October 22, 2013

Bigg Boss 7-Day 37: Armaan Kohli throws yet another temper tantrum

There have been a lot of instances in the Bigg Boss house that have made Armaan Kohli lash out on other housemates. After he picked a fight with Kushal Tandon and Andy, people had started hating him and have been giving him advice on anger management. Even after repeated attempts, there seems to be no change in Armaan’s behavior and today, his temper went up a notch higher.

During the weekly luxury budget task, select housemates including Armaan were asked to sit in a box and survive till the end of the task. The ones who are outside were asked to distract and instigate them to give up on the task.  When the housemates were trying to distract Armaan by banging his box with their hands, Armaan lost his temper and accidently punched Elli on her forehead.  Everybody got hassled by this act and started blaming Armaan for it. Armaan couldn’t take this allegation and emerged out of the box breaking it. He started abusing everybody around him and told them that he did not do it deliberately. When Kamya Punjabi barged in, he didn’t even spare her and was seen hurling abuses at her. Further, he started fighting with Kushal and Asif Azim while Apurva Agnihotri tried to calm him down but all in vain. Looking at Armaan’s violent attitude, everybody decided to boycott him.

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