October 03, 2013

Bigg Boss7-Day 18 Synopsis

Day 18 was unlike any other day in the Bigg Boss house due to Bigg Boss’ unexpected twist. It is the day of ‘tabadla’ and the discussion regarding the swap has already begun with the contestants giving their point of view in their respective groups. Bigg Boss calls Kamya and Kushal Tandon to the confession room and asks them to discuss with their respective housemates and with mutual consensus give one name of the person who has performed the best and one name who has performed the least in the luxury budget task.

After much debate, the hell-mates unanimously decide to take Apurva’s name as the best performer and Elli’s name as the weak performer. But Andy did not seem to be happy with the decision and said that it was unfair to him as he had performed well and got the team the highest score.

Simultaneously, on the heaven-side a similar situation can be seen as there is difference in opinion for choosing the best performer and the weakest performer. When they decide to do it on the basis of the points where the one who gets maximum points is declared to be the best and vice versa, Arman is named as the best performer while Asif Azim’s is named as the weak one. Asif felt that it is not a fair way of selection and asks everyone to think through once again.

When Bigg Boss finally asked who they have chosen as the best and weak performers, Kamya takes Apurva’s name as the best performer and Elli’s name as the weak performer, while Kushal takes Shilpa’s name as the best performer and Asif’s name as the weak performer.

However, they are left astonished when Bigg Boss announces that from the hell-side everyone except Elli will pack their bags and move to the heaven-side and on the heaven side everyone except Shilpa will move the hell side.

Later in the day, the moment comes when the gates are opened and the hell-mates walk on to the heaven side in a line while the heaven-mates walk towards the hell-side with a heavy heart. Shilpa welcomes Apurva Agnihotri with a tight hug and tears of joy in her eyes. Soon she takes everyone for a short tour of the house.

Once the swap happens, Bigg Boss announces that since Tanisha is on the hell side now, she will no longer serve as the captain of the house and a new captain will be appointed soon. Celebrations galore on the heaven side where Apurva Agnihotri, Sangram Singh, Andy and Pratyusha Banerjee take a dip in the swimming pool and enjoying the moment. As the day comes to an end, Shilpa Saklani and Kamya Punjabi indulge in making delicious pakodas and chai for the housemates.

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