September 25, 2013

Bigg Boss 7-Day 10 synopsis

The day starts with Bigg Boss announcing the second edition of the luxury budget task for the heaven-mates. According to the announcement, heaven-mates will have to take over the task of counting the minutes and the Jahannum wasis will now get a chance to distract them.

Arman and Shilpa were the first ones to go to perform the task. On the other side, Pratyusha Banerjee and Gauahar Khan were trying their best to distract them by singing on the top of their voice. Elli and Ratan having performed the task throughout the night appeared to be weary and exhausted.  In a random conversation, Elli tells Apurva Agnihotri and Gauahar about the kind of husband she wants in her life and what qualities she is looking for in a man.

While the heaven-mates are busy with the task, Ratan and Elli bring up the topic of the task results that were announced the other day. Elli and Ratan felt that it wasn’t fair to term them the weakest players of the task and they also felt the decision of Kamya giving the suggestion of choosing the best performer through a chit process is also not correct, further revolting against it.

Later in the day, when everybody is busy performing the task, Warden makes an announcement warning Gauahar, Shilpa, Tanisha and Andy to talk in Hindi and avoid the usage of English words. She also adds that there wont be any further warnings, it wold lead to punishment directly. Even after the warning, the housemates fail to follow the rules and are subjected to a punishment by Bigg Boss. Shilpa, Tanisha and Andy are found guilty and are asked to 100 sit-ups.

Meanwhile - Gauhar , Kushal, Ratan Rajput and Pratyusha are trying their best to distract people on the other side. Even after several trials, the heaven-mates are not able to get the time right and lose points. Hell-mates rejoice every time the heaven-mates go wrong and are credited with a point . Later in the day, Bigg Boss asks Tanisha to come to the confession room and asks her to unanimously decide two names from the heaven-side they want to save from the swap. After much discussion, they decide to save Anita and are still struggling with the second name.  Arman and Anita have an argument over this and Anita gets annoyed because of Arman’s attitude.

After Tanisha announces two names, Bigg Boss brings in a new twist to surprise everyone. He announces an activity that will take place between the two nominated contestants and the one who wins will be saved from the swap.

After lights go off, Sangram Singh is seen discussing about the hell-mates and how they are being cunning in their own space.

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