September 25, 2013

Anita Advani annoyed with Arman Kohli’s attitude

Arman’s attitude seems to be taking a toll on everybody inside the Bigg Boss house. After an intense fight with Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan last week, Arman got into an argument with Anita this time. Later in the evening Bigg Boss asked Tanisha Mukherjee to talk to the heaven-mates and unanimously decide who they want to save from going to the hell-side this week. After much discussion, they could decide only one name and that was of Anita. While they were struggling to decide the second name, Arman gets furious and feels that he should be saved from going to the hell-side and instead Andy should be nominated.

Anita feels that’s Arman’s attitude was very wrong and he has been changing his statements time and again. Arman is of the opinion that he has stayed in the hell house for over a week and it should be somebody else’s turn to go there. Anita is left stunned with Arman’s remarks and says that if need be, she will volunteer to go on the other side.

With all the game plans and plotting going inside the house, it will be interesting to see who will become a victim of the swap this week or will Bigg Boss introduce a new twist.

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