October 08, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 23: Minting money, brewing problems

The day of the luxury task has come again in the Bigg Boss house and the jahannum-wasis are swimming in the money pool, quite literally. This time Bigg Boss has given the task, aamdani athanni, kharcha rupaiya, wherein the jahannum-wasis have to mint money.

If the jahannum-wasis want anything from the jannat-side, they will have to pay them and buy all items whether its their food/ water to drink or hot water to bathe. Apart from that they will have to give the first 500 notes they mint to the jannat-wasis as a safe deposit since they are also acting as the bank. Only after they have deposited the first 500 notes will they be allowed to buy food and other things. The heaven-mates have the liberty to decide the prices of the things that are for sale.

The team which has more money by the end of the task will be declared as the winner of the luxury budget task but the jahannum-wasis have taken the task quite seriously. To be the winner of the task, they refused to buy anything from the jannat-wasis. They were seen eating just fruits and drinking protein shakes. Even when the jannat-wasis were ready to give food on a lower price, they refused to buy it. Because of this, the jannat and jahannum-wasis were seen arguing with each other over the prices that were fixed on the things.

Will this task deepen the rift between jannat and jahannum is what we will have to wait and watch out for.

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