October 24, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 39: Gauahar’s “Mama”-Mia Moment

 After the luxury budget task Bigg Box comes to an end, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to choose the best performer. The choice was given between Gauahar Khan and Sangram Singh who managed to survive in the box for around 12 hours. With the consent of the team and the captain, Gauahar is declared to be the winner. In the evening, Bigg Boss makes an announcement that she will be rewarded for her victory soon. 

She is asked to go inside the bonus room where her prize has been kept and she is asked to go there alone.  To Gauahar’s surprise, it’s her mother who enters from the door and Bigg Boss announces that this is her reward for winning the task. Gauahar couldn’t hold back her tears after seeing her mother and gives her a tight hug. The mother-daughter duo sits and chats over dinner. Gauhar’s mom tells her that she is doing fine and being appreciated by everybody outside. She also advices her keep away from any kind of fight and she is quite confident that she will go a long way in the show. After a while, Bigg Boss makes an announcement that their meeting time has come to an end and Gauahar’s mother needs to leave. Gauahar with a heavy heart bids a tearful goodbye to her mother and thanks Bigg Boss for this wonderful gift. Here’s hoping Gauahar enjoyed her Mama-Mia moment!!

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