October 02, 2013

Bigg Boss7-Day 17 :Apurva Aglihotri’s ‘Baal-E-Daan’

Day 17 in the Bigg Boss seemed like a normal day in the house, until Bigg Boss announced second leg of the task and said that he found another treatment for the disease. Bigg Boss called doctors Armaan and Asif in the lab and asked to give 2 names from the hell-side who will take the treatment.

After thinking through, they gave Apurva and Sangram’s name for the treatment. Apurva and Sangram entered the lab; they saw a barber’s chair, with all the tools used by a barber and a mannequin head with a Mohawk hairstyle. The doctors explained the treatment to the patients, wherein Apurva and Sangram had to get their hair cut in the Mohawk style like the mannequin head.

Outside the laboratory, the inmates were watching the on-goings through the TV and Shilpa was constantly asking (shouting) Apurva to refuse from doing the task. Both the patients thought that they will be fooled like Andy was fooled and agreed to take the treatment, and Apurva decided to go first. But when Asif actually started trimming his hair, Shilpa reacted wildly and was seen crying immeasurably and started throwing stuff. She was seen crying in the bathroom and was also trying to hurt herself but Gauahar calmed her and stopped her from hurting herself.

When Apurva came out from the lab, Shlipa was seen crying relentlessly after seeing his hair. But after some brave words from Apurva, Shilpa tried to control herself and even said that he looks cool with the new look.
Just hoping that like Shilpa, even Apurva’s fans accept him with this cool new hairdo.

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