September 17, 2013

As an actress Jennifer Winget is very cooperative : Gautam Rode

Females go gaga over him, get weak on their knees and almost stop breathing when they see him on-screen.  He has immense fan following, still he is down-to-earth and not yet allowed success to get into his head.  We are talking about handsome lad Gautam Rode, who is currently playing lead role in ‘Saraswatichandra’ on Star Plus. We entered into a candid chat with this striking actor while he was shooting for his show. Excerpts:

From Zee TV's 'Jahan Pyaar Mile' to 'Saraswatichandra', you've come a long way. How would you describe your journey so far?
It’s been a long journey for sure, which taught me a lot. I have learnt my work on the sets – people do acting courses, theatre etc but for me my learning has happened on the sets.  And the learning still continues…

Female dominance is a well-known trait of daily soaps.  You are playing title role in ‘Saraswatichandra’.
Earlier I have played ‘Lucky’, which was also the title role.  I would say that I have been fortunate to be a part of shows in which all characters have received equal significance, including mine.  Women are usually the driving factors in our daily soaps, but in Saraswatichandra, Lucky and my other shows each character has been given equal importance.  So for me it’s not about ‘female dominance’.

How is your equation with Jennifer Winget?
It’s very proficient.  We are professional actors who come on a set and perform.

Jennifer is rumoured to be non-cooperate with you while performing romantic scenes. Is it true?
Everyone has their comfort zones as an actor and as an actress she has been very cooperative.

What has the industry taught you?
I have learnt a lot from this industry.  First and foremost you have to be extremely down to earth.  Secondly in this industry you have to have your head on your shoulders and be calculative about what you say and whom you say it to.  You can’t just say anything to anyone. Keeping your emotions in check is extremely important in this industry.  Once the bus is gone, it’s difficult to catch the same bus again.

What are your best memories so far as an actor?
As an actor, it all depends on the character you are playing.  If I talk about commercials, the coke commercial was the best so far as. It was performance oriented.  My present show ‘Saraswatichandra’ is my current favourite and ‘Ba Baa Aur Baby’ is memorable because I was working with excellent characters.  If you are enjoying your work, every day becomes a good memory.

You seem to embrace social media platforms like twitter and Facebook. How important is it to you as an actor?
It’s important because you get great feedback from ‘admirers’ which is very important because they give you suggestions.  You have to change and adapt to what they want – it’s all about viewers and audiences today.  One has to take into account what our audiences are saying because when you give them more of that, they are happy and in turn you are happy.

What would be your advice to someone willing to become an actor?
My advice would be that never take a shortcut- you lose your respect, and you never learn your work properly.  Always be very attentive and eager to learn your work.  You can never say I know everything.  You have to be there and keep learning from the job and on the job.

TRPs decide upcoming tracks and future of daily soaps. How important is the ratings according to you?
It’s the most important thing.  It’s a brutal reality and you have to accept it.  Whatever we are doing is for the TRPs.  Many times a character becomes famous but the show is not doing well, which is not an ideal situation.  If you are getting the TRPs , the character and show will live longer.

If you had to describe Gautam Rode in one word what would it be?
A ‘sponge’ as I like to learn while I am working as well as adapt to thechanges necessary to grow.

If not an actor, what would Gautam be?
Earlier I had thought I would be a stockbroker when I was in college and then join my dad’s business but that changed as I became an actor.

How does he maintain such a brawny physique?
It’s all about your dedication and hard work. You have to control every moment and you have to eat right and work out.  I sometimes go to the gym after pack up at 2 AM and try to work out for at least 45 minutes. It’s not easy and it doesn’t happen every day as sometimes I am unwell due to the late working hours.  However, it’s all about your head and if you want to look good and be fit then you make it an effort to work out.  For me being fit is not about what others are saying but more about wanting to be fit for myself and feel good for myself.

Many youngsters use steroids for a pumped up physique without paying heed to the consequences. Any suggestions for them?
They will get screwed up later….don’t use shortcuts for anything. Sometimes things may come to you late but you enjoy it more and people respect you more because you have earned it.  It’s all about your hard work and dedication.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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  1. U r an honest man with good thoughts...may god bless u..

  2. Like i said before,, U r very very cute and honest..that's why people go crazy over u.....including me.I am a very big fan of yours.may god bless you,may you live long

    1. I love u ur my biggest fan my mates like other actors but I love u

  3. I am a big fan of you. You are the perfect lead role of saraswatichandra .You are doing good job in saraswatichandra. I think you are the most charactered person in real life. Idon't know you personally but you eyes teliing every thing about you character and your honesty.Asma from Kashmir srinagar

  4. I am a big fan of you.You are the perfect lead in saraswatichandra. Ithink you are the most charactered person in real life .You are doing good job in saraswatichandra. I don't know you personally but your eyes telling every thing about your character anyour honesty. Asma from Kashmir Srinagar.

  5. the magnet in you gautam or saras that has attracted us dont know what but i have never came across such perfection.

  6. an honest actor in telly world

  7. Gautam u r an honest person but y u r lying here ? we all that That Jennifer is not cooperative .


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