes to know about this, she couldn’t control her tears and was seen crying in the bathroom. Kushal, her constant support in the house was seen consoling her and was trying to lighten her mood.

It’ll be interesting to see how far Kamya and Gauahar will take their fight.

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Why you should have Faith in God when everything is going bad?

What God does with our faith must be something like workouts..He sees to it that our faith gets pushed, pulled, stretched & pounded..If it doesn't get exercised it becomes like a weak muscle that fails us when we need it..

Always remember, "Our Faith is taken to its limits by the God, so its limits can expand.."

Never ever lose your Faith in God no matter what you go through or how hard situations may be..

Stay Blessed!..
-K Himaanshu Shukla..

September 28, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 13: Rajat Rawail bids adieu to Bigg Boss Saath 7

After struggling with his health throughout his stay in the Bigg Boss house, Rajat ‘Tsunami’ Rawail makes his way out of the Bigg Boss house today. His exit comes as a relief to not only him, but also his fellow contestants who have been worried about his wellbeing, especially over the past week. Rajat entered the Bigg Boss house with the mission to make everyone laugh and get a physique much like Akshay Kumar to impress his young daughter. But due to his bad health he was unable give his best on the show. 

Rajat entered the house with much enthusiasm and got along with everyone in the house. His funny one-liners and ‘funny message’ t-shirts remained his trademark whilst inside the house. During the first few days Rajat took active participation in the household chores and performed all the tasks diligently. He found his support in Shilpa and was seen opening up to her whenever he felt low or depressed.  Everybody in the house including Tanisha, Arman and Sangram have tried multiple ways to cheer him up every time Rajat would feel low.

Speaking on his exit, Rajat said, “I had come to Bigg Boss with lots of things in my mind. But unfortunately I couldn’t give my best shot due to poor health. My biggest strength in life is my daughter and I am glad that I could make her happy and proud of me with my participation in this show.

We wish Rajat a speedy recovery and best wishes for the future!!!

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September 27, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 12 synopsis

The new entrant in the Bigg Boss house Asif Azim seems to have added more enthusiasm to the show on his very first day. In the morning, when Kushal and Gauahar are chatting in the morning, Asif starts chit chatting with them and tries to mingle with the hell-mates as well.

Asif, Kushal and Gauahar jelled up fast and started hanging out together. Kamya and Pratyusha are seen talking about this triad and anticipating them to be the next players.  Sangram seems to have found peace on the hell side and is seen teaching yoga to the Jahannumwasis.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss calls Asif in the confession room and asks him to nominate two Jannat wasis who are capable of taking on the role of the captain. Basis his interaction with the housemates, Asif announces the names of Tanisha and Armaan. Unlike last week, Bigg Boss allows the Jahannum-ites to choose a captain through a ballet system. Tanisha gets the maximum votes and becomes the captain for the second consecutive time. Arman seems to be unhappy with this decision and believes that everybody should get a fair chance to become a captain.

In the afternoon, the housemates get together to discuss the luxury budget. Bigg Boss later announces that only hell mates are allowed to choose their needs. Also, they have a right to demand for the things that they have chosen in the luxury budget at any given time. In the evening, Bigg Boss asks the heaven-mates to make a wish at the wishing wall.

Kamaya was called in the confession room by Bigg Boss to share her feelings regarding the issue show down she had with Gauahar. Kamya explains that Gauahar has played politics and this is what has been bothering her. She later bursts out into tears remembering her daughter. Bigg Boss assures her that her daughter is fine and doing great.

The day comes to end with Bigg Boss assigning Shilpa to get all the housemates together and get them to perform task to introduce Asif to the other housemates. According to the task, every member in the house has to tag other housemate basis characteristics written on a card. Later, the person who has been tagged needs to guess the name of the housemate who gave him/her that tag. Tanisha is leading this session and ensuring that everybody gets a fair chance.
During this session, Kamya lashes out of Gauahar and tags her as ‘Jhoothi’. She connects this back to their argument regarding the swap and blames her over and over again to have lied to them about nominations.

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‘Know –me’ session for Asif Azim

It’s the first day for new bee Asif Azim in the Bigg Boss house and he already seems to be mingling with the other inmates. While he knew a few people in the house, the rest are strangers to him. To make Asif familiar with other members of the house, Bigg Boss gave a task to the housemates. According to the task, every member in the house has to tag other housemate basis characteristics written on a card. Later, the person who has been tagged needs to guess the name of the housemate who gave him/her that tag.

Bigg Boss gave the responsibility to Tanisha Mukherjee to lead this session and ensure that everybody read about their name tags. While the session was in full swing, it got more interesting when Kamya tagged Gauahar as ‘Jhoothi’. When asked why she tagged Gauahar Khan with this characteristic, Kamya went back to their argument over the swap nominations and said that she has been a big liar.

Gauahar does not appreciate Kamya Punjabi’s behavior and tries to justify her point.  Tanisha tries to control the situation and takes the session ahead.  After this intense session, we can only advice Asif to take it slow.

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September 26, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 11 synopsis

Finally after much trepidation, the day has finally arrived when the two sides have to cross boundaries in the Bigg Boss house (Tabadla). After Arman and Gauahar’s swap last week, the housemates seem to be quite tensed about the fact whose is it going to be this time.

Early in the day, Bigg Boss calls Arman and Gauahar in the confession room. He asks Arman to nominate two Jannat waasis who have least contributed to the task. On the other hand, Gauahar has to nominate two contestants who have contributed to most from the hell side. They have to go back to their respective teams and take everybody’s consent before they announce the name. They were told to discuss the names and announce it in front of everybody in the living area.

The housemates on the heaven side discuss and they decide to nominate Sangram and Rajat who have contributed least to the task. But when Arman is asked by Bigg Boss, he nominates Sangram and Andy. He justifies it by saying that Rajat is very unwell and it won’t be a right decision to nominate him and instead he nominates Andy. On hearing this, Andy is very stunned and he is left feeling backstabbed.

 He is extremely upset with Arman as he changed his decision last moment and made him a victim of the situation.  He said he doesn’t deserve to be a ‘Bakra’ when he has contributed the most to the task. Out of anger, Andy also bad mouths Rajat saying that it’s unfair that in spite of ill health he is still a part of the game.  Being the captain, Tanisha tries to make him understand that this decision has been taken on humanity grounds and he should take it personally.

On the other side,  Kamya is upset with Gauahar as she feels that Gauahar took the decision of nominating names on her own and did not consider their suggestion. Gauahar tries to explain her that she did ask them about their decision but she did not get a proper response.  Kamya replies saying that Gauahar mislead them when she said that she is going to be the ultimate decision maker.  After Gauahar leaves, Pratyusha comments saying that she took this decision because she wants to be with Kushal and doesn’t want to let go of him.

Later in the day, Rajat’s health gets worse as he hasn’t had proper food for last 3 days. Out of concern, the comtestants start revolting against Bigg Boss and demand to take him out of the house. Finally, Rajat is called inside the confession room for a doctor’s check-up and is given proper medication. Further, Bigg Boss calls Arman and Tanisha inside the confession room and asks them to take care of Rajat and not react in such a strong manner.

In the evening, Bigg Boss calls Shilpa inside the confession room and asks her to take forward the swap process. Andy and Sangram switch to the hell side while Gauahar and Kushal are welcomed on the heaven side with a garland and tika.

After a long and tiring day when everybody is just about to hit their beds, Bigg Boss sends a mid-night surprise. The new entrant of the house, model Asif Azim makes a dramatic entry emerging out of the swimming pool. The day finally ended with loads of surprises, controversies, issues and emotional drama.

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Kamya Punjabi doubts Gauahar Khan’s judgement

After Bigg Boss assigned a task to Gauahar of nominating two people from the hell side that performed the best in the luxury budget task, she took her own name along with Kushal Tandon’s.  But Kamya didn’t seem to agree with Gauahar’s decision and accuses her for taking the decision on her own.

Kamya mentions that while she was supposed to consult everybody in the team, she mislead them by saying that the ultimate decision will be hers. Pratyusha also agree’s to Kamya’s decision and mentions that her suggestion was not considered. Gauahar gets quite upset but tries to explain her that she did ask them about their opinion but she did not get a proper response.
After Gauahar has left, Pratyusha makes a remark by saying that she took this decision because she wanted to be with Kushal and didn’t want to let go of him. Only time will  tell if Gauahar is being genuine or it’s a part of her game plan.

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TVT(TRP) & GVT(GRP) Ratings from 15th September, 2013 to 21st September, 2013(Week 38)

    GVTs of Channels
    • Star Plus 534590 (477029)
    • Colors 479892 (463869)
    • Zee TV 413707 (398993)
    • Sony 327089 (292852)
    • Life OK 313138 (322364)
    • SAB 289471 (312053)
    • Sahara One 26495 (28749)
    Channel wise TVTs of Shows

      Zee TV
      • Ek Mutthi Asman: 2484 (2217)
      • Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke  5035 (4643)
      • Jodha Akbar 8025 (6981)
      • Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 4612 (5047)
      • Pavitra Rishta 4733 (4280)
      • Pavitra Rishta Ganpati Event 2875 (Sun)
      • Qubool Hai 6340 (5956)
      • Aankh Micholi: 2061(2546)
      • Punar Vivaah 2924 (2972)
      • Fear Files  Sun:  2609(-), Sat: 2893(2420)
      • DID Dance Ka Tashan 5021(Sat)
      • Buddha 1537 (1450) (Sun)
      Star Plus
      • Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…Ek Baar Phir: 1578 (1283)
      • Ek Ghar Banaunga:3456 (2628)
      • Saath Nibhana Saathiya: 6456 (6002)
      • Saraswati Chandra : 4757(4404)
      • Meri Bhabi: 3498 (3275)
      • Mahabharat (Ek Hazaron Mein):  6356(2965)
      • Diya Aur Baati Hum 9819 (8803)
      • Diya Baati Mahaepisode (Sat): 4054
      • Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai  6587 (6144)
      • Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara  7342 (6930)
      • Veera 4668(4546)
      • Star Verdict (Sat): 919(941)
      • Arjun: 2086 (1759) 
            • Mrs Pammi Pyarelal : 1556 (1584)
            • Sasural Simar Ka : 5214 (5533)
            • Balika Vadhu 6551 (6278)
            • Madhubala : 4990 (4442)
            • Uttaran : 4140 (4154)
            • Bani : 3827 (3752)
            • Big Boss 7 : 5080 (Mon-Sat)
            • Big Boss 7 Premier 7711(Sun)
            • Comedy Nights With Kapil (Sat-Sun) 7244 (7215)
            • Kitchen Khiladi (Anamika): 1028 (1751)
            • Amita Ka Amit: 721 (1001)
            • Chanchan  :828 (829)
            • Jee Le Zara : 1339 (1438)
            • Maharana Pratap:  3266 (3151)
            • Bade Ache Lagte: 2662 (2715)
            • Adaalat 2546 (2491)
            • CID  5070 (5391)
            • Crime Patrol 6415 (3739)
            • Comedy Circus 3092 (3409) 
            SAB TV
            • Baalveer: 2605 (2057)
            • Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah :7276 (6816)
            • Chidiya Ghar: 3045 (3430)
            • Jeanie Aur Juju: 1731 (2333)
            • Lapataganj: 2066 (2347)
            • FIR 1813 (2055)
            • Wah Wah Kya Baat Hai:1130 (1264)
                Life Ok
                • Gustakh Dil: 1669 (1444)
                • Mahadev 3588 (2585)
                • Mahadev Mahaepisode (Sun): 5508
                • Savitri  935 (1048)
                • Do Dil Ek Jan : 1801 (1666)
                • Ek Boond Ishq : 2029 (1883)
                • Kaise Yeh Ishq Hai: 1158 (1253)
                • Savdhan India: 2300 (2734)
                • Mahadev Putra Ganesh: 1815 (1412)
                • Shapath : 3988 (3410)
                    NOTE: Rest of the ratings will be uploaded soon..

                    -K Himaanshu Shukla...

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                    Why Poonam Pandey may never get Bigg Boss?

                    While there is considerable hype and hoopla generated about Poonam Pandey and her fans wanting to see her in Bigg Boss, we stumbled upon something that may raise a lot of eyebrows.

                    An inside source informs us that when Poonam Pandey used to enjoy the peak of her popularity, she was offered the reality show during Season 5.

                    But to the shock of its makers she quoted an unreasonably astronomical sum of around 2 crores, which really upset them. After this, her fate was sealed and no one got in touch with her for Bigg Boss again.

                    But now with a dip in Poonam's one-time popularity after the debacle of her film Nasha, it is said that the publicity crazy gal is desperate to go to Bigg Boss and keeps generating buzz about the same every season.

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                    September 25, 2013

                    Bigg Boss 7-Day 10 synopsis

                    The day starts with Bigg Boss announcing the second edition of the luxury budget task for the heaven-mates. According to the announcement, heaven-mates will have to take over the task of counting the minutes and the Jahannum wasis will now get a chance to distract them.

                    Arman and Shilpa were the first ones to go to perform the task. On the other side, Pratyusha Banerjee and Gauahar Khan were trying their best to distract them by singing on the top of their voice. Elli and Ratan having performed the task throughout the night appeared to be weary and exhausted.  In a random conversation, Elli tells Apurva Agnihotri and Gauahar about the kind of husband she wants in her life and what qualities she is looking for in a man.

                    While the heaven-mates are busy with the task, Ratan and Elli bring up the topic of the task results that were announced the other day. Elli and Ratan felt that it wasn’t fair to term them the weakest players of the task and they also felt the decision of Kamya giving the suggestion of choosing the best performer through a chit process is also not correct, further revolting against it.

                    Later in the day, when everybody is busy performing the task, Warden makes an announcement warning Gauahar, Shilpa, Tanisha and Andy to talk in Hindi and avoid the usage of English words. She also adds that there wont be any further warnings, it wold lead to punishment directly. Even after the warning, the housemates fail to follow the rules and are subjected to a punishment by Bigg Boss. Shilpa, Tanisha and Andy are found guilty and are asked to 100 sit-ups.

                    Meanwhile - Gauhar , Kushal, Ratan Rajput and Pratyusha are trying their best to distract people on the other side. Even after several trials, the heaven-mates are not able to get the time right and lose points. Hell-mates rejoice every time the heaven-mates go wrong and are credited with a point . Later in the day, Bigg Boss asks Tanisha to come to the confession room and asks her to unanimously decide two names from the heaven-side they want to save from the swap. After much discussion, they decide to save Anita and are still struggling with the second name.  Arman and Anita have an argument over this and Anita gets annoyed because of Arman’s attitude.

                    After Tanisha announces two names, Bigg Boss brings in a new twist to surprise everyone. He announces an activity that will take place between the two nominated contestants and the one who wins will be saved from the swap.

                    After lights go off, Sangram Singh is seen discussing about the hell-mates and how they are being cunning in their own space.

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                    Anita Advani annoyed with Arman Kohli’s attitude

                    Arman’s attitude seems to be taking a toll on everybody inside the Bigg Boss house. After an intense fight with Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan last week, Arman got into an argument with Anita this time. Later in the evening Bigg Boss asked Tanisha Mukherjee to talk to the heaven-mates and unanimously decide who they want to save from going to the hell-side this week. After much discussion, they could decide only one name and that was of Anita. While they were struggling to decide the second name, Arman gets furious and feels that he should be saved from going to the hell-side and instead Andy should be nominated.

                    Anita feels that’s Arman’s attitude was very wrong and he has been changing his statements time and again. Arman is of the opinion that he has stayed in the hell house for over a week and it should be somebody else’s turn to go there. Anita is left stunned with Arman’s remarks and says that if need be, she will volunteer to go on the other side.

                    With all the game plans and plotting going inside the house, it will be interesting to see who will become a victim of the swap this week or will Bigg Boss introduce a new twist.

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                    Harshad Chopda’s mother passes away

                    Sad news for Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil and Tere Liye fame Harshad Chopra , whose mother passed away today(25, September, 2013) after battling cancer for last so many years. Last rites will be performed today.

                    Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

                    -K Himaanshu Shukla...

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                    Hot-blooded model Asif Azim the Wild Card entry in Bigg Boss 7

                    Yesterday Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar said that Bigg Boss 7 “needs a hot-blooded model from the world of fashion. A new debonair with a chiseled physique! Like a Bandra-boy with mixed ethnic origins.

                    And here we have him today! Hot-blooded debonair model Asif Azim should soon be the Wild Card entry in Bigg Boss 7. And yes, Asif does have a chiseled physique. He is also a Bandra-boy and even has mixed ethnic origins.

                    Makes us wonder whether Dale Bhagwagar is a Bigg Boss specialist or a Bigg Boss mystic who can predict the future. Lol.

                    The publicist has handled the media for Shilpa Shetty during Big Brother and publicity for some of the most controversial Bigg Boss contestants like Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah, Sambhavna Seth, Sherlyn Chopra, Pooja Misrra, Diana Hayden, Shamita Shetty, Ashmit Patel, Vindu Dara Singh, Zulfi Syed, Salil Ankola, Amar Upadhyay and Anita Advani.

                    When we asked him for all the secrets he may know about Bigg Boss and the people associated with it, he laughed and remarked, “If a good publicist opens his mouth, much can tumble. But a good publicist never crosses the line.” For the record, Dale was himself invited as a contestant for BB7, but chose not to take it up.

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                    September 24, 2013

                    Bigg Boss 7- Day 9 synopsis

                    The task day finally arrives the Warden announces the task which is a Clock task leaving the housemates very excited about it. The hell-mates had to keep a tap of every minute and manually count every second to make an hour. After every hour has passed, they have to display the exact time on the clock and wait for the Warden to announce if they have registered the correct time.

                    Prior to the task, Andy and Tanisha Mukherjee are seen arguing with each other over the daily duties that the heaven mates have to perform. Tanisha is furious with Andy as he fails to do his part of work on time. Andy could not take Tanisha’s remarks and gives it back to her instantly further mellowed down by Shilpa Saklani’s intervention. She asks them to stick together and understand each other and not fight over such petty issues.

                    While the hell-mates are performing the task, the people on the heaven side have to distract them and divert their attention. According to the rule, at any time only two people from the hell side can do the counting. Initially, they didn’t manage to get the time right but after few trial and errors, Gauahar and Kushal Tandon get the time right and score their first point.

                    They further carry on the task in different combinations of two and get it right for the second time as well. Andy is seen taking active interest in the task and is screaming and howling on top of his voice. Joining him is Sangram Singh who is banging utensils to distract the hell-mates. While doing this, Sangram by mistake calls Kamya Punjabi ‘bechari’ causing her to lash out on him. She asks him to carry on with his task and not use such words for her. Sangram later realises his mistake and apologises to her.

                    Later in the evening, Rajat arrives while the task is on and is seen pointing out mistakes of the hell-mates and unknowingly helping them. To this Arman Kohli reacts and asks Rajat Rawail to go back and take rest. They are seen arguing over this and Rajat breaks into tears. He tries to explain Arman that the noise they are making outside is bothering him as he is feeling sick.

                    The day comes to an end with the hell-mates continuing to do the task through the night as the heaven-mates are still leading with two points.

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