September 20, 2013

Bigg Boss 7-Day 5: Bigg Boss introduces wishing wall for heaven mates

Bigg Boss house is known for its rules and limitations. The inmates might have various demands and wishes that they want to be fulfilled. This time, Bigg Boss house has been provided with a special wishing wall where the heaven-mates can talk out their wishes and demands. Depending on the need of the hour, Bigg Boss will pick and choose  and make their wish come true.

After the heaven-mates were introduced to the wishing wall, Bigg Boss was flooded with wishes and demands that came from the everybody. While VJ Andy wished for a delicious meal, Rajat Rawail wised to meet his little daughter. He also broke down while saying this but  Sangarm Singh consoled him.

Now its upto Bigg Boss to decide who he wants to make happy by fulfilling his or her wish.

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