September 16, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 1:Anita Advani breaks down on Bigg Boss 7

The journey of Bigg Boss has started and this time it's Jannat VS Jahannum.

After the housemates entered the house, they took time to explore the house and were surprised at the new elements that made them go WOW and AAW at the same time.

When Pratyusha entered the hell side of the house, Hazel freaked her out by introducing her to the Indian loo. Pratyusha was also surprised to see that the washrooms were without taps and to add to her woes she will have to take her shower with cold water. On the other side, in the confession room, Tanisha expresses that she is feeling bad to have separated Apurva and Shilpa who seem to be a lovely couple.

Day 1 started with Warden giving a wake-up call to all the housemates and welcomed them to the Bigg Boss house. Shilpa, Gauhar and Anita took over the kitchen duties and indulged in cooking food for the hell and heaven housemates. On the other hand in the hell part, everybody got together to clean the house and divided themselves to accomplish different tasks.

While Pratyusha is mopping and sweeping the floor, Kushal is cleaning the mattresses. Apurva takes charge of the toilets while Elli helped filling water. Love birds Apurva and Shilpa exchanging sweet gestures and kissing each other through the barbed wire between heaven and hell. Arman is leading them and ensuring that the work is done in a smooth manner.

As the day progresses, Bigg Boss announce the nomination process where the heaven housemates are asked to nominate two members from hell house. During the nomination process, Anita breaks down into tears and appears to be sad and depressed. After Bigg Boss asks her the reason of her break down, she refuses to mention anything.

Post nominations, Tanisha and Kushal are getting chatty where Kushal confesses that he is addicted to alcohol. Tanisha advises him that he should get rid of this habit and control it as its harmful.

Later in the day, Andy proves to be a great entertainer and indulges in showing few Kathak moves along with Hazel and Elli. The housemates are cheering them and enjoying their performance. Andy is also talking about Rajat to Gauhar where he tells her that he should take of his health seriously and work towards losing his weight.

Furthermore, the day comes to end with Bigg Boss announcing a task for Andy and Shilpa where they had to get the nominated contestants talk about their real motive to come into the Bigg Boss house. The session proves to be entertaining as there are quite a few mysteries that will unfold.  

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