September 17, 2013

Bigg Boss 7-Day 2: Andy makes fun of Pratyusha’s spirituality and beliefs

Andy is known to be a blabbermouth and sarcastic behavior. This time in the house looks like his target is Pratyusha Banerjee aka our ‘Bahu’ of Television.

During a conversation, Andy passes opinion on Pratyusha’s spirituality and asks her to get her facts clear and not blindly follow somebody.  Pratyusha to that gets offended by Andy’s statements and responds by saying that she strongly believes in god and won’t tolerate anybody making fun of it. Further she also mentioned that whatever she has achieved today is because of God’s blessing and she won’t tolerate any comments on her spirituality.

However, Andy didn’t not stop and continued commenting and giving his opinion. Later, Pratyusha was seen discussing about this incident to Hazel and told her that Andy had crossed his line. But later in the day, Andy realized his mistake and apologized to Pratyusha. Looks like Andy needs to tame his tongue and take it easy.

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