September 19, 2013

Bigg Boss 7-Day 4 Synopsis

Day 4 starts with an announcement by Bigg Boss for hell-mates to choose one person from the hell side who has given maximum contribution to the wheel survival task on the previous day. After an unanimous decision, the Jahannum-wasi’s decide that Arman is the most deserving and has contributed the maximum towards the task.

Bigg Boss also asks the Jannat-wasi’s to nominate one person who does not deserve to be in heaven. Bigg Boss further announces that Gauhar has received maximum votes and asks Arman and her to pack their bags. Gauhar is upset  and believes that her heaven mates have backstabbed her by nominating her name.

Action continues at the Jahannum side with Pratyusha and Ratan getting into a fight on relationships. Pratyusha accuses Ratan of having taunted her for her failed relationship. Pratyusha considers this to be a sensitive issue and asks Ratan to back off.

Arman, Pratyusha and Kamya are seen bitching about the heaven-mates and of how unco-operative they are.  On the jannat side, Shilpa, Andy and Tanisha are talking about strategies and game plans of the hell-mates and consider  Kamya to be the mastermind.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss announces the first swap between heaven and hell; Gauhar is asked to move to hell and Arman to heaven. Arman was welcomed on the heaven side with a tikka and a garland. He  is happy and  excited at entering heaven and receives a warm welcome by everybody. Andy gets emotional on Gauhar’s departure and waves her good bye with tears in his eyes.

Further, Bigg Boss announces a luxury budget and asks the heaven and hell-mates to select items  worth 1200 points. After a lot of chaos and discussion they finally  arrive at a consensus.

The day ends with a funny task between Arman and Rajat when they are asked to share a bed.  Unable to fit on the same bed, Arman is seen sleeping on the floor, while Rajat rests on the couch.

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