September 26, 2013

Kamya Punjabi doubts Gauahar Khan’s judgement

After Bigg Boss assigned a task to Gauahar of nominating two people from the hell side that performed the best in the luxury budget task, she took her own name along with Kushal Tandon’s.  But Kamya didn’t seem to agree with Gauahar’s decision and accuses her for taking the decision on her own.

Kamya mentions that while she was supposed to consult everybody in the team, she mislead them by saying that the ultimate decision will be hers. Pratyusha also agree’s to Kamya’s decision and mentions that her suggestion was not considered. Gauahar gets quite upset but tries to explain her that she did ask them about their opinion but she did not get a proper response.
After Gauahar has left, Pratyusha makes a remark by saying that she took this decision because she wanted to be with Kushal and didn’t want to let go of him. Only time will  tell if Gauahar is being genuine or it’s a part of her game plan.

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