October 27, 2013

Bangladeshi model Asif Azim bids good bye to Bigg Boss house

It came as a surprise not only for the viewers but also for the contestants when Salman Khan asked international model Asif Azim to pack his bags and say his goodbyes to the housemates.

Asif Azim made a dashing entry in the house as the first wild card entrant in the third week of Bigg Boss Season Saath 7. Even with a language barrier Asif bonded extremely well with everyone in the house especially with Andy, Sangram and Elli. He was also the one to share the strongest bond with Heaven, the golden retriever and tje feeling was visibly reciprocated.

Asif, who was usually calm and composed was seen losing his temper with Armaan owing to some misunderstandings. He was loved by everyone in the house due to his simplicity and fun persona. However, Asif's primary aim continued to be maintaining his hot physique as he was frequently spotted working out in the gym.

Talking about his experience Asif said, "I will really miss the house and the housemates, especially Heaven. I feel proud to say that I played the game in a dignified manner and even when people were trying to pull me down, I did not give in. It was a learning experience for me, something that I woll cherish for a long time."

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