October 03, 2013

Bigg Boss7- Day 18: The Bigg Swap!

The ‘tabdla’ day this week held a ‘Bigg’ surprise for both the Jahannum and the Jannat Wasis which completely threw their planning and plotting into disarray. Bigg Boss called Kamya Punjabi and Kushal Tandon to the confession room and asked them to discuss with the other inmates for the names of those who performed well and who did not from hell and heaven, for the ‘tabadla’. The hell-mates recommended Apurva’s name as he was brave and sporty enough to chop his hair off and Elli’s name for weak performer. On the heaven-side, the contestants took Shilpa’s name for the best performer and Asif Azim’s name for the weak performer.

After this Bigg Boss announced the bigg twist in the ‘tabadla’ procedure, which absolutely baffled the contestants. Bigg Boss asked everyone, except Elli Avram on the hell side and Shilpa Salkani on the heaven side, to pack their bags and get ready for the swap. Everyone on the hell side was happy over the decision, while everyone on the heaven side were unhappy. Only person on the heaven side who was happy was Shilpa, because her husband will be on the same side as her.

With the biggest swap in the Bigg Boss happening just in the week 3, what else is in store in the coming weeks, we will have to wait and watch.

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  1. OMG ! ! !....tere was a new twist..lyk it


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