October 08, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 23 Synopsis

As per Bigg Boss’ punishment, the beds from the Jahannum House were taken away. Swayed by the inmates appeal, Bigg Boss decided to return the bedding for the girls provided that Armaan, Kushal Tandon or Asif will have to spend the whole night in the cage, that had been kept outside. Armaan volunteers to sit the whole night in the cage while Tanisha valiantly decided to accompany him through the whole night. Armaan Kohli was seen getting fidgety as he had been sitting in the cage for very long time while enquiring for how long will he have to sit but he was not getting any reply. Frustrated, he engaged in a verbal spat with Asif Azim as Asif laughed at his condition while Tanisha was seen chiding Asif for insensitivity.

After a lot of request and no answer, an upset Tanisha took matters in her own hands and decided to let Armaan out of the cage. Later in the day, Bigg Boss called Armaan in the confession room, and told him that he was very close to completing his task, but he failed in the same. So Bigg Boss told him that he is giving him another chance to fulfill his punishment.

Later Bigg Boss announced the start of the luxury budget task- aamdani athhani, kharcha rupaiya wherein the jahannum-wasis have to mint money. If the jahannum-wasis want anything from the jannat-side, they will have to pay them and buy all items whether its their food/ water to drink or hot water to bathe. Apart from that they will have to give the first 500 notes they mint to the jannat-wasis as a safe deposit since they are also acting as the bank. Only after they have deposited the first 500 notes will they be allowed to buy food and other things. The heaven-mates have the liberty to decide the prices of the things that are for sale.

After the task started, the jannat-wasis refused to give Armaan the breakfast, irking Gauahar Khan and Tanisha who said that what they are doing is unfair.

Bigg Boss calls Armaan in the confession room and tells him about his secret task that would fulfill his punishment. He is asked to steal 100 notes from the stack of notes that he is making and give it to Bigg Boss. Next Kushal is called in the confession room and Bigg Boss reprimands him for sneaking into the jannat-side and in to the camera gully. When he comes out of the confession room, Gauahar starts doubting him, saying that Bigg Boss had called him for a secret task. This annoys him and he refuses from doing the task.

While the jahannum-wasis are doing the task, Bigg Boss calls Gauahar in the confession room and asks her to steal notes from the jannat safe and give it to Bigg Boss. He also asked her to take Asif’s help in the task.

On the other hand, the jannat-wasis doubt that the jahannum-wasis have minted 500 notes, further accusing them that they aren’t giving it to the bank. They start arguing about the same with the jahannum-wasis and complaint to Bigg Boss as well. This offends Tanisha and says that they have doubted their integrity and chides Shilpa for the same. Later, the jahannum-wasis give them the 500 notes and tell them that they were not lying.

When the jahannum-wasis ask for food, and give them some notes, they get very little food from the jannat-wasis. Seeing this, Gauahar gets angry and refuses to eat. Apurva is seen talking to the jannat-wasis that the jahannum-wasis are taking everything on a personal level rather just playing the game.

Late in the night, Gauahar and Asif are seen sneaking in to the jannat-side to steal the money as per the secret task.

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