October 09, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 24: The Battle Lines are now drawn between Armaan-Andy

After Kamya Punjabi and Gauahar Khan were seen arguing with each other due to a task, the rift created this time is between Armaan and Andy. When Bigg Boss announced jahannum-wasis as the winner of this week’s luxury budget, Bigg Boss gave them the liberty to buy anything from the food stall that was sent inside with the money they minted. Even after the jahannum-wasis had eaten from the food stall, Andy was seen insisting that Armaan should eat proper food, as he and the other jahannum-wasis hadn’t eaten properly for almost two days due to the task.

Armaan however refused to take any food from them since in the need of the hour, the jannat-wasis hadn’t given him the breakfast which he had asked for before the task started. Andy and Kamya still insisted to which Armaan retorted saying that now why is he insisting so much, the teammates just don’t want to eat. This was not liked by Andy, who said that he was just offering and that he doesn’t appreciate this attitude of his. Further he said that that he has lost all the respect that he had for Armaan to which Arman reacted wildly and was seen abusing Andy.

Andy also couldn’t control his anger and he also began abusing Armaan Kohli. The fight died down only after Kamya forcibly took Andy away and Tanisha Mukherjee took Armaan away.

Well here’s hoping that Andy and Armaan resolve their issues and shake hands like gentlemen!

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